9 Latest SEO Tricks to get higher ranking in 2019

In the last few years, Search Engine Optimization is changed drastically. Most of the businesses are focusing on content but along with this focusing on Search Engine Optimization is also important. In earlier days SEO is just focusing on keywords, but now it’s not the same as it was at that time.

SEO depends on many factors that are just introduced in the last few years. It is becoming difficult for the content creators to produce content that is search engine friendly because search engines are getting smarter day by day. In this article, we will discuss 9 latest SEO tricks to get higher ranking on search engines.

Here is the list of latest SEO tricks to get higher rankings:

Use of distinctive Images:

Images play a great role either if we talk from a user preference or search bots. If you have unique images with unique content that can help you in the long run.

Having unique and manually customized images can stand you out of the crowd. When you are adding an image to your website, don’t forget to name it on the keyword that you are targeting on that page and also add Alt=”” tag in the code. Search bots only understand what a picture is representing the image name and alt tags.

Mobile Friendly Websites:

Now it’s not the time of laptops or computers. We all have best smartphones and tablets, and we prefer searching on them. If I talk from the personal reference that I do 90% of my search on the mobile phone.

Most of the people are preferring mobiles over big screens. When you are designing your website, don’t forget to optimize it for Smartphones and tablets. Otherwise, you will miss 10 out of 20 businesses generating leads.

Size Matters:

In last few years size of the content matters. If we talk about 5-10 years ago, then there is a need of 400 to 500 words content, and that’s it your website will rank on 1st page with some links.

But nowadays you need lengthy and detailed articles. This doesn’t mean start making your readers feeling bored. In the latest Tech SEO tricks rules if you are writing high contents that say there are chances of getting more top ranking and outranking competitors.

I prefer writing 1000 to 1500 words in my every post, and this helps me a lot in outranking my competitors. Sometimes I have to make it 2000+ words if competition is very high. Also, produce quality content that is worthy for your readers else they will never come back to visit your blog.

Focus on User Experience:

User experience is the first thing on which you should concentrate. If you are making a list in your content, then make sure that you should use bullets. Use of sub-headings and images help you to interact with your visitors. Content that you are producing should be original if you copy from others, then a user can find it, and they can destroy your reputation in the market.

The intention is everything:

Those days are gone when keywords were stuffed and targeted to get more and more clicks. Now search engines are smart enough to understand whether a visitor is coming on your website getting the answer to the question. Search engines know how much a reader is engaging with your site. Now it’s not all about post clicks and some visitors coming daily basis. Search engines see if the user is satisfied with the answer or not. Focus on providing quality rather than quantity.

More prominence from social content:

As per latest SEO rules if the content is getting more social engagement then it will be given preference in social media as well. It is predicted that large amount of content that get indexed on search engines will depend on social shares. Make sure your produce attractive and healthy content that get more visibility in search engines.

Videos Will Still Rule:

After images, videos are the best medium to get in touch with your audience and entertain them. If you create regular videos with unique and fresh content, then it will undoubtedly increase your user engagement. As per Analytics, more than 60% of Google searches are made for videos.

Voice Search Function a Must:

Nowadays people are using voice search option. Especially while using mobile phones people prefer voice search overwriting in the search box. There are many mobile search function available like Siri and Google Duo. Make it sure that you add a voice search function on your web page

Local Listing SEO:

If you want to rank your website in a particular area or market that local listing is essential for getting #1 ranking in Google. Being a business owner, you have to tell a search engine that your Business firm is located at this and this location. Google will help you in reaching the targeted audience if they know where you are located.

Don’t forget to list your business on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Also providing an exact and relevant business address that is same on all the search engines. After Pigeon update is Google search bots, the local SEO or local business listing has become an important part of Search engine optimization.


Content Aggregation will get Bigger & Better: According to latest SEO tricks if you are collecting Content from the single website and then rewriting it in your words then no Google and other search engines will consider it spam. Whereas if you manage resources from various resources and then produce a new article with proper use of inbound and outbound links, then it will help you in ranking higher.

Make sure you have a social presence on the web, and all the above-discussed techniques and tricks, and you will see the results yourself. I hope these latest SEO tricks will help you. If you have any doubt or query, you can comment them below and also share the tricks that you are using for ranking your website or pages.

Saurabh Tiwari

I am Saurabh, working as webmaster and content writer at Techibhai. I love to interact with minded blogger and write about SEO, Web design, Development trick and much more.

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