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As a business owner, a CRM application is extremely important for you. Without having one, you will not be able to manage your customers in an effective way. As well as it will only be a mess for you when it comes to handling customers.

Hence it is extremely important that you must go for CRM software. However, the thing with CRM software is that there are quite a lot of options are available in the market. And not all of them offers you a great service.

So what can you do? Well, this is where you can use the PeriCRM. Now you must be thinking what PeriCRM is? Well if you do, then here is a PeriCRM Review.

Peri CRM Review – Multipurpose Powerful CRM Software

What is Peri CRM?

Peri CRM is one of the best CRM applications out there. It is a scalable program which comes with an intelligent design.

As well as it comes with a smartphone application.

So you can manage the application in a better way. In addition to that, the company is powered by some of the biggest Indians and International companies, such as Zoho Analytics, Amazon AWS, and Startup India. As well as the best part of the application is that it comes with an affordable price tag. So no matter how small or big your business is.

Peri CRM will solve all your needs.

Peri CRM Pricing:




Starter Plan


 Employee Management

Product Management

Distribution Management

Territory Management

Order Management

Growth Plan


Stock Management

SMS Gateway

Mass and Trigger Notifications

Target Management

Interaction Management

+ all modules of Starter Plan

Enterprise Plan


Customer Management

Shelf Management

PDF-Formatted Reports

Master Data Migration Support

Expense Management

Business Forecasting

+ all modules of Starter Plan

++ all modules of Growth Plan


Top Features of PeriCRM

Employee Management:

With the help of the Peri CRM, you will be able to manage your employees in a better way. As it comes with one of the best employee management tool. Plus, the mobile app of the app has quite a lot of built-in features. So you can easily manage your employees.

Talking about the features, well it has employee attendance, Employee Master and Organisation Hierarchy and so on.

Product Management:

Without a product, a company is nothing. As it is the only thing that gives a company its revenues. And the lifecycle of these products comes from the company’s factory and goes through quite a lot of process and finally, it reaches to the customer.

But during all these processes, managing products can be tough. However, you can use Peri CRM to do the job.

The best part of Peri CRM is that the products are inherited directly from the company’s ERP and organized intelligently to support the sales. As well as the product images and all the updates are visually available on the mobile app.

Order Management

Peri CRM also comes with the order management tool.

By offering this feature, the only thing that Peri CRM is trying to do is reduce barriers to order taking for the salesperson.

As well as it ensures that there is no sale loss and the customers are getting the best satisfaction. You can pre-configure schemes and promotions so that salesperson does not have to remember and do the maths on the field.

Shelf Management

In the FMCG, shelf management is everything, and you cannot deny the fact. However, despite being so popular feature, you cannot find this tool in many CRM applications.

But luckily you are getting the feature with peri CRM. Basically, a normal grocery shop in your area has its own way of managing them, but when it comes to a large scale. It needs more creativity, and Peri CRM helps you with that only.

Interactions Management

Whenever you want to sell something you have to make human touch. And during your interaction, if you fail to offer proper information or fail to have a proper interaction.

Then you will end up losing a sale. Hence, Peri CRM has come with features which interact and engage with your customers through fully customizable templates, questions, and topics to suit any situation.

In addition to that, you get some of the extra features like:

  • Customer Management.
  • Distribution Management.
  • Shelf Management.
  • Target Management.
  • Expense Management.
  • Business Analytics.

Final Words:

So that was all for the Peri CRM Review. Overall, we cannot say that the company is the best one out there. But yes, it is undoubtedly a great one that you can try out.

It has everything that you need and comes with an affordable price tag.

So you better check it out.

Also, for any questions do feel free to comment below.

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