Must Have Indian Government Android Apps

Our lives are going online. Initially, it was through the internet. But now things have changed. Now we are online mostly via Android Apps. Be it a social media site or an e-commerce one. Everyone is slowly shifting to the app world as it is more user-friendly. Android being an open source system, it is easier to make such amazing apps. Here is a list of Indian Government Android Apps to help you on the go!

Must-Have Indian Government Android Apps

mPassport Sev
mPassport Seva Android App by Indian Government

Passport is not a necessity for us only when we travel on flights, but it also serves as an ID and address proof. This app has been made by Consular, Passport, and Visa (CPV) Division.

It is a fantastic initiative to make the common man aware of some important factors such as how to apply for a passport, check current status(if asked), etc.

This Indian Government Android Apps offers a couple of services – General Information (a brief overview of where to apply for passport to how to get it finally), Locate Centres (such as Passport Seva Kendra, Police Station, etc), Fee Calculator ( for a new passport or to renew an old one), Status Tracker, Document Advisor and Appointment Availability (at the passport office).

If these services don’t fulfill your needs, you could always go ahead and contact them at ‘Contact Us’ section. This is an excellent initiative by the Indian Government to help ease the tension of getting or renewing a passport.


All India Radio News

AIR News

Radio still happens to be an imperative means of communication. In times of network failure, Radio is what comes handy. However, in today’s times, we see many smartphones does not have this fantastic feature.

However, All India Radio has come up with this app known as the All India Radio News which would help you listen to the radio. The app lets you read the news, alter the font size as well as turn on audio for news reading.



NTES Android App

This Indian Government Android apps is a fantastic App for someone who uses Indian Railways on a daily/regular basis to commute. You can spot where your train is at a given time. Another feature ‘Live Station’ would let you know about any trains in the next 2 hours or 4 hours.

Apart from these, you can see the timetable for a train and check the train between 2 respective stations. This app would also inform you about the train those are canceled or diverted or rescheduled as well.

Another section known as the Manage Favorites helps you know the Live Status of your favorite trains. It also helps you save schedules.



MyGov- Indian Government Android app is a very simple way of connecting with the government. Once you register here, you can be updated with all the news that’s related to the Government of India. You can visit their blog, discussion groups, etc. You can also look up for jobs here. Talking about jobs, they are also looking for logo designers and similar types of jobs.

Some cool features of the app include a call option. They have a link to their Fb page as well. You can share your ideas or write directly to the Prime Minister from this app.

You can connect to President, Lok Sabha, Cabinet Secretariat, etc. from this app. India being a multi-lingual country, the app allows you to connect in your language.


Narendra Modi App

Narendra Modi App
This man needs no introduction. He is the Prime Minister of India. You can directly connect to him via this app. But, before you jump to any conclusion, we are not promoting him here. It is the official app.

You can connect to him, write to him about your ideas and suggestions, receive e-mails directly from him, read about his daily deeds, earn badges and Mann Ki Baat with PM. This app is your gateway to know what’s going on in his professional life and how he is bettering our country.




DGFT stands for Directorate General of Foreign Trade, Department of Commerce, Government of India. If you are an importer/exporter, this app is surely for you.

They can access foreign trade policy and other documents in one click away from you. Since I’m not much familiar with trade, you can download the app and check out what the app has stored for you.


MySpeed (TRAI)

MySpeed (TRAI)

As the name suggests, this app will help you access the speed of your internet connection (both mobile data as well as Wi-Fi). There are many other speed detector apps but this app is highly recommended cause the recorded data would be saved in the Government servers.

All results are reported anonymously. The Government can question the telcos why they aren’t giving the promised speed if required. It would finally give justice to all you data packs. If you wish to keep the speed private, you can do that as well!


These are our favorite Indian Government Android Apps. Did we miss out your favorite one? Tell us in the comments below.

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