Seller Snap Review: Is it the Best Amazon Repricer Software?

As a seller on Amazon, you have to face tough competition to sell your products and generate revenue. Your whole amazon business depends on how you price your products so that buyers are encouraged to order items from you instead of your competitors. But finding the right price for your products and updating them on Amazon regularly can be a difficult and very time consuming job. However, thanks to Seller Snap, repricing your products on Amazon has become extremely easy.

But is it really the best tool out there? We will find this out in this Seller Snap review. So let’s get into the topic right away:

What is Seller Snap?

Seller Snap

First of all, what is Seller Snap?

In short, Seller Snap is an AI-powered automated Amazon repricer and analytics tool. The highlight of the feature is that it selects the optimal strategy and automatically reprices your products competitively.

So you increase sales from Amazon and your profit margin.

The Seller Snap platform helps sellers win the Amazon Buy Box at the highest possible price. The tool scans the competitive environment to analyze your competitors’ price changes and predict their repricing strategy. The repricer automatically and continuously reprices your products optimally in order to outsmart your competition.

As a result, you will no longer need to update your listing price. Instead, you let the AI algorithm do the work. For sellers who want to achieve specific goals, the repricer also has the ability for sellers to create predefined rules and provides insightful analytics to provide sellers with winning strategies for Amazon selling.

Some of the coolest features that Seller Snap offers are:

  • Offers you detailed analytics and reports.
  • Adaptive, self-learning, and automated repricing.
  • You can set your own rules to reprice your products automatically.
  • Comes with 15 days of a free trial.

How Can Seller Snap Help You?

Seller Snap is designed for Amazon sellers. It helps Amazon sellers to increase their profits and avoid price wars.

Also, it helps in saving sellers time by automating the price updating task. Plus, it analyzes the market and competition. So you can create better strategies and price your products just right.

It offers you mainly two features:


Seller Snap uses AI algorithms to reprice your Amazon listings. Seller Snap developed the algorithm with Game Theory in mind in order to assess and adapt to market situations and different scenarios. So you can enjoy the maximum profit.


It also comes with powerful AI tools that help you with useful data and insights to monitor and automate your Amazon listings.

Power-Packed Solutions By Seller Snap

AI Amazon Repricer

As the name suggests, this feature automatically reprices your Amazon listings. The tool does it by using an algorithm that thinks like a human seller. Also, thanks to its adaptive learning nature, it will study your competitors and automatically outsmart them.

Also, under the repricer you are getting a bunch of tools. Such as:

  • Low Sales: This tool can be used for repricing your Amazon listings based on RPM. So if any of your products fail to meet the monthly target, this comes in handy.
  • Follow your competitors: This feature will automatically adjust your Amazon listing price based on whenever your competitor adjusts their prices.
  • Suppressed Buy Box: If Amazon suppresses the buy box, this feature will identify the desired behavior to unsuppress the buy box.
  • Follow a related ASIN: You can use this feature to set the price automatically based on price adjustment from a related ASIN. This is pretty useful for repricing packaged products and for private labels.
  • Competing with Amazon: If Amazon competes for the Buy Box, this feature will automatically adjust the repricing behavior.
  • Change pricing during specific hours or days: This feature helps you to define particular prices on different hours or days. For instance, you can lower your product price during Christmas sales.

Seller Analytics

Next, there is the Seller analytics. This one is a native reporting tool that offers you valuable insights into how well your products are performing. Using the tool, you will get to know which products of yours are performing well, which products need attention, and more.

For a quick understanding, here are a few things that Seller Analytics will help you with:

  • It helps you to see revenue and benefit changes. Plus, you can monitor the velocity of each sale and see which ones are your best and worst selling products.
  • You can see the current buy box price. Along with a breakdown by FBA, FBM, Amazon, and SFP of your competitors.
  • You can also track your inventory rates to understand when your products go out of stock. So you can reorder your items.

Actionable Insights & Customizable Reports

One of the best parts of Seller Snap is that it offers you tons of data. Also, it offers you useful tips. So you can create your own strategy and custom reports. Plus, you will be able to monitor your whole Amazon selling business.

Seller Snap helps you with things like:

  • It lets you check which listings generate the highest and the lowest revenue this week and the previous week.
  • You can consider repricing dependent on tracked ASIN.
  • You can lower your min price to win a share of Buy Box.

Seller Snap Pricing

Seller Snap Pricing

Seller Snap offers you four different pricing packages to choose from. The cheapest plan starts at $250 per month. However, it comes under the Seller Snap accelerator program. This means you need to qualify for the plan to use it.

Apart from that, you can go with the Standard or Premium plan which costs you $500 and $800 per month respectively. In case, if you are unlimited of everything, there is the Unlimited plan.

Who qualifies for the Accelerator Program?

As mentioned, to qualify for the Accelerator Program, you need to meet certain requirements. These requirements are the:

  • You haven’t reached 1000 active listings.
  • The monthly average revenue is less than $25,000 for the last three months.
  • Selling products that have competition for the buy box.

Final Words:

All in all, Seller Snap is a pretty awesome tool for automating your Amazon selling process and growing your Amazon store. Plus, the tool allows you to earn more revenue.

However, if you are skeptical about how good the tool is, try it for free for 15 days and check things for yourself.

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