Protect Yourself: Utopia P2P Ecosystem

When you are online, your computer is exposed to a variety of threats, including viruses, malware, and spyware. The good news – it is possible to secure all activities on the Internet using an ecosystem of new generation – Utopia P2P Ecosystem.

Utopia P2P Ecosystem has many built-in security features that help protect your computer from outside influences thanks to peer-to-peer architecture and sophisticated encryption of data.

Utopia P2P Ecosystem: Out-Of-The-Box!

Privacy Protection

A high degree of confidentiality is ensured by the complex decentralization that is provided by peer-to-peer encryption.

This means that there is no single server that stores all user information.

It is stored on the user’s own server, which is created at the time of registration. Only the user has access to this server, thanks to a unique key that is generated during registration. Thus, no unauthorized persons will have access to confidential information.

Protection Against Malicious Attacks

Utopia uses a combination of the Elliptic curve, for protection the dataa high-speed Curve 25519.

In addition, this degree of encryption is provided by 256-bit AES, which is considered the most secure encryption due to the longest key (the number of possible combinations is too large in order to crack it).

World-Class Protection

Besides, special session keys provide an occasional layer of security.

These are temporary keys for an additional layer of encryption and offline security measures that encrypt all user information on their own server.

Web Protection

For safe surfing the Internet, Utopia offers the use of an Idyll browser.

It is a proprietary domain name system that is decentralized by the registry of names.

This is possible thanks to the Packet Forwarding, which allows adding and creating sites in the ecosystem.

Then these sites can be used by all users. There is no need to switch to third-party resources, because Idyll is a closed browser, with everything you need.

 Personal files Protection

Anonymous messenger – uMessenger allows users to exchange instant messages anonymously.

Each message is encrypted, regardless, text or voice messages.

In addition, the user can add any files to the message: pictures or videos, stickers, and emoticons.

There is the possibility of creating the special private chats and adding their confidential information without the risk of surveillance and data leakage.

Email Protection

Email protection

To ensure the confidentiality of working information, users can share files of any extension and format with the help of uMail, which is an alternative to the classic email.

Now all documents are under reliable protection, thanks to a high degree of encryption.

Payment Protection

Protect financial transactions in the network helps the built-in wallet system – uWallet.

The wallet stores a specially created cryptocurrency – Crypton, which can be used for making any financial transactions.

Crypton is a perfect digital currency that has a high degree of stability.

The user can earn cryptons using a Utopia.

For every 15 minute session on the Internet, the user earns the cryptocurrency.

After that, he can make a payment using them. To speed up the process of earning can Mining bot, which allows earning cryptons 4 times faster.

Don’t let anyone spy on you!

For 3 months, a team of BETA-testers has verified all the features of the ecosystem. As a result, all inaccuracies were corrected and the system was modified to the maximum!

The official release of the ecosystem is scheduled for October 4, 2019!

Use Utopia P2P Ecosystem from this time and don’t give any chance to attackers and ransomware to get to your private data, files, photos, and passwords!

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