10 Best Sites to Get Paid Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners

Beginners entering into freelancing find it hard to find reliable sites with quality gigs. Some freelance writing jobs for beginners pay too little while other job sites are prone to fraud through non-payment. Once you get the best online writing job, you will have a constant supply of dollars and will not need to take the 8-5 jobs you can do from home that limits your life to particular areas.

The internet is full of websites claiming to offer excellent freelance writing jobs for beginners to earn money online.

You may also opt to work with individual clients by contacting them directly on the website.

The returns you get from freelancing will depend on the website you choose to get paid to write online.

How do you determine the best website for freelance writing jobs for beginners?


Check reviews by other freelancers, clients who provide part time work from home jobs, and regulators in the industry.

These reviews will say something about the credibility of a website by looking at how it treats both clients and freelancers.

Working with a reputable site guarantees you reasonable returns. It also saves you from fraudsters looking to swindle unsuspecting freelancers.

Your skills Set-

Freelancing sites target a particular clientele and class of freelancers. Some will work with academic writers while another seeks to serve blog writers.

Other websites are established for product reviews and web content. Only apply to a website that offers jobs that are synchronized with your skills.


How much are gigs on the website paid? Different websites quote varying figures for the same job.

For instance, a website may quote 1 dollar for 100 words while another quote five or ten dollars. The minimum amount quoted per 100 words will determine your compensation in the end.


The criteria used to recruit freelancers to a website will inform you whether to enroll on the site or skip it.

Some websites will not allow people from particular geographical regions because they target natives. Academic qualification is also a requirement for other sites. You must be eligible to work for a particular site by the time you register. This will protect you from losing money in case they discover that you do not qualify.

The payment method used-

What payment method is the website using? Freelancers in different countries can access funds using varying channels. Pick a website that provides reasonable payment methods for freelancers. Avoid payment issues and expenses once you have done your work.

There are old websites that are known for the quality of the freelancing jobs they offer.

New sites that pay you to write are also emerging to compete with traditional writers. Here are websites that will guarantee decent returns to freelance writers.

Websites To Find Paid Freelance Writing Jobs for beginners



This freelancing website uses the bidding approach. The writer with the best bid gets the job directly from the client.

Upwork is open to clients from all over the world. Writers can also link to the site from any part of the world.

This makes the website highly competitive and appropriate for clients looking to tap into the global pool of writers.

Upwork offers all types of writing gigs.

They range from academic writing to blogs and web content, among other genres of writing.

Upwork does not set the limit on how much a writer can earn. You either negotiate with the client or only apply for jobs that are within your expected earnings level.

The platform offers dynamic payment methods that will suit freelancers from different parts of the world.



Freelancer is a platform that connects clients and freelancers from all parts of the world. The freelance jobs available on Freelancers are not limited to writing.

It makes the platform perfect for multi-talented individuals.

Freelancer requires the writer to create a profile. The client will upload details of a task where you have to apply. The price paid for each gig will either be fixed, hourly, or based on a contest

It is one of the websites with the most lucrative writing jobs for freelancers.

Since the website accepts writers from all over the world, there is intense competition for the gigs on Freelancer.


Flexjobs is a job board where your skills will be matched with the requirements of writing clients from around the world.

You will always find clients looking for different types of writing jobs, including blogs, term papers, web content, and product reviews, among others. It is, therefore, one of the best hubs for freelancers looking for quality freelancing jobs.

Flexjobs provides notification options whenever a job that meets your skillset is uploaded.

Payment methods are also extremely friendly to clients from different parts of the world. It remains one of the most reliable platforms for freelance writers.

Behance Jobs

The platform approaches freelancing from a unique angle. The gathers the freelancers, including writers, to showcase their skills so that potential employers can choose their services.

Each writer uploads his or her portfolio to capture the attention of potential clients. From your past projects, a potential client will determine whether you are suitable for the job. You will be hired directly by the client.


The platform has been overlooked by analysts, but it remains one of the best sources of freelance writing jobs. The stand-out feature for the website is the ability to target people in your area.

However, it has expanded to capture the attention of clients and freelancers from around the world. There are thousands of companies and individuals looking for seasoned writers to handle web content, blogs, and articles on different topics.

Compensation on Craigslist is one of the most competitive in the freelance writing industry. The website is also credible and will not expose you to fraudsters.

Constant Content

Constant Content provides premium writing jobs for clients from the world over. It ranks among the most lucrative freelancing platforms online today.

The mature nature of the Constant Content platform allows writers to demand the highest pay for their services. A writer may charge up to $100 for a single article.

This is one of the highest rates in the market today. It is also not prone to fraud and provides easy access to the funds.

LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn is a job search platform for professionals to network. If you have an existing profile, spruce it up and request persons in your network to hand over the writing jobs in their companies or businesses.

Create a profile that will be attractive to professionals looking for writing jobs. Since professionals understand that you are equally qualified, they will allow you to dictate pay.


The site consolidates the jobs available on different platforms for freelancers who do not want to spend all their life scrawling the internet. It is a source of information rather than jobs. You will have to register into individual sites to get the jobs.

Freelance Writers Den

This is another source of information and not jobs. You will train on how to write different genres as well as present your skills in a way that captures the attention of potential employers. All your freelancing questions will be answered by these experienced professional writers.


The site is the true definition of a freelance platform. You register and have to sieve the jobs available to see what suits your taste.

These freelance writing jobs for beginners are free to apply.

It is your responsibility to avoid scammers. Since it is exclusive to writers, you have excellent chances of getting a decent return.


These Freelance Writing Sites offering freelance writing jobs for beginners will differ in the way they treat freelancers. A freelance writer must identify the site with clients or gigs that are within his or her area of interest.

Consider the rate of compensation and the constant flow of work to guarantee reasonable returns.

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  1. Great list! It can be difficult to find freelance jobs, but I like these options a lot! I like that you focused more on the freelance sites and job boards than on sites that farm out work. Even though it can seem like more work, the options you gave pay more in the long run and give more autonomy!

  2. Fabulous list, Saurabh. 

    Finding and knowing what sites are really worth your while as a freelancer can be difficult, especially when you are first starting out! This is a great resource. 

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