6 Best Text SMS Tracker Apps for Android/iOS in 2024

The text SMS tracker apps for smartphones are wonderful monitoring software allowing users to track text messages. Using them is pretty easy as you just have to install your favorite software and start monitoring and tracking the messages instantly.

You must be having your own reasons to use text SMS tracker software, but with enormous varieties available, selecting the best one might be a confusing task. But you need not worry as here we list the 6 best text SMS tracker apps http://smstrackers.com/ for Android and iOS in 2024.

So, let’s get started!

6 Best SMS Tracker Apps for Android and iOS



Xnspy is an SMS monitoring app packed with useful features that will help you track all the incoming and outgoing text messages on any Android or iOS device.

With this SMS tracker app, you can remotely read all text messages on phones or tablets. Xnspy enables you to check the names and numbers of the sender along with details including the time, date stamps, and geotags. By simply logging in to your secure Xnspy online account, you can access all the information instantly.

It is a simple, reliable, and easy-to-set-up device that offers 24/7 customer support service, too. To make things even better, Xnspy lets you add specific words, phrases, and contacts to a watch list so you can get instant alerts via email on the activities that truly matter to you.

Furthermore, this tracking app enables you to access the contact list, emails, multimedia files, and even the GPS location of the monitored device. Xnspy records all incoming calls and surroundings of the device. You don’t have to worry as the whole process is automated.

With Xnspy, you can block inappropriate websites and apps; remotely lock the screen; wipe off the data, and you can monitor all popular social media networks anytime anywhere.


An excellent SMS tracker for iPhone, mSpy is a powerful and efficient tool to track incoming, sent, and even deleted messages.

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It comes with a GPS tracking feature allowing you to track the exact location of the target phone. Besides tracking the saved calendar activities and events of that phone, you can even monitor the e-mails sent or received via the targeted phone.

mSpy allows tracking of browsing history, text messages, and bookmarked websites. With its IM services, you can even keep a check on WhatsApp, Skype, Contact List, photos, and online chatting of the targeted device. Delivering high-quality results, it is a reliable software available at pricey norms.

Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy Free Trial

Mobile Spy is a spectacular text SMS tracking software that enables users to track sent, received, and deleted messages.

With Mobile Spy, you can track WhatsApp messages, iMessage, Twitter, Skype, Facebook, and more other online functionalities of the user. If you want the call log details or browser history details of the targeted phone, then this software will deliver flawless performance.

Furthermore, it allows tracking photos, contact lists, memos, and e-mails of the targeted device. Even you can block the running apps of the targeted device with this software. While the LIVE panel option allows you to monitor the LIVE screen of the targeted device, the GPS option enables targeting the location of the device.


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If you want to monitor the incoming and outgoing messages and are not concerned about the deleted text messages, then SpyBubble software must be on top of your list.

With an excellent synchronization speed, this software is available at an affordable price and is compatible with almost all operating systems, such as BlackBerry, Android, Windows, iOS, and Symbian.

This is undetectable software that can view and track text messages, e-mails, call logs, complete phone lists, and photos on the targeted device. It even enables users to track iMessage, BBM, WhatsApp, and details of the browser history.

You can also send remote control commands from your phone to the targeted device to deactivate a few features of the software. With GPS tracking features and 24/7 available assistance, it is very easy to use and reliable software.


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One of the high-performing text messages tracking software, iSpyoo is an affordable choice to track not just the text messages but the entire address book, call logs, and important online details of the targeted phone.

With iSpyoo it is possible to track the browser history, iMessages, WhatsApp messages, Skype, tasks, notes, events on calendars, scheduled meetings, and other necessary details of the targeted device. It comes with a microphone feature that can be activated for hearing the surrounding sounds and to identify what is happening on the targeted device.

With iSpyoo, you can track not just the GPS location, but can even redirect SMSs and send invisible messages from the targeted device.


With an effective tracking system and wonderful synchronization speed, Spyera is one of the best SMS tracking software in 2024.

Besides tracking the messages, it allows you to listen to live calls, and even record them. You can listen to what all is happening around the targeted phone by enabling the microphone feature. It allows you to spy on Facebook, BBM, iMessage, WhatsApp messages, browser history, call logs details, contact lists, track e-mails, and multimedia files of the targeted device.

It comes with an SMS spoofing feature allowing you to send invisible messages from the targeted device to any particular number. Also, if the target switches to another phone, then even you can shift the software to that number and even manage the phone from your web account.

The most amazing feature of this software is its remote control feature that allows managing all the activities remotely. Even you can track the location of the targeted device and get tracking access to the deleted messages.


While these are the best 6 SMS Tracker Apps in 2024, it is suggested that you pick one that is easy to use, versatile, and best fits your needs.

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