MoveIt Android App Review – Move Media Files to SD Card

Has your smartphone ever cried out for help because it’s running low on memory? I’m sure it has! What do you do in times of such crisis? I would immediately delete all the big files (images and videos) without even considering of backing them up or prioritizing them. I don’t want to rush to the service center with it.

Did I have to download the images over and over again at the cost of my data pack? Yes, I have. Have I lost important files? Yes, I have. But now my bad days are over and I can see the rainbow.

MoveIt is one such app which transfers all files from internal to the external memory of a device. This is the main highlight of the app. The transfer process is fairly simple and anyone can do it very easily.

Highlights of MoveIt Android App

  • Transfer media from internal to external and Vice Versa

    This is the main highlight of MoveIt app. You can transfer files from internal memory to external memory and from external memory to internal memory. There is another amazing feature which automatically transfers data. We will discuss it in the Auto Transfer feature.

  • Cleaner

    Besides transferring, you can also clean up your phone. This will definitely save some space in the device as you will not need an external cleaning app. You can clean up APK Files, TEMP Files, Thumbnails and Cache from this app.
    *When I cleanup for the first time using MoveIt, I cleared 1.12GB. Here’s a screenshot.

  • Viewer/ Player

    The built-in viewer of MoveIt lets you view all the images, video and GIF before deleting or transferring them. The image, audio, and video are divided into sections so that the app can show it accordingly. The audio and video are not exceptionally good, but it is decent enough to help you get the job done.

  • Search Button

    It often happens that I download a big file and remember the name. But somehow I can’t find it in the pool of other files in my storage section. The Search Button of the MoveIt app lets you search files from the app.

  • Media Scanner

    The Media Scanner part is pretty good in the MoveIt app. The audio, video, and image are divided into three sections – image, audio and video. This helps you view images accordingly and also helps the app in the backend to decide which player/viewer should be used.

  • Auto Transfer

    This is one of the best features of MoveIt. If we talk about my device, the only folder that grows exponentially on a daily basis is WhatsApp. Chats, videos, images, GIF and everything. I have at least 100MB of fresh data every day from WhatsApp.
    What Auto Transfer does is, it transfers data (image, video, GIF, etc.) automatically to your folder in an external card from any one particular folder. You can also create a New Folder in External card right from MoveIt app.
    The best thing about the feature is, you are not compelled to use it. Hence, you may or may not use it.

  • Simple UI

    When I’m reviewing an app, one of the important factors that I take into consideration is the UI. Not all of us are tech geeks. If a very useful app that any smartphone users have a very complicated UI, it does no good to the reputation of the app. MoveIt has a pretty simple UI and can be used by first-time users pretty easily.

Wrapping up, I would say MoveIt is pretty good an all-rounder. Besides transferring, it also gets a handful of a job done. Moreover, it’s quite small in size.

Do give it a try. What are you waiting for? Download the app now.


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