Review of OnePlus 3t – Prices | Specifications

OnePlus- A Shenzhen (China) based company has recently attracted a lot of attention in the Indian smartphone market. Founded in December 2013 it has recently perpetrated the Indian smartphone market and created its mark in it. While most of its phone budget friendly, they do not lack in providing the best available specs in the market.

The latest model launched by OnePlus in India is OnePlus 3T in November 2016. From the day it is launched it has created upheaval in the market for smartphones. All this because of its dash charging technology powered by 3400mAh non-removable battery and above mark specifications.

But can the OnePlus 3T stand out in its own right with its countless features and take on its major rivals? Let’s find this out.

OnePlus 3T layout and Construct

It is available in a darker colour than the previous launched OnePlus 3 but the body is still made of the same aluminium alloy as its predecessor. Its large display of 5.50 inch provides very sharp and crystal clear display with a resolution of 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels at a PPI of 401 pixels per inch.

It comes with a dual polarizing layer which makes the phone’s screen easier to see in the brightest daylight. This is one of the major drawbacks with most of the smartphones. It comes with a nice perk of pre-installed Gorilla Glass 4 screen protector.


Oxygen OS makes it more user-friendly as compared to other Android devices. It has on-screen buttons to take you back to the home screen. Moreover, the icons can be resized also as per your need to make the screen look cleaner.

Another great feature is that you can close all the running background apps at once by pressing the hollow square on the screen rather than closing each app individually.

When comes to space, again this phone beats up others. This phone comes in 64 GB and 128 GB, where the software and other files occupied around 15 GB of space. Good enough space left to store your pictures, apps, videos and other files.


It comes with a 16-megapixel both rear and front camera and of course with a flash. In the present time, where everyone is fond and in bond with selfies, this phone camera suits their needs. Everyone is using their phones front camera more than rear ones so it becomes obvious for the brands to come up with some added megapixels for the front camera.

This OnePlus 3T camera can produce clearer photos and videos, even in the low light area. The rear camera uses Sony PDAF sensor with f.20 aperture, which is capable of processing 4K video. Moreover, the rear camera of this phone is covered with a layer of sapphire glass to prevent any scratches.


Performance is what makes it different from its siblings. OnePlus 3T comes with new Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor, with a 6 GB of ram. Opening, closing, and switching between apps are swift and smooth, with excellent touch response and no lag in gaming. This is the most powerful and excellent performer mobile for your pocket.

Unlocking the phone with the fingerprint scanner is fast as compared to other fingerprint sensor mobiles. This fingerprint scanner of OnePlus 3T works so well that you will never need a password to open your phone.


The battery is what makes this OnePlus 3T stands out in the market, giving a tough challenge to its rivals. It has been incorporated with Dash Charge technology which is one of the fastest charging protocols available today. OnePlus 3T can attain 60 % charge in just 30 minutes.

Well, I won’t say 90 % as it won’t fit the window; rather 100% of phone users love to get their phone charged in a couple of minutes. OnePlus 3T is what makes this true for everyone without getting the phone to overheat.

Final Verdict

OnePlus 3T has improved performance and camera quality, but there is no much deviation in terms of design and performance if compared to its sibling devices. It is bit expensive too which raises the question to its early release also.

One plus 3t is available at Rs. 28000/- which is a bit expensive for many. For lower budget you better opt for Phones under 20000 offering similar features at a lesser price.

One more thing to note down is that OnePlus said that it won’t produce any more OnePlus 3, once all sold out and customers now will have to buy OnePlus 3T instead. Here arises the second question as to buy the same phone but with a higher price.

Nevertheless, OnePlus 3T is a stylish phone and giving a tough competition in the market to its rivals. From performance to its improved camera quality all are up to the mark and awesome. Despite being a bit expensive, it is still one of the most affordable phones in terms of specs.

It is by far the best value smartphone as compared to other smartphones in the market. Dash board charging is what makes it more interesting and a technically fresh device that one should go for it.

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