Feel Uninspired? 9 Social Media Content Ideas You Should Try

Social media is one of the most powerful ways of marketing your brand, business, or product. There are a variety of high traffic social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Posting on a daily basis can potentially boost the number of loyal followers and skyrocket your sales. However, if you’re running dry of Social Media Content Ideas then it can do more harm than good. Your posts need to be inspired and actually add value to your loyal followers.

There are so many different types of posts that you can do that running out of Social Media Content Ideas shouldn’t even enter the equation. With that thought in mind, here are some of the top content ideas for your social media channels:

9 Creative Social Media Content Ideas

  1. Celebrate Interesting Holidays

For every day of the year, there is an amusing holiday, such as Octopus Day on the 8th of October. Since you have opportunities to promote a special day all year round you have no excuse not to come up with content.

The day you’re promoting doesn’t have to be related to your niche or industry, it just needs to be amusing to provide entertainment value for your audience.

Providing some key facts regarding the target of the celebration can also act to inform the audience of something random.

Celebrate Interesting Holidays

  1. Be the Source of News

If you have a contact in your industry that has news before anybody else then put that contact to good use. By providing your loyal followers industry-related news they’ll have a reason to come back to your social media profiles on a regular basis.

That’s great because typically before a sale is made the average customer must see you multiple times. By visiting for the news they might also check out any products you’re selling. If they do this multiple times you have a higher chance of converting them.

  1. Live Videos

With improvements in technology, you can now post live video streams. This could be a business meeting you’re having regarding a new product idea or a product launch that you’re trying to promote. Live streams in social are a cool new thing that’s only being utilized in the last couple of years.

These types of streams are great because in the comments section people can interact with one another.

This allows your social media profiles to have a sense of community. The type of live stream you create should add value or show off the inner workings of your company.

This breaks down barriers between you and the community that you’re trying to promote.

Live Videos

  1. How-to Videos

A well-crafted how-to video can go viral in a community if it genuinely helps to solve a common problem in an effective manner. Even if these videos take some resources to create they are well worth it.

They can position you as an authority in your industry, which means that potential customers will be more willing to buy from you. After all, if you give out expert advice on how to solve a problem then the same quality should be expected from the products that you are releasing.

  1. 360-degree photos/videos

Another cool technology to come out onto social media platforms recently is 360-degree photos and videos. These basically give a very detailed view of a particular location. These are cool to use and can also provide practical value.

For example, if you’re trying to show off a house that’s being sold then you can use these tools to give people an opportunity to view the house in detail. Either from the comfort of their own home or a mobile device.

When utilized effectively 360-degree videos/photos can boost sales and also make your company appear like a more professional establishment.

  1. Curate articles from your website

If you’ve got a great short blog post or article then you can take an extract or create a summary and post it on social media. You can then link back to the original piece of content if the viewers would like to see more.

This way of creating content leverages what you already have allowing you to increase your bottom line.

Working smarter rather than harder gives you the chance to make more money with the efforts that you’ve already put in.

  1. Graphs and Charts

Using graphs and charts might seem a little too scientific when social media is supposed to be laid back. However, if there is an interesting narrative to be told by using a chart or graph then doing so is a great idea. Make sure that you’re able to convey what is visually being told and as a result, you’ll have more ideas for posts.

  1. Infographics

A great way to share information with your audience that they can digest in just a few moments is infographics.

These are essentially pictures with annotations explaining what it is about. They are perfect for social media platforms because they are casual in nature and can quickly be understood.

This is important since users when on social media have very short attention spans.

  1. Keep an Eye on Your Competition

It’s a good idea to see what your competition is up to so that you can get some inspiration. You shouldn’t simply copy, but instead, use the success of competitors as inspiration for content that you can come up with.

Some social media channels have tools where you can view the tops posts in a specific category or under a particular hashtag.


The 9 Social Media Content Ideas above are just the tip of the iceberg, there are many others that you could implement to provide even more variety to your social media content strategy. Constantly evolving and coming up with new and innovative ways to deliver content is important to stay competitive in any industry.

However, you must always be rotating the different types of content that you’re posting. Don’t post 5 live streams in a row, but instead vary up the content you are posting. This ensures that your social media subscribers have variety in the content they are digesting.

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15 thoughts on “Feel Uninspired? 9 Social Media Content Ideas You Should Try”

  1. Hi Saurabh,
    I have an upcoming post planned on how to overcome Writer’s Block, so I was curious to see what your tips were. I can’t write about holidays. As you know, I offer blogging tips. I do use your other suggestions, though.

  2. Love these tips. Loved the one about holidays. Will be putting them in practice although adapting them to my business is not an easy task.

  3. Thank you so much for this. I’ve been struggling with ideas to post to my social media accounts. I’ll definitely be referring to this.

  4. I like the idea of special days, I has no idea that there is an octopus day. You listed some great ideas which I will use.

  5. Hey Saurabh, Awesome tips here on sharing social media ideas! I have never heard of this Octopus Day on the 8th of October that was mentioned. I will have to keep my eye out on the 8th to see if anyone else shares anything on this.

    Great share..
    Thank You
    Chery :))

  6. Excellent tips! There is a great website called Bizarre, Wacky and Unique Holidays that includes all legal holidays as well as the “wacky” ones so it’s a terrific resource for those times when your mind draws a blank. For example, Sept 28 is Ask a Stupid Question Day and it is a real holiday!

    I was especially interested in your tip on curating content because I’m launching a new series along those lines in October. The one thing I haven’t tried that I want to is Infographics. I’ve gone through tutorials on how to do it, I’m just drawing a blank on how to translate my particular topic into a meaningful piece, but it’s on the list of goals for October so for better or worse I’m going to give it a go. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Terrific ideas for getting reinspired and having new content to share. I have a new series that I am gearing up to start and I am super excited about it.

  8. Some good ideas, like the idea of relating content to specific days, eg National Pie Week even though this has passed.

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