Mobdro for iPhone and Mac book

Mobdro is an important application, which can use for different purposes on your phone and your laptop. As mobdro is increasing its features and services on a regular basis, more people are getting attracted to download on their handheld devices and computers.

Quality Live streaming applications are very less in the market, as the bandwidth and the server speed would not match all the time. There are only a few applications, which can help you live stream videos with quality. Mobdro is one of the best applications, which can be found in both Android and Mac market to live stream and download videos in an effective way.

Why use mobdro?

Mobdro is an application for smartphone users, which lets users watch and download videos. Mobdro has been updating by our programmers on a regular basis and working hard to provide more features for affordable costs or perhaps freely. Mobdro has been working towards getting good server speed and more video availability on a regular basis.


iPhone is one of the most used Smartphones in the current generation. As people have become very much attracted and committed to the phone, it is very important to have entertainment channels to avoid wasting time and to watch it in a convenient way. IPhone is the best way to enjoy the entertainment, as it gives out a good audio and video output. It is not possible to download Mobdro application on your iPhone because the company has restricted the developer from streaming; however, there are other options, which can be used to use the same features for free of cost.

As Mobdro gives out a fantastic quality of video live streaming and option to download a premium version, it helps people a lot in terms of watching video downloads at any given point of time. Mobdro gives out a fantastic quality in terms of video streaming in high quality and you can find an alternative app to use it on your iPhone.


Macbook is more like a fashion or a designer laptop, which has been used widely to prove the status. Macbook is a beautiful product, which lets people do multiple tasks without compromising on the speed. Macbook can be the best product for musicians, designers, video editors and so on… An entertainment channel right next the workspace can help you increasing productivity. A small break away from the work can always be helpful both in terms of relaxation and peace of mind.

Mobdro is an important application, which can be used on your MacBook with the help of a 3rd party application. As Mobdro provides live streaming for free of cost and helps you download and use other features on a paid version, using Mobdro can help you stream live videos and download accordingly at any given point of time. Mobdro is not officially released for MAC, but the possibilities of using with the help of android simulators are more.

How to download Mobdro for iPhone and Mac book

  • Download an android simulator called ‘blue stacks’
  • Probably, using a simulator is the only way to use mobdro on mac.
  • Search for Mobdro application from the blue stack app.
  • Download and install the Mobdro application to enjoy live streaming and more features on premium services.


Mobdro is an application, which lets you use it for free of cost and a premium version is available with certain extra features. Mobdro gives out a premium account without ads, option to download, chrome cast support and sleep timer. Mobdro is an application, which lets you watch videos for free of cost and lets you download videos by getting a premium version.


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