How to Make Your Blog Stand Out with WordPress Plugins

The blogging community is constantly growing and evolving. With the ease of use of platforms such as WordPress, blogging has become widely available to everyone, regardless of their age, niche or previous experience. While it’s wonderful that almost anyone can use the Internet to express themselves, do business, or build their community, this democracy has birthed another kind of problem. Namely, how do you stand out from the crowd? While content is the number one way to differentiate yourself from your rivals, there are other tiny tips and tricks to help you rise to the top. One of the most efficient and simplest methods is to use the myriad of plugins that the WordPress community has created, to Make Your Blog Stand Out, impressive and professionally done. Here are some of our favorites.

How to Make Your Blog Stand Out with WordPress Plugins

Share Your Posts with the World

Let’s face it: the world nowadays revolves around social media networks. Does your blog post even exist if it doesn’t appear automatically on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and who knows how many other places?

It is the simple reality of blogging – you need an active social media presence, and doing it manually is a time-consuming chore.

Instead, why not install a plugin that can do it for you? Every time you publish a post, it can appear everywhere automatically. You could even schedule specific publication time, depending on what time you can achieve maximum exposure to your audience. And of course, don’t forget to add the “Share,” “Like” and “Pin” buttons, so your readers can do their part.

Organize Events

Various WordPress plugins can be of great help to event organizers. You can create single or multiple events and add maps to make it easier for everyone to find the venue.

For super easy ticket sales, don’t forget to use the Tickera WordPress event ticketing system. A calendar with relevant dates is a must, and for online events, you can use a plugin that will provide your audience with a live feed.

Give Your Audience a Better Environment

Anyone who has ever read a forum or the comments section on virtually any website knows just how quickly things can turn ugly. Taking care of the comments section is one of the worst parts of blogging, as it tends to be a perfect breeding ground for trolls and spammers. Installing a powerful plugin, like Disqus can make your job a lot easier.

Not only does it filter spam, allows you to create blacklists, and acts as a moderator and admin instead of you, it also has other neat features like threaded comments, email notifications, and RSS subscriptions.

Make Your Site Responsive

Gone are the days when people only browsed from their computers. You need to count in the fact that a good chunk of your readers visits your site from other devices, like phones and tablets.

Unless you optimize for those too, you can lose a lot of visitors. Luckily, some plugins can optimize your blog for smaller screens, and save you the hassle of doing it yourself. Some can even make an app out of your blog.

Avoid Broken Links

If your blog is growing steadily, and you have vast archives, it can be problematic to check for broken links. While broken links might not seem like a big deal, they undermine your credibility, which ultimately affects your reputation.

Checking for broken links manually is a huge, ineffectual and, frankly, boring job. This is where a plugin can help you, and do this virtually impossible job for you. All you need to do is set it up, and receive notifications when it finds offending links.

As you can see, whatever you are using your blog for, there are dozens of plugins that can Make Your Blog Stand Out or even better. While your writing is the number one factor that will determine your success, it still doesn’t hurt to get some help from other, readily available resources.

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