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It feels premium to hold an iPhone in hand and put on your earphones or the latest Apple Air Pods in ears and stream your favorite Album from your saved playlist or by going for live Music Streaming Apps. After all, the iPhone is known for a unique status that can only be enjoyed by an iPhone user.

Every teenager loves to hear music, and their relationship with headphones is undetachable.  Most of the Apple users stick to the default apps that come preloaded with the iPhone. This point applies to the Music Player as well. The default Apple Music app is undoubtedly good, but there are better as well.

Do you want to explore more? Do you want to go beyond the default features of Apple Music Player? Want to enhance your Music Streaming experience better than what it is now!

Below is a collection of the best music streaming apps for iOS that every iPhone user must try. They are packed with advanced features to deliver better music experience to users.

Best iPhone Music Streaming Apps


If there is a list of best music apps, Spotify occupies a place in the list. There are plenty of reasons for it to be one of the best music streaming app.

Spotify has a huge collection of music albums. This huge collection lets users search for almost any track that can be filtered down by Artist or Album.

Based on your interests and usage Spotify offers personal recommendations that suit your mood and listening habits. You can enjoy Spotify service a both paid and premium, where the later provides you an ad-free music and offline downloading with better sound quality.

Sound Cloud:

Another favorite music streaming app for your iPhone. Sound cloud has a one of a kind component that is useful to the music makers. Apart from streaming music Sound Cloud offers a solution to upload and share their creations with the world. It can be better described as a Social Network for music lovers.

Sound Cloud has the premium option which further increases the music collection to subscribed users.

Pandora Music:

Pandora Music has a unique way to make users stick to its service, and that unique style lets users create their Radio stations. It gives you a personalized music experience that gets better with your tastes

The Pandora Premium and Pandora Plus offers, even more, choices like Searching and playing your favourite songs and albums on-demand, Unlimited skips and replays, Higher quality audio and music with no ads, while the free version is also worth to try.


Musixmatch has more to offer than being just a Music Player that lets you play music stored on your device. If you are bored or if your mind fell in love with the lyrics of the track you are listening to, Musixmatch lets you discover the songs at just one tap.

The makers of the app claim it to be the world’s largest lyrics catalogue, giving you synchronized song lyrics with multilingual translations for all your music.

One thing we found interesting with the app is that you can search tracks by just typing a single line of the lyrics.

Apart from these it has more to offer and here is a quick list of features the app has:

– smart seek to search out your favourite Songs or lyrics by quickly skipping through a song.

– You Will be notified instantly when new Songs from your favourite artists are available. Explore more features by downloading the App.

iHeartRadio – Music & Radio:

The name itself defines the functionality of the app. iHeartRadio is a go-to app to browse thousands of Radio Stations and podcasts, apart from streaming music albums.

It allows you to create personalized music stations based on your favourite artists using our vast collection of songs covering genres like Country, Top 40, Pop, EDM, Rock, Hip Hop, Alternative and more.

With iHeartRadio you get many features at a price tag of a free meal. But as well always you need to pay a glance at ads but most of the features are free.

It offers a premium service which allows unlimited skips and an ad-free experience.

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Final Verdict:

We all know that iPhones are limited by storage so it’s not possible to have all these best apps so one should make a decision in choosing the Music Streaming Apps that fits their needs.

So if you are on the list of music freaks who love to explore the latest tunes, then Spotify is the best choice for you as it offers more collection. If you wish to add some mix to the tunes and spice up the beats, then Sound Cloud can help you better.

Pandora and iHeartRadio will help you discover radio stations that let you enjoy different music mixes according to your mood. Finally, Musixmatch will reduce your dependency on Google and save your time in searching Lyrics.

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