Texting or Calling: Which is Better?

Communication has drastically changed over the years thanks to technology. The methods of communication possible today are an amazing wonder that complements the evolution of not just science, but human interaction. In the past, people used to send letters to each other across the world. Once the telephone was invented, communication became much easier.

It didn’t take long for the digital counterpart of letters to emerge, commonly known as texting and E-mails.

The main difference between E-mails and texting is the context they are used in. E-mails are usually more professional as they leave room to create a properly formatted message, while texting can be used more casually.

With that being said, we’ve created an overview of whether texting or calling is better and what their appropriate scenarios are.

Which is better: Texting or calling?


In the age of social media and digital marketing, a lot of businesses use texts as a way to interact with their customers. Customers prefer texting to calling businesses because of the rapid response provided by the former. It takes almost no time to read a message and reply to it, resolving inquiries almost instantaneously.

The more a business engages with its customers, the better standing amongst its competitors on social media.

Texts are being used by businesses for authentication purposes; some banks use it to authorize purchases online, for instance. 

The marketing specialists at messente.com claim that there are tools available that can show you how businesses can take full advantage of texting even in today’s digital age. It’s quite easy to scale texting services by integrating a formidable API to handle high volumes. 


Texting is the savior of people who are distracted or in the middle of doing something. While calling can be great when you have the time and leisure, it doesn’t always work for those who are doing something else in conjunction.

Texting gives you the ability to say whatever is on your mind at a time of your choosing.

Emotions can run high during stressful times, which makes calling a less practical option. If you’re constantly losing your train of thought, for whatever reason, probably choose texts over calls.

Traveling and Transportation

When you’re on your way to somewhere on a commute like a bus or a train, talking on the phone should only be reserved for emergencies. You don’t want 4 or 5 people talking on the phone at the same time as you’re in some sort of a radio tower.

Texting is perfect for not only those who want to minimize disturbances to those around them but also enjoy a little privacy.


When you’re trying to call the police or a service hotline, you’re doing so because it’s a matter of urgent importance, not to mention that it can allow the police to track down the location of the call.

Sometimes, texting someone close to notify them that you’re in an emergency is safer than making the call yourself. You should avoid attracting attention in a burglary or hostage situation by making the emergency call yourself.

Instead, let someone from the outside know via text rather than give out your location over the phone.


When you’re trying to organize an activity that includes multiple people, calling every single one of them back and forth isn’t going to work out.

Texting allows you to include multiple people into your chat so you can talk freely about your plans or even brainstorm.

This will also help you make sure that no one forgets the details mentioned in the chat since they could always revisit the chat if they forgot.

Anxiousness and Awkwardness

A lot of people can get really anxious when they have to make a call. A lot of awkwardness can be avoided if you use texts instead of calling.

If you’re someone who cannot talk for great lengths without stopping a lot to think about what to say, a phone call can feel like an eternity.

Texting will remove the problems of talking and stopping simultaneously because you’ll both get to read your messages at the same time.


Some people like to look back at their conversations and reminisce about the good times.

Since you can keep an accurate history of all the texts between you and someone else, you’ll have the ability to take a few screenshots and use them as a quirky gift. Those with a bad memory will be able to recall what exactly transpired during the conversation.

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Whether you’re in a relationship or looking to expand the scope of your customer service, texting has rapidly evolved to be one of the best solutions to modern-day communication problems.

Calls are far from being obsolete, but they are now reserved for specific occasions when texting wouldn’t do the trick.

2 thoughts on “Texting or Calling: Which is Better?”

  1. Good points here Saurabh. Finding a nice mix between the two works well for me. Some things are quick and easy to say via text. Others need a more personal, thorough touch, via voice.


  2. Amazing post Saurabh!
    Here, I learned many tips on choosing the right way of communication, based on the situation we experience.
    Even in some emergency cases, I used to text to the person without making a call.
    And mostly making call directly might help to eradicate miscommunication.


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