Penji Review: Is Penji Worth it for Hiring Graphic Designers?

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, which means a picture can vocalize a message more effectively compared to text. We all know that graphic design is a powerful communication medium that connects brands with their target audience. On-demand graphic design services such as Penji allow you to hire graphic designers that are among the top 2% in the world.

At Penji, you can get unlimited graphic designs for your business from expert freelance graphic designers around the globe. Curious to know if Penji is what you wanted for your business, let’s find out.

What is Penji?


Penji is a graphic design service platform that connects you with top graphic designers at a fair price. This allows you to easily meet the growing demands of your business by receiving creative output from professional graphic designers without spending big bucks.

Penji delivers your work within 48 hours which means you don’t need to wait for ages to get started with your marketing activities. Therefore, you can achieve your marketing goals in record time without worrying about spending time managing your resources.

For a fixed monthly rate, you can get unlimited graphic designs for your business requirements.

Who is Penji’s Graphic Design Service for?

Penji is for any individual or business that wants to stand out from the noise over the internet. It is best suited for:

  1. Bloggers
  2. Social Media Marketers
  3. Marketing Agencies
  4. Businesses

or any other profession that needs great graphics designed.

According to their website, Penji has worked with over a thousand companies that including small businesses, coworking spaces, and non-profit organizations as well. Even big brands like Lyft, Tide, Reebok, and AWeber trust Penji because of their strict screening process of hiring only great designers who are among the top 2% in the industry.

What Design Services does Penji Offer?

Penji offers a variety of graphic designing services to their client, and their designers are capable of working on just about anything. Some of the on-demand graphic designs include:

  1. Digital Ads
  2. Mug Designs
  3. Menu Design
  4. Postcards
  5. Tattoos
  6. Coupons
  7. Book Covers
  8. Custom Illustrations
  9. Infographics
  10. Landing Pages
  11. Logos
  12. Packing and Labels
  13. Print Ads
  14. Social Media Graphics
  15. T-Shirts
  16. Powerpoint Presentations

and so much more. Penji offers 120+ types of graphics and the designers at Penji have expertise in almost all forms of graphic design. You can check out their exhaustive list of graphic types on their Design Categories page.

How to get started with Penji?

Getting started with Penji is a breeze and it follows a very intuitive approach to get your designs.

They adopt the following methodology via which thousands of brands scale and delegate their design workload to Penji.

Create a design project

You start by filling out a simple form that helps the designers understand your requirements.

The form would contain details such as the type of graphics that you require, attachments or samples, dimensions of graphics, or any guidelines for the designers.

The more detailed the description, the better.

When you hire a freelance graphic designer, you explain your brand, the guidelines, your requirements, etc.

Think of the project creation step as giving details to your hiring team when you hire a graphic designer.

Get a graphic designer assigned

After you have submitted your requirements, Penji would find the best graphic designer who is qualified to fulfil your requirements.

You can communicate with the designer on the Penji platform directly in case you have any queries or need more clarifications.

Review Draft(s)

Once you have submitted your requirements, you should get the first draft within 24-48 hours. Of course, 100% satisfaction on the very first draft might not be possible.

Therefore, you can request as many edits as you wish on the graphic design till you are completely satisfied.

If you aren’t satisfied with the graphic designer’s style, you can request another designer too!

That’s the beauty of Penji’s on-demand graphic design service.


All the files that the designer creates are uploaded directly to Penji. So, you don’t have to wait for anyone’s emails to grab your material.

You can simply head over to Penji Dashboard to download all the design and source files. That’s it!

Is Penji Legit?

Penji is one of the leading companies when it comes to on-demand graphic designing. The company is based in Camden, NJ.

It is a legal company that is very well-known and has a great reputation and reviews in the market.

Penji not only works with small firms, but it is also integrated with big brands such as Reebok, Lyft, and Penn University.

Therefore, Penji is legit and a great company for outsourcing your unlimited graphic design needs.

How much does Penji cost?

Penji offers pricing plans for different types of requirements. It has 3 different pricing plans which can be subscribed to on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

Penji pricing plans

Pro plan

This plan is optimal for small businesses and individuals and can be purchased at a flat rate of $399 per month.

You get unlimited graphic design projects and can choose to get designs created for multiple brands, each in their folder. You can add up to 2 team members to look after the projects on Penji.

This plan however limits you to graphic designs only. You will not be able to opt for Illustrations or UI/UX work.

Team plan

This plan is optimal for marketers and teams that are growing rapidly and can be purchased for $499/month.

Users get access to websites, apps, and illustration design services along with unlimited design projects and unlimited brands.

With the Team plan, you can have up to 5 team members to manage your design projects.

Agency plan

This plan is perfect for those who need higher volume and output, such as content creators or agencies.

It covers all the features of the other two plans, offers to double the output with prioritized support.

You can have up to 10 team members on Penji under this plan. You can purchase the Agency Plan for $899/month.

The Pros & Cons of using Penji

Now that you have a clear understanding of what Penji is, its benefits, costs, and other factors, let’s have a look at the Pros and Cons of Penji to help your decision-making easier.


  1. Affordable
  2. No hidden fees
  3. Unlimited Graphic Designs
  4. Work with Freelance Graphic Designers
  5. 15-day Money-back guarantee
  6. Cancel subscription anytime
  7. Very friendly and helpful customer support
  8. Work with 2% of the top designers
  9. Excellent Turnaround time (24-48 hours)
  10. Easy sharing of designs via shareable links
  11. Even serves non-profit organizations for $1/month


  1. If you don’t have an average of 10+ hours of design work per month, you won’t be getting the full value.
  2. Communication might be problematic as it would happen by email or via the Penji Dashboard.

Tips for First-Time Penji Users

You might not be able to get your money’s worth as a first-time user because you would spend time trying to understand the process. Here are some tips that you can follow to make the most out of your Penji’s on-demand graphic design subscription.

  1. Your project description should be written very clearly, in detail, and should be comprehensive so that you can save time for revisions and doubt clearance.
  2. While waiting for the current project to finish, you can load other requests in the queue which would be picked up instantly.
  3. You should practice checking and monitoring Penji’s dashboard to get your project updates instantly.
  4. You can take ideas from the Penji designers as they are the experts in the field of graphic design.
  5. Always give Penji designers feedback, especially when they deliver high-quality graphic designs.

Final words

Graphics are the heart and soul of attracting users to your website, blog, social media profiles, etc.

It makes sense that you always get high-quality graphics that your audience would love and connect with.

Penji is a bridge that connects you, your business, and your brand to the top 2% of graphic designers at an affordable price. It’s a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Instead of hiring graphic designers, or working with freelance graphic designers, you can outsource all of the tedious processes to Penji.

Just hand over your graphic requirements to Penji and let it give you the best graphic designs. You can finally have peace of mind after subscribing to Penji!

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