3​ ​Tips​ ​to​ ​Using​ ​Lyft​ ​for​ ​the​ ​First​ ​Time

When you are trying ride-sharing apps for the first time, you may find it difficult to choose the best app to cater to your needs. The ride-sharing business has become very competitive, and there are so many deals that come with competition.

Some deals can be too good to be true so you must be very careful when choosing a company that will provide you with the best transport method. When you are using Lyft for the first time, there are a few things that
you should put in mind.

3 Things to Know Before Your​ Lyft​ First Ride

1.​ ​Type​ ​of​ ​Vehicle

When you are using Lyft for the first time, the type of vehicle you use is very important since it determines the price of your ride. The rides are also divided into several categories depending on the type of vehicle and number of passengers.

● Lyft ride, in general, is usually a personal ride that fits up to four passengers. The price of the ride does not increase even if you are many clients in the car.

● Lyft Line is where riders can carry different passengers who are heading in the same direction at different prices, depending on their location. The upside of this method is that it is cheaper than regular, but its disadvantage is that due to making multiple stops, you may get late to arrive at your destination.

● Lyft premier is a more expensive and luxurious option of travel because the cars used are very classy. They have affordable rates but are still expensive. Cars used in this method are like Mercedes. When you are choosing a vehicle, ensure that you do not strain your finances by paying more than you can handle. For more information, you can ask a question about Lyft customer service.

2.​ ​Security

You should also ensure that you are safe when you are traveling with Lyft. The drivers that are signed with Lyft are all insured. In case of any incident, the driver is accountable for anything that happens.

The drivers are all independent contractors hired by the company which has a claim of $ 1 million that the driver is ensured. This is also to prevent commercial liability.

The drivers are also interviewed, and a thorough background check is done to ensure that they do not have any prior criminal records or conflicting pasts. Their customers even rate drivers from their experiences hence you will be in better hands when you are travelling.

You will be more comfortable when you are a driver who has more experience. Insecurity, you should also ensure that your paying rates are correct to avoid theft.

3.​ ​Promotion​ ​Codes​ ​and​ ​Offers

You should even look out for promotional codes and offers by Lyft. If you are using Lyft for the first time, you should download the app and sign up to access your free ride, and others offer that come with the initial sign-up. You can also earn credits by using your referral code. You can refer your friends and family, and once they sign up, you will earn.

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