Paul Immigrations Reviews: Gateway to Singapore – ‘The Lion City’

The city-state of Singapore is as near as it could get to a utopian city. With unmatched healthcare, subsidized education, world-class quality of living and employment opportunities, Singapore offers a clean, healthy and well-balanced lifestyle to PRs.

As it has always been, the best of the things are hardest to get and this can’t be more accurate for the aspirants looking to get citizenship in this beautiful island-city country. Attaining a PR is the first step towards citizenship and unlocking all the benefits this country has to offer.

Though the Singapore government always encourages people to opt for a PR option, at the same time they don’t just give it away.

There is a strict procedure to be followed that starts with clearing the eligibility criterion to a hefty amount of documents to be produced, and of course, patience.

Paul Immigrations Reviews: Vision and Mission

Devoted specifically to assist applicants through the process of attaining PR status, Paul Immigration guides foreigners to attain the best way to live and work in the Lion City.’ Since its conception in 2016, a dedicated staff of 100+ has helped over 150,000 clients to build an unshakable foundation for a better future in the little red.

The company is a market leader in its role to provide guidance and the best possible insights by utilizing their expertise, strong knowledge of the needful steps and experience. 

Efficiency, friendliness, and commitment to the job in hand can be felt in the vibes of elegantly designed offices in the city-state’s bustling town, the Suntec City, with a mission to help and guide foreigners to obtain a competitive edge in Singapore’s business world.

Guidance and Advice

The expertise and experience that their specialists have earned over the years are what Paul Immigrations take their pride in, helping hundreds of thousands of foreigners to gain success.

They acknowledge the need for a personal approach as every individual may have their unique needs and may have come from diverse backgrounds, guiding them well through the process.

Documentation Assistance

Singapore bureaucracy takes documentation very seriously and it can be very tricky and hectic.

The firm’s experts with an in-depth knowledge of documentation in general as well as according to individual cases are always ready for a professional ‘hand-holding’ through this hefty journey, making it as streamlined as possible.

Additional Documents

Based on nationality, education or employment background, some additional documents may be asked.

For a person who is not an expert, it can be very challenging to know where to find and how to present certain documents. The specialists in this company love to go out of their way to ease the process for their clients with their immense knowledge.

Cover Letter assistance

For people who are unfamiliar with the know-how of cover letters, the firm’s creative experts craft custom cover letters to best suit the purpose.

It is a skill to properly present key points of an individual’s case, increasing the chances of success.

Leading ahead

Immigration Specialists (IS) assigned to each case take over and aid to reduce applicant’s confusion and anxiety, along with ensuring the procedures are correctly followed according to individual case requirements throughout the process for a better success rate.

Efficient time utilization with minimum hassle

Understanding the foreigner’s eagerness to conclude the paperwork and start a new life as soon as possible, our experts make sure every point of the case is well addressed and the paperwork is up to the mark.

Though the journey will take its time, with professional help, the wastage of time can be avoided.


The six-step process takes 4-6 months from the initial contact to the final outcome.

Step 1: Process is initiated with an interview via phone call, where information regarding the type of pass the applicant holds, family ties in Singapore, employment and tax history, age and other personal information is obtained to check the eligibility.

Step 2: An In-person appointment is held to follow up on the information provided to create a profile and review the case. Also, factors that may affect the success of applications are discussed, such as Singapore’s political climate, Assessment of qualification, etc.

Step 3: Documents are requested, compiled and checked thoroughly by an IS, and they can be delivered in person or scanned and sent via email.

Step 4: IS guides the client to properly complete the rest of the paper-work needed, including cover letters and application forms.

Step 5: IS guides the applicant to submit the application either in person or online.

Step 6: The result of the application usually takes 4-6 months. IS informs about the outcome and guides them further accordingly.

Gaining a PR in Singapore is definitely not an easy process, but that’s what the experts at the consultancy are best at helping with. Expert guidance will always provide more assurance for a successful application.

The commitment and expertise this firm has are beyond comparison. The friendly-ness of the experts and dedication to helping their clients to make the best out of their case is what the firm takes pride in. Years of experience and immense knowledge of the process has earned the firm an unmatched reputation, supported by the success of 150,000+ satisfied clients to flaunt since 2016.

The journey to the Republic of Singapore begins with a visit to the Paul Immigrations office. Once contact is established, a telephone interview is scheduled and the applicant is guided thoroughly.

Here are some questions you might have in mind for the representative:

  • How can I go about seeking PR status?
  • What would the rate be?
  • How would working with Paul Immigrations greatly benefit me?
  • Eligibility for both my wife and myself?
  • PR status and local taxes?  

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  1. Nice breakdown Saurabh. Singapore is a huge hub for many immigration services. We used one when traveling back and forth between Bali and Singapore. Fab way to do it, as both islands are so close.


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