Prisma App Review – Best Photo Editing App for iOS

I have never been a fan of photo editing as such. I used to upload the photos directly, that I clicked from my digital camera or phone. I used to detest photo editing apps very much. Someone introduced me to Instagram last year. I started using Instagram. I was pretty impressed with the filters it offered. But Prisma stands out from all these photo editing apps that I have seen to date! Let’s have a quick review of the app and why it should be on your iPhone.

Prisma App Review

From the introduction, it must be pretty clear to you that the app is iPhone Exclusive. There is no news about it being launched across other OS. Keep visiting us for more news on Prisma in the future.

Which OS version must your iPhone have to support Prisma? – IOS 8.0 or higher.

The app needs access to your photos and camera to function. Once it is granted, you can enjoy filtering your photos.

Filters in Prisma

The filters in Prisma are very, very different from the ones we have seen to date. No wonder, it has attracted so many users across the globe. Prisma makes your photos (you) look like artworks by famous artists like Picasso, Leviton, etc.

There are 34 variations of filters in the app for you to play around with (though I haven’t seen people experimenting much). These filters use a combination of neural networks/deep learning algorithm and artificial intelligence to generate a filer. You can alter the intensity of each filter. It’s said that the developers of this app are also working on adding more filters. Yay!


The way these filters work will justify why any other app could not provide these edited images in the past. Older image editor applied splashes of filter on the picture, whereas Prisma redevelops your image from scratch to give it the artistic feel in the end.

Image Processing

According to the founders, all the image processing goes on in the cloud on the team’s server. They have also said that the original images are not being saved, and the servers have no idea who is sending them the image.

Sharing the edited image

Once the image is filtered, you don’t keep the picture separately and open a particular app to share it. There are share buttons that will appear right after you have created an image. You can directly share it over any social media app that is present on your phone.

Rumour Update:

If going by the rumors, Prisma App is coming to Windows 10 this month.

That was all from us on Prisma – The Photo Editing App. Do share your filtered image with us. Thank you.

Prisma App is Available for both mobile OS Platform iOS and Android

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  1. The content that I normally see is nothing like what you have written. This is very well-thought out and well-planned. You are a unique thinker and bring up great individualized points. Please continue your work.

  2. Hi Saurabh,
    Now latest trend has been set up in India to post a photo that has been updated by prisma.
    It is a wonderful image editing app that is very popular nowadays. It was initially developed for i-phone users but now it is also available in android platform.
    The filters and image processing quality on this application is amazing.
    I have used it to edit my some of photos and I have become a big fan of it!
    With regards,

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