The Ryan Biddulph Guide to Blogging Consistently

Per Saurabh’s request, I am writing this post.

I promise you; I am not an ego-maniac. I don’t usually speak about myself in the 3rd person.

I am no big deal.

All I do is look at a glowing screen and tap little squares with my fingers all day long.

I am a pretty consistent blogging son of a gun though. So much so that folks want to know how I write 2-5 guest posts daily, how I have written and self-published 126 eBooks and how I comment on blogs with cyborg-like efficiency.

Let me share my guide to blogging consistently with you.

1: Blog Mainly for Fun

Blog mainly for fun.

This is the secret to my blogging consistency.

Here’s why: I always make room for what feels fun to me. Meaning I will always make room for blogging. Meaning I will never ever lack blogging consistency.

I used to lack blogging consistency during ‘dem lean years. Because blogging felt like work to me. Drudge work. Pain in the butt. Hard work. Slaving, straining and striving. All that garbage.

I was more like a blogging pack mule during those tough days. Working like a beast just to make end’s meet.

I finally decided to change my tune. I blogged mainly to have fun. Naturally, I blogged consistently because it’s easy to keep blogging when blogging feels like fun, not work.

2: Dive into Your Blogging Fears

Following this tip was a difference maker for me.

I  blogged mainly for fun. For years. But I didn’t become a dyed in the wool, cyborg-like blogging machine until I dove into my blogging fears regularly.

I set an intent: write and/or publish 2-5 guest posts daily. In addition to writing 2 posts weekly on Blogging From Paradise and following my prolific blog reading and commenting schedule, I feared maybe I bit off more than I could chew (queue the “Biddulph” jokes).

But even though I feared taking on too much work/fun I dove in and began writing like a freaking machine. Because you can never be a super consistent blogger unless you regularly dive into your biggest blogging fears.

Doing so helps you develop both a fearlessness and willingness to jump into even deeper, stronger fears, which helps you keep blogging despite facing seemingly big obstacles along the way.

3: Create on the Clock

Work 50 minutes. Break for 10 minutes.

I work in chunks to get the job done.

Schedule your blogging tasks. Work tends to fill the space you allot for the work. Meaning that if you set aside 1-3 hours today to write your next post you will usually be on the money.

Just remember to take those short breaks hourly. Break frequently, or you will break mentally and physically.

4: Take Great Care of Your Body

I take care of my meat suit.

As I am writing these words I am prepping for 1 hour of exercise. Light jogging and walking tonight. I also do 100 sit ups on waking, I meditate, I jump into an icy cold shower and train with weights daily.

Taking care of my body gives me boundless energy so I can be brutally persistent in sticking to my blogging schedule.

You can follow every other tip on this list but if you aren’t healthy and energetic wow will it be tough to be a persistent, consistent blogger.

5: Write 1000 Words Daily for Practice

Writing thousands of words daily for practice helps me blog consistently.

I developed my writing skills. Writing is a breeze for me.

If writing is a breeze, blogging is a breeze. If blogging is a breeze then I will blog consistently.

Open a Word document. Write 1000 words every day. Trash the document. Either cover your niche or write about your day. Just write!

Your Turn

How do you develop blogging consistency?

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