iPhone 7: All that’s in there

iPhone has since the beginning remained a part of their hot selling products, and managed to stand out from the rest. From the very first generation to the current generation, iPhone has undergone a significant evolution and has, always been among the top selling Smartphone brand. The user interface, the camera, the security and the features are what make it a well-known and more trusted brand over the others.

Now that the iPhone 7 is around the corner next year, rumors and news have been making its set of rounds. Let us have a look at all we’ll find there and all there that’s in there!


News has suggested that the iPhone 7 will pretty much resemble what the iPhone 6S looked like. The antenna bands will undergo a redesign and camera lens shall also see some changes!


So finally our prayers have been answered, and Apple has paid heed to the issues that a 16 GB storage costs to the users and so now, 32 GB is the base model of the iPhone 7. Some changes finally!


Apple has come up with a new processor in the form of A10 which is likely to be equivalent as the A9X, an iOS 10 along with a 3GB RAM is what the processor will be like.


Since the iPhone 7 will, this time, have three instead of 2 variants and so apart from the iPhone 7 the others will as well feature a dual camera lens displaying a DSLR level of pictures.

The iPhone is all set to release on the 16th of September, and the pre-orders will start a week before that which would be around 9th September. Not a long wait anymore, isn’t it? And that is some good news, right?

The iPhone 7 price base model will be around 60,000 INR which might escalate to as high as a total of 95,000 INR. Considering the iPhone 6S, this might as well seem to be a decently priced phone since if we can go through the six series, then this isn’t something too huge.

Wait up for the iPhone 7 to reach the market and until then you can as well countdown to 16th of September which isn’t far! Rumours and news shall keep pouring in until the phone finally hits the market! So this is about it!

Saurabh Tiwari

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