Best Automation Tools for Testing Mobile Applications

With each passing day, the term automation is getting popular in today’s digitalized world.  And why not? Ultimately, automation saves time and energy of humans by performing tedious work easily and efficiently as per the pre-defined standards. Undoubtedly, automation streamlines the business operations and establishes smooth structural processes. But along with the other businesses, IT […]

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MoveIt Android App Review – Move Media Files to SD Card

Have your smartphone ever cried out for help because it’s running low in memory? I’m sure it has! What do you do in times of such crisis? I would immediately delete all the big files (images and videos) without even considering of backing them up or prioritizing them. I don’t want to rush to the […]

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5 Lesser Known Android Smartphones That Are Doing Well

Technology has taken over the world by storm in the last couple of decades, and we have seen the transition from a landline phone to smartphones over the years. Android Smartphones have become even smarter than us humans that provide us with great experience of every possible thing. A smartphone should not be judged by […]

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