Solar Trends to Look Out for in 2024

The bumps along the road in the last couple of years gave the impression that things may continue to go on a downward spiral worldwide. Nobody exactly anticipated how things would change and only a few people projected the changes that eventually happened. However, one thing is clear: the solar industry has experienced and has continued to experience a surge in growth. Did we see it coming?

Today, it is looking even more promising than ever, as there is a massive surge in the number of people who are acquiring solar PV systems. There are many incentives, both federal and state, that exist to prompt even more purchases and installations. So what are the Solar trends to look out for in 2024? Take a look at this solargraf blog to understand the growing needs and trends.

Possible Solar Industry Trends

The following are possible Solar trends you will see grow in 2024:

●  Solar Application Popularity

The longer these systems are in use, the more applications we find for them. It is clear that everything that used to depend on getting electricity from the conventional source will transfer to solar power. Not only will this reduce the load on the grid, but it will also make the environment cleaner.

For example, more street lights now use solar power. That means fewer emissions and electricity bills, and less noise. Also, EV chargers use solar for recharging. If you are in the business of selling PV systems, you may have more sales as the year progresses.

● Increase in Demand for Solar Storage Options

Power failures have been on the increase in recent years, most especially during and after the pandemic. While the government is working hard to find lasting solutions, one of the best so far is salt batteries. That also means relying on renewable energy to sustain areas that experience constant power outages. The good part is that many people have become more self-reliant and are constantly looking for ways to improve living standards.

One upside is that many companies are making and selling solar batteries, causing an influx of the product in the market and a drop in prices. As more applications for solar power emerge, and the government provides more incentives to drive the use of clean energy, we are yet to see the height of the demand for these systems and storage options.

It may be time to take the opportunity and advertise your product and services if you are in the business. Update all social media platforms with all the in-demand products on offer to draw the right clients.

● Improvement of Technology

The technology in use for solar PV systems continues to improve. The same applies to software as more firms churn out state-of-the-art products and services. Also, the appearance of panels, batteries, inverters, and other components of the system has changed. They appear smaller, sleeker, and lighter to carry. Where it used to be difficult to fit battery banks or inverters in small spaces, the story has changed. What about liquid solar panels? Read this article to learn more about them.

Additionally, companies are offering better and longer warranties because of the current and intense competition on the market. Everybody is trying to outdo each other, but it can be a good thing if you show a few reasons why you are better than the rest. And keeping the trends in mind is one way of doing it.

● Increase in Installation

It almost goes without saying that where there is an increase in demand for solar power systems, there will be an equal demand for installations. This is especially true for areas that are just understanding the advantages of using clean, safe, and renewable energy. Therefore, expect a spike in the demand for installation.

Along the same lines is an expectation for an increase in maintenance. The more homes install these systems and use them, the more need there will be to run maintenance checks on them. If you are in the business and are short on staff, now is the time to check the growing trends in the industry and hire accordingly. That way, you always have someone to meet the specific needs of your clients.

Bottom Line

It is a promising year for the solar industry, and with the current trends, it may continue to get better in subsequent years. Now is the time to switch to cleaner energy if you have not, or update your business to fit the times as necessary.

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