5 Tips for Writing Effective Digital Marketing Content

In today’s digitalized world, digital marketing is proving itself far more effective than traditional marketing. Every successful, large or small, business is harnessing its potential in order to reach out to its audience and increase its sales.

Effective Digital Marketing Content

Digital marketing is all about promoting your business through different platforms on the Internet.

To perform effective digital marketing, you have to create effective digital marketing content. Now, what is digital marketing content? Put simply, it is any type of material that is designed and published in a way that promotes our business and increases our leads. The main purpose of this content is to attract and engage with the audience.

The Spine of Digital Marketing

Content plays a major role in digital marketing. Calling it the spine of digital marketing wouldn’t be wrong. As content holds this much importance, knowing how to create effective and compelling content can be a game changer in your digital marketing campaign.

If you are planning to start promoting your business through digital marketing and want to know how you can create compelling content for it, you’re on the right blog.

Here, we are going to discuss 5 tips that you can apply to create effective digital marketing content. Starting with the most important one, which is…

Tips for Writing Effective Digital Marketing Content

1. Understanding Your Audience:

Knowing what kind of people, you want to reach out can be helpful in the content creation process. If you know the nature, interests, needs, and requirements of your audience, you can put the most relative information in your content which will massively increase its impact on people.

Understanding Your Audience

When the content is specifically tailored for a target audience, it holds the most effectiveness in it.

You can apply the following strategies to understand and write for your audience:

  • Run a survey of people who already use your product. This will help you know what forced them to buy your product or what things they liked or disliked about it. This will enable you to evaluate what people might be looking for in your offerings and you can create content that will describe those features.
  • Perform a market research survey related to your business. Spot the points where your services can be used. Also, research the market trends. It will help you create content about trendy topics.
  • Know your secondary audience that is somewhat related to your original target audience, but knowing who is not your target audience can save you a lot of time and resources. That is because you will not have to increase the circle of audience and it will save you time, effort, and money.
  • Use different online tools, like google analytics, to determine your target audience.

Moving on to the next tip…

2. Choose the Right Content Format:

After completely understanding the nature of your product, you, now, have to determine what kind of content will be most effective for your campaign. Choosing the right format of content can affect the marketing results to a great extent.

Choose the Right Content Format

Following are some types of digital marketing content formats and in what cases they can be used:

  • Blogs: Blogs are basic elements of marketing content. They contain most of the information that will increase the interest of your customers and answer their questions. A worth-discussing benefit of having blogs about your business is that they are versatile and can contain any kind of content. They contain important Keywords that help your website get ranked higher in search engines.
  • Videos: Videos are one of the most effective formats of digital marketing content. People, these days, tend to grab as much information as they can in a very short time. Publishing brief videos about your offerings on different social media platforms can satisfy this need of customers. While making videos about your business, make sure to keep them short and to the point. Otherwise, they might not be as much effective.
  • Infographics: Sometimes, the ideas of your business can be complex for your customers to understand. To overcome this barrier, infographics are used to fully explain what are you trying to convey. They also increase the artistic look of your business.
  • Podcasts: To increase the interest of your audience and answer the questions that they have about your business, podcasts can be of great help. They are simple to direct and are super effective. If you have a business that contains a variety of offerings, making a podcast series in which the host and the guest/s discuss all their aspects can be helpful.

These are one of the most broadly used digital marketing content formats. Your focus should be on mastering these first. Then you can go to the next level formats that contain very detailed information about your business i.e., eBooks.

3. Crafting a Compelling Headline:

To have an idea of the impact of a good headline, keep the 80/20 rule of headlines in mind. It says that of all the people to whom your content reaches, 8 out of 10 people read the headline while only 2 read the rest of the content.

Crafting a Compelling Headline

Moreover, a study shows that 59% of people share content without even reading what’s inside it.

To get the best results and reach on your content, you have to create a compelling headline that will attract and persuade people to read the whole content.

To create a compelling headline, you can:

  • Give people a reason to explore your content. This can boost the reach of it. People will only click and read your content if they think they can benefit from it. Here are some examples of this kind of headline:
    • 4 reasons why you should use Facebook for business growth.
    • How you can use an iPhone camera to take your mobile photography to the next level?
    • 5 ways Opera browser can smoothen your workflow.

Telling people how the content can help them will increase readers’ interest in your content and your reach will grow.

  • Add numbers in your headline. Numbers provide a logical reason to the audience’s brain and make them click on your content. Numbers act like brain candy and persuade the readers to explore the content. Here are some visual examples:
some visual
some visual examples 1
some visual examples 2
  • Keep the headline simple and relevant. It’s all right to be creative while writing headlines but using too many fancy words can frustrate the readers.

4. Writing Engaging Content:

Written content is a very important part of effective digital marketing content creation. When you write engaging content and give your audience something they enjoy reading, they are likely to keep coming back to your site.

This will boost your reach.

Writing Engaging Content

A well-written content increases your brand awareness. It tells the world what your business is about and how they can benefit by using your offerings.

User-Friendly = SEO-Friendly

One of the most beneficial factors of writing engaging content is that it makes your content SEO-friendly. Well-written content has a higher chance of getting ranked in search engines. Factors like effective keyword usage, readability, structure, etc., make your content SEO-friendly.

To write engaging content, you can acquire the following tips:

  • Keep your content well-structured. Use proper headers. This will help readers digest the flow of your content better.
  • Try to avoid adding things that are not relevant to the idea you are trying to demonstrate. This will distract the readers and they will not read your content. This will result in low readability of your content which is not good for getting ranked in search engines.
  • Try to be creative. Always find new ways to explain your topic. Use examples and stories to keep your audience engaged.
  • Use a simple yet persuading flow of your content. Using simple and creative words and phrases while conveying your message can be helpful in increasing the readability factor because when people like what they read, they spend more time reading it.

However, using a creative and persuading flow of content can be a difficult task. If not done well, you can lose potential readers.

Once you have written your content, re-read it to make necessary changes in the wording and structure of your sentences to make the flow, readability, and effectiveness better. Using an online paraphrasing tool can be helpful for this purpose. What these tools do is that they restructure your content and change difficult words with effective ones to make your content smooth and readable.

5. Incorporating Visuals:

As we have discussed above, the importance of visuals cannot be overlooked while creating effective digital marketing content.

Visuals (pictures, graphs, themes, illustrations, etc.) represent your ideas in a creative way that is also helpful to your audience in understanding the topic. To incorporate visuals in your content effectively, you should:

  • Keep the visuals relative to your topic.
  • Avoid using colors that are not pleasant to look at.
  • Keep in mind the size of the images.
  • Add alt text inside images.
  • Be creative and try different ideas each time you use visuals.


Digital marketing is an effective approach to promote your business in this digital world. And to generate content that does this job well, you have to keep in mind the discussed steps as they can make your content effective and boost your reach.

You should create your content while keeping your target audience in mind. It is for them that you are creating your content after all. Know when and what content format to use can be helpful and create compelling headlines will persuade your audience to explore your content.

Always write engaging content as it determines where your site ranks in the search engines. And never forget to use the potential of visuals in your content to demonstrate your ideas better.

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