Preventing Hacking, Tracking, and Identity Theft with Faraday Bags

You’re viewing this page for two reasons. It’s either you’ve gotten here by accident, or you’re curious about Faraday bags. If you’re looking into various options and wondering which one you should buy, then this page is for you.

One of the best cybersecurity tools in the market today is the Faraday bags. They are powerful and military-grade but only if you know how to utilize them in the first place. From a technological point of view, these bags are made up of copper and foil enclosures that can block all signals. 

About the Magnetic Field

In layman’s terms, the Faraday carrier will be the airplane mode for your mobile to prevent tracking, hacking, and identity theft. You can check your options here, especially if you’re looking for vaults where you can store your credit cards. This is not only for soldiers, police officers, and intelligence agents. This comes in handy at a time when the devices that everyone carries are connected to the internet, putting one’s personal data at risk. 

What to Know about the Faraday Cage?

Michael Faraday, the scientist who invented the cage, came up with this term in 1836. This is where he used a cage that blocks all kinds of electromagnetic fields. This cage is working the way it’s designed because it consists of a metallic enclosure completing circuitry. The circuits are conducting electric frequencies outside of the cage and around it. 

In terms of bags, the experts used a proprietary metallic fabric blend that’s embedded and engineered so that it forms a complete circuit around one’s laptop, tablet, or phone.

The Benefits of Using these Faraday Bags

The Benefits of Using these Bags

You may be wondering whether you need these types today, but the truth is that it’s possible to get hacked without you knowing it. Some of the situations that you may find yourself in are the following:

1. Hackers are Going through your Smartphones

The best practices in technology today include turning off your data or wi-fi connectivity, but this isn’t always possible. Any device connected to the internet is compromised and can be hacked by cyber criminals. The first thing on the list is a cell phone, especially if you’re connected to an unsecured wi-fi. 

Others are phishing you or get more information about your credit cards without your knowledge and disconnecting these signals by putting your mobile in your bag can be a good defense in the long run. See more about identity theft on this site here.

2. Avoid Letting Others Know about your Passport Data

It’s typical for IDs and passports to have RFID chips nowadays. These may also include your credit or debit cards. The first thing that cybercriminals will search for is information about you. Skimming machines are now standard where they can steal or lift your data even if the person is several feet away from you. 

This is something that you’ll never notice until you get charged for theft or get an enormous amount of credit card debt at the end of the month. Stealing one’s identity is very common in today’s world, and you should always be on your guard.

3. Breaking into an Office with Electronics

Any electronics that you see being sold on Amazon or eBay can clone your computer and get various information about your files and activities. Others are known to break into one’s home or office and clone an individual’s laptop and see their photos, credit card information, recent transactions, etc.

Others are known for cloning your access badge to your office, even if they are three feet away from you. You’ll never realize that these things have happened until it’s too late.

4. Skimming of RFID Chips on your Cards

Skimming of RFID Chips on your Cards

Whether it’s a debit or a credit card, anything can be skimmed remotely in the same fashion as an office badge. They can get information on your cards such as the security codes, expiry date, and other details like what they do on your passports.

This is where you need a bag to provide you with extra protection and security to block any device that attempts to skim your information without your knowledge.

Silent Pockets and Cage Bags

The cage bags will act as a shielding material that will be worth it. The ones made up of cheaper fabric are not enough to block the signal, and some fibers are broken easily because of wear and tear. These are the ones that can be made up of static dissipative polyethylene, aluminium, and copper. 

Not all are made in the same way as you need materials that will perform consistently when it comes to blocking all the frequencies of the network in your area. Choose the cage bagpacks and silent pockets that were sewn using special threads. 

Added Protection from Solar Storm

Naturally-occurring threats may include solar storms where the sun will potentially wipe out the electronics and power grids that are currently present on earth. An example of this is the Carrington Event, which occurred in 1859. At this time, humans didn’t rely on electronic devices as we have today. However, the telegraph communications in North America and Europe have stopped working where equipment had shocks and sparks that started fires.

Although the Carrington event is rare, it’s still helpful to have a Faraday bag that will give you extra protection in case of emergencies. Others that you can prepare for are bombs and man-made nuclear explosions that can send out electromagnetic waves. If you don’t want to be hacked, check some of the available bags out there. 

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