9 Best Medicine Apps To Buy Medicines Online in India

Just like you can order Food online, Movie Streaming and much more but did you know that you can also order medicine online? Not just one, there is multiple online medicine apps option for you to order your prescribed drugs from.

The health sector has evolved massively. Everyone has become super conscious of their health, what they are eating, how they look, etc.

The pharmacy has evolved beautifully and a tiny tablet can cure your ailment for the good. Our busy keep us running around to get errands done. It barely leaves us anytime to tend to our needs.

Online Medicine Apps: 24 X 7 Medicine Just a Tap Away!

Note: Keep your prescription handy before ordering from online medicine shopping app since it’s a necessity.

  1. NetMeds – India Ki Pharmacy
  2. Medlife – No.1 Online Pharmacy & Healthcare App
  3. Practo – Doctors, Consult Online, Order Medicines
  4. 1mg – Online Medical Store & Healthcare App
  5. PharmEasy – The Healthcare App
  6. SmartMedics for Patients: Consult a Doctor Online
  7. Myra Medicines – Fastest Medicine Delivery & Healthcare App
  8. CareZone
  9. Medscape MedPulse

1 Netmeds

Netmeds - India Ki Pharmacy

Rating: 4.2 Stars

With Mahendra Singh Dhoni as the face, Netmeds have undoubtedly become the best app to buy medicine online. You are not only ensured a variety of medicines but also interesting cashback in your Netmeds wallet that makes your successive shopping comparatively cheaper.

Just upload your prescription and you are good to go!

If you’re looking for some advice on medicine, go to a prescription. Select the type of ailment and you can see the suggested medicine for the same. You can easily add them to your cart and get them delivered. However, medical guidance is preferred.

Since Netmeds is an overall wellness app, you can also shop for fitness devices, supplements, personal care, skincare, haircare, family care, and other treatments (cough, diabetes, acidity, antiseptic, balms, etc.).

If you’re looking for a particular brand, you can search for the brand. Some of the brands listed are Durex, Aroma Magic, Kapiva Ayurveda, HipHop, Inducare Pharmacy, etc.

Grab yours for Android or iPhone.

2 Medlife


Rating: 4.2 Stars

With a very neat and organized interface, Medlife is India’s largest online pharmacy. What looks like a simply limited store at once opens up many categories as you start exploring.

They also have an option to browse medicines without a prescription. Besides, their health products include a variety of options starting from health devices, diet, sexual wellness, homoeopathy, first aid kids, etc. Doctor consultation is also a great option you can take on the go!

You can consider Medlife as the best online medicine app because it also offers lab tests along with buying medicines.

They cover many test options under a handful of lab packages namely Kushal Pro 1, Kushal Comprehensive 2, Kushal Advanced 2, etc. Alternatively choose your package based on your gender, profession or age group.

Grab yours for Android or iPhone.

3 Practo


Rating: 4.3 Stars

If you are too caught up with your job, Practo is one of the necessary medicine apps you should have on your mobile. Practo delivers medicines and has an all-time offer of 20% on all medicines.

Besides medicine, you can also buy skincare products, baby care, weight loss, pain relief, wellness products. Some also consider it as the best online medicine delivery app because of its 2hours delivery. Isn’t that cool?

What makes Practo the best medicine app in India is the fact that you can look up any doctor here. Simply feed your location and all doctors, clinics, and hospital names will pop up.

Alternatively, book an appointment online at only Rs. 99, free collection of samples and health checkups at home starting at Rs. 999 only!

Grab yours for Android or iPhone.

4 Tata 1mg medicine app


Rating: 4.4 Stars

1mg medicine app has made a super informative design to take its customers directly to their concerns.

Shop from one of the top medicine apps based on your requirement – Ayurveda, fitness, diabetes, personal care, or homoeopathy. However, if you want a bunch of options in medicine to choose from, click on ‘Health Conditions’.

If freebies are your weakness, 1mg will easily be one of your favorite medicine apps !! ‘Ask Doctor’ is a free consultation feature that started recently with 1mg.

Start a chat and get your queries answered or a shop online diagnosis. Select a concern and start your chat, However, if you are still looking for more answers, you can also connect with the doctor after the chat is over!

Grab yours for Android or iPhone.

5 PharmaEasy


Rating: 4.5 Stars

A pharmacy that always has some offer up their sleeve to make shopping easy for its customers. PharmEasy is one of the medicine apps that lets you buy a month’s supply without shelling out the exact MRP.

Click on Order Medicine and start looking for yours. Alternatively, just upload the prescription and get your medicines. You can also set up monthly refills for your regular dosage.

A quick scroll through PramyEasy’s site gives you a quick overview of anything and everything related to health, besides medicine.

Also, get your tests done at PharmEasy and see the result online on their site. You may also book the tests based on your requirement and not shell out a fortune for a bunch of other tests. Make sure to check out their blog posts for interesting tips.

Grab yours for Android or iPhone.

6 Smart-Medics


Rating: 3.5 Stars

Quick and pocket-friendly… that’s what has put SmartMedics in our list of medicine apps. Grab a whopping 22% discount anytime you step in to buy medicine. With a minimum amount of Rs. 200 and delivery under 48hours, you know why this online pharmacy app is one of our favorite medicine apps.

Grab the medicine of your choice. Once it’s confirmed by their customer care representative, your order will be delivered in under 48hours.

Besides, you can also consult a doctor from SmartMedics – talk or chat. You will find a handful of options in which they excel besides delivering medicine online like nephrology, cancer, joint pain, paediatrics, ENT, stress & hypertension, infertility, hair & skin problem… to name a few!

You can also get your tests done in the comfort of your homes.

Grab yours for Android or iPhone.

7 Myra Medicines


Rating: 4.3 Stars

What’s better than a flat 20% off on your medicines? Free 30 days return policy! Click on ‘Order Now’ and upload your prescription.

Once done, your order will be reviewed by a pharmacist, packed, and finally delivered to you. When you know your order is being checked by a pharmacist, you know you are logged into one of the best medicine apps!

Being one of the multi-features medicine apps, Myra Medicine also has women’s care, baby care, adult care, women’s care, devices, and health drinks.

The distinct categorizing of every product on the site makes shopping very very easy and quick from a customer’s point of view. There are also have various brands listed for your convenience.

Grab yours for Android or iPhone.

8 CareZone


Rating: 4.5 Stars

Another one of the free medicine apps that you can keep on your phone. Just go ahead and order your medicine from the app. It will be delivered to you with no additional charges.

Moreover, your previous orders are saved so that you can re-order the same medicine again without any hassle.

Besides buying your medicine, CareZone also offers some more assistance. Our favourite is the reminder for pills, restocking medicines, etc.

You can also get your Medicare but consulting a number of packages. You can also get help from the in-app Personalised Care for anything related to medicine, prescription, delivery, medicare, etc.

Make sure to give their Community a visit to connect and talk to other users of CareZone or browse categories based on your illness.

9 Medscape MedPulse

Medscape MedPulse

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Medscape MedPulse is a global medicine purchase app through which you can order medicine from any part of the world. Being one of the renowned medicine apps is just one feature of the app. Just upload your prescription and you can order your medicine online.

Medscape MedPulse is an all-rounder medical and clinical news app wherein you can read a lot about the latest development in the field.

You can get guidelines from the articles as well as educate yourself all about medicines from the site. You can read about anything under the sun in Medscape MedPulse like neurology, internal medicine, family medicine, cardiology, orthopaedic, plastic surgery, HIV/AIDS, etc.


That’s all about online medicine apps in India for Android and iOS users.

These aren’t just online medicine apps but also help you connect to doctors, get a consultation, and a lot more.

Make sure you have one of these online medicine order app on your smartphone always to keep an easy check on your body.

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