9 Tips for Improving Your Chances with a Scholarship Application

A college education is quite expensive, and most individuals rely on student loans and scholarships to pay for their tuition. There are several scholarship programs that help numerous students fund their education every year. The problem is, there are way more collegians who need financial aid compared to the scholarship positions available each year.

Thus, every open spot has a lot of competition from numerous applicants.

Furthermore, lots of students share similar qualifications, which makes it even harder to secure scholarships. Due to the many applicants, the scholarship committees have to be strict when analyzing requests to choose the worthiest contenders.

Therefore, this text provides some helpful advice you can use to gain a competitive advantage when applying for that scholarship.

Ensure You Qualify for the Scholarship

There are different types of scholarships, and each comes with specific requirements for the student. Some of the common types include:

  • Academic scholarships
  • Athletic scholarships
  • Community service scholarships
  • Need-based scholarships
  • Employer scholarships
  • Military scholarships

Each of the above has individual requirements that every applicant needs to meet, and you should understand the requirements before applying. Making sure you are eligible means having the required grades and academic qualifications.

It might be tempting to lie on an application, especially for need-based scholarships, to try and sneak a free ride through college. Keep in mind there are students out there who might need it more. So don’t apply if you don’t need it.

Follow the Provided Instructions

Follow the written instructions provided by the scholarship committee strictly. It’s part of what they use to narrow down the thousands of applications they receive every year.

Attach all the documents they have requested the way they have specified. Also, be sure to meet the deadlines they have provided and submit the application as instructed.

Complete Your Application

Scholarship applications can be thorough, and completing the application process requires a lot of commitment.

You will have to keep pushing and check every box in the requirements. Fine margins matter here, so you need to have all the required documents. Any step included, no matter how basic, needs to be taken seriously.

Seek Assistance with Your Application

Consult your teacher on what is expected of you and ask for advice from people with experience with these matters. For example, seek advice from anyone you might know who has won a scholarship.

They can guide you on additional things, such as writing your personal statement/essay. Even if you decide to use an essay writers service, consult other people for more guidance.

Apply for Local Scholarships First

There are many organizations and even communities that have local studentships. These are not usually widely advertised like essay writers online, but they are there.

They are less competitive since they are limited to a specific group of students.

Your odds are higher here.

Embrace Scholarships with Demanding Applications

Most students steer clear of scholarships that have them put in a lot of work, for example, submitting more documents, showing their projects, and even sending video applications. It translates to more students competing for scholarships with fewer demands, making them even harder to acquire. The more challenging the application process, the less the competition is. Use that to your advantage.

Keep Trying and Sending Out Applications

In case you don’t succeed the first time, keep searching and applying for other scholarships. Don’t lose hope; apply for others that you qualify. You can apply for multiple studentships at once to increase your chances.

You can even hold multiple scholarships at once if you are lucky; unless it’s clearly stated you cannot hold another scholarship in the eligibility requirements for either. So, read your requirements and send out multiple applications.

But don’t apply twice for the same scholarship.

Apply for Scholarships with Lesser Awards Too

Many individuals rush to apply for the studentships offering the most money. While some land the awards, many end up a little disappointed. Scholarships with less money have significantly less traffic, and your chances are better there.

Review Your Application

Review Your Application

Reviewing is an essential step before you submit the application. Go through all the documents and confirm they meet the requirements provided. Furthermore, your work has to be clean and neat.

Get a second opinion if possible. Have someone with more experience review your application, for example, teachers. Before sending it, you can even have trusted persons review your personal statement and admissions essay.

The Bottom Line

The number of people still paying off their student loans years after graduating is high and increases every year. Scholarships are one neat way of ensuring you are not too burdened with debt in your near future. However, ensure you need one before applying. The above tips should prove useful but don’t be too bummed if you miss out; it’s one of the things that are out of your control.

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