10 Best Automated Twitter Unfollow Tools 2017

The micro-blogging social platform gained popularity with its very own style of promoting products, services, and people and eventually became a marketing dais for many giants. The efficacy of Twitter lies in the way it is channelized, by that we mean following or subscribing to prolific content acts as a deciding factor. Since millions of […]

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4 Tips to Help You Avoid Common Beginner Blogger Mistakes

Newbie bloggers tend to slam into a gauntlet from their first days in the online business game. Even if you have experience building businesses, blogging is a different animal all together. This is a skill that you must learn patiently and persistently to build a successful blogging venture. Most newbies flop like a fish out […]

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10 Best Screen Recorders Software for Mac

Screen Recording for MacOS users is one of the productive sides of the operating system because MacOS users are generally content creators, writers, office workers, bloggers and other productive workers. A MacOS user mostly uses a Screen Recorder for video tutorials on how-tos and coding video tutorials of various languages on YouTube. All this requires […]

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