Facebook launches Lasso | Short Music and Video TikTok Competitor App

Facebook, in an unprecedented move, very quietly and without creating any buzz in the tech circuit has launched its short-video editing app Lasso. Aimed at getting more teens into the app, Facebook is looking to accelerate it’s users which were quickly moving towards other social media alternatives of the likes of  Starmaker, Dubsmash, TikTok, Vines and other similar genre apps.

Even if Lasso would be able to add half of the existing user of these apps, it could be considered as a success as far as this app is concerned. The reason being that Lasso, being a short video sharing app does not offer any new idea and can be seen as just a clone for apps like Vines which gained immense popularity very rapidly.

This move by Facebook was evident from the fact that recent data study showed that, only half of the teens admitted to using Facebook as compared to over 71% in 2014. Aimed towards getting the user base of TikTok.

What is Lasso?

Lasso lets its users create short video along with lip-syncing with what Lasso claims to be the biggest music library any app has offered.  Apart from the usual dancing and singing, Lasso also lets you create short videos which we are sure is being inspired by vines.

So, without further adieu, let us get into all the attractive features that this app has to offer and the reason why you should give this app a try.

Exciting Lasso Features to look out for

  • It lets the user take video of 15 sec along with songs from its own music library.
  • Instagram and Facebook accounts can be linked instantly which will make the process of log in effortless.
  • The edited video could be shared in the story section of Facebook directly through this app.
  • Vines like video could be created using its huge data resource.
  • The editing features are up to date and will be updated as and when they arrive.
  • Lip sync video can be created and shared via your Instagram and Facebook accounts.
  • Lasso also lets it’s user to know the trending hashtag allowing users to used that along with future trending hashtag predictions.
  • It has been launched for both Android as well as iOS users so no waiting required for different versions.

How it works

Lasso works on a very attractive User Interface which is always expected from a product of Facebook. It has a user-friendly module that can easily be linked with Instagram and Facebook. In fact, Lasso can be logged in via a Facebook profile further enhancing user’s capabilities through only one app.

To use Lasso, you just have to download it from Play store or iTunes and log in using your Facebook or Instagram account. With that, you can upload various videos which are even ranked in this app.

Along with the video recording through the mobile, Lasso also has an inbuilt video creation tool which assists a user indirectly use its function thought the hold and record functionality.

The Lip syncing feature can also be used and songs could directly be chosen from one of the biggest libraries of Facebook.

Along with this, Lasso also offers a user to keep their account in the private mode just like Instagram which might be an added advantage for many users.

Snapchat App has been hailed as the undisputed king of social media apps because of the way it deals with privacy concerns of it’s users, Lasso now might have a chance to tackle the privacy issue more effectively.

TechiBhai’s Take on Lasso

While the name of Lasso can be intriguing for most due to its association with Facebook, it might take a while for users to get used to Lasso as there are plenty of other alternatives available in the market with similar if not better features.

The Chinese tech giant’ official Musical.ly and vine have already been a hit due to their similar UI feature. It will be difficult for Lasso to attract a user base considering there are not many new or additional feature it is providing apart from the linking of account with facebook without any other requirement.

The restriction of not using any downloaded video is similar to that of other apps in this genre. The app has not even increased the time for short videos and kept it around 15 sec which might also disappoint some users.

It seems that Facebook with the launch of Lasso was less interested in giving youngsters something new rather they were more interested in taking inspiration from popular short video making apps like TikTok, Musical.ly and Vines. These apps have proved to be very popular among the teens in eastern as well as western countries.

Let us know what do you think of Facebook’s new entrant in the comments below along with your suggestion about the feature that Lasso must have added.

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