PersonalityMatch Mobile App Review

PersonalityMatch is a mobile app developed and brought by PersonalityPerfect. PersonalityPerfect is the parent company of the app and runs it for free. Although PersonalityPerfect is a free app the premium version is also available.

You can go for the premium app just by paying a nominal amount of USD 1. The app works on the theory of Isabel Briggs Myers and Carl Jung. They take some test and based on the answer user provides, they show you the personality.

This is the best way using which you can know yourself and improve on the weak points. More than 700k people have already benefitted from the app and it’s time for you too. Ultimately, it’s free, reliable and helpful.

What is PersonalityMatch?

PersonalityMatch is a free online personality test that will help you discover your personal strengths and weaknesses. You’ll get the crucial info you need to plan a life that sets you up for success.

You can explore your personality type with our Type Explorer assessment, based on the original 16 personalities types created by Isabel Briggs Myers and Carl Jung. Discover how to choose your optimal career path, unlock your potential and develop more fulfilling relationships.

People are using the app and they are quite happy with it. In the Play store where 2065 people have rated the app and have given an average rating of 4.3 which is very recommendable.

You can download the app from the following links as per the operating system you are using.


How does PersonalityMatch App work?

Once you downloaded the app and installed it, it’s time to get started with it. You will have to sign up using your email id or Facebook.

Then you will be asked to take the personality test which will have set of multiple choice questions. These questions include MBTI Test, INFJ, and many others which you can check here.

Once you are done with the test, it will show you the summary of the test as below.

Here you can find your characteristics, good points and the points you should work to improve.

Now you can also invite your buddies to take the personality test. These people can be anyone, your family member, friend, life partner etc.

Once they will take the test, the app will show you the percentage of matches with that person and the areas where both you match.

Now you can decide whether to go ahead with the person or not. Also, you can work on the differences.


These were all about PersonalityMatch mobile app. If you are really interested to know about yourself, do try this app and get to know yourself.

Also, invite your best buddies to take the test and get to know about themselves.

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