Top 10 Best Lead Management Software in 2024

Are you getting annoyed with unqualified or bad leads or abandoned carts? If so, then, shift to the promising solution! Lead management software is what you require!  It supports enterprises to get control of lead movements from the acquisition-to-conversion lifecycle, helping boost effectiveness and conversion rates.

This article aims to define management solutions available these days. Assuredly, these will let you get and please the leads.

What is Sales Lead Management Software?

In simple words, it is the solution that integrates some important features, enabling the blending of sales and tasks from beginning to end. It implies, the software encloses everything from the final quotation to conversion.

By investing in an ideal lead generation software, you will experience features such as reporting, appointment management, e-mail tracking, etc. The purpose of designing this solution is to display the sales details merely in minutes rather than waiting and completing it manually.

In addition to completing the tasks in a shorter span of time, it examines the significant data on a timely basis. Briefly, win-loss ratio, conversation rate, and lead time are a few of the data it monitors.

So, if the intention is to get the deals, however, providing every conceivable tracking insight, then choose a great lead management system.

Top Lead Management Software You Can Choose in 2024


Lead management

Appointeze is #1 as one of the thriving lead management software. It manages leads from websites, social media, and additional compatible yet authorized sources. 

The solution is assisting the organizations in enhancing customer engagement, boosting and growing their business productivity.

As an online appointment software, it allows the clients to schedule or reschedule their appointments simply as per their convenience. Despite the type or size of your business, the software provides bespoke services.

Of course, the optimized and fully-functional features are what allow it to do so. However, in addition to giving a satisfying user experience, it enables you to save money and time. It proffers an easily accessible and engaging feature and interfaces to please customers and boost the business.

The compelling follow-ups, reminder and notification system, marketing campaigns, etc. assure customers’ revisit.

Freshworks CRM


This software is meant for high-velocity sales groups. It has features, like, user behavior, lead scoring, built-in phone and email, automation, and tracking.

Moreover, Freshworks customer relationship management software provides reliable customer support to almost 100,000 clients all over the globe.

It is designed to fully gain an edge on collecting more leads and transforming them into sales for the association.  It allows business owners to develop individual workflows with event-based triggers for repetitive tasks automation.

The lead tracker software enables the generation of a sales pipeline according to the tasks, team, geographics, and additional measures and supports a product catalog with tax, discount, and pricing information.

It provides comprehensive features like sales goals management, customizable email templates, audit logs, role-based access, sales forecasting, predictive contact scoring, etc.

Moreover, the business managers can check and keep track of the sales, teams’ performance, client communication, KPIs, and more information from the analytics dashboard.

Another member of this list is; it is a prominent name in generating leads, managing projects, customer management, etc.

Its emergence is not so days back,  however, as compared to other tools, it has an engaging platform. has a comprehensive set of features like workflow automation, an integrated kanban board, time-tracking, automated reminder system, calendar integration, dependencies, numerous views, etc.

These let the businesses have faster and better outcomes for each task milestone. The system has the collective environment for the project team to interact, build a knowledge base, share images, files, design, and additional conceptions.


It is account management and communication software for SMEs for marketing teams. ClickUp was created hand in hand by tough sales staff.

Using the system, you can have insights into the business sales; accordingly, you can find out where you are lagging. Hence, work on improving those. It provides transparency and gets the overall staff on a similar page.

There is a tracking of progress, calls, or emails in an automatic manner. ClickUpincludes eye-catching and valuable features of email integration, pipeline management, sales reporting, data import/export, activities management, etc.

It has an email solution blended by several service providers such as Yahoo, Outlook, Gmail, etc.

HubSpot CRM


It is a cost-effective pick for industries of every size for inbound leads management. It includes several solutions for engaging visitors, capturing leads and more deals, and consequently, satisfying them with the services.

HubSpot CRM has integrated content creation and blogging tools with which you can generate more content considering audience viewpoints. Moreover, it does not let them miss the information with built-in SEO optimization. 

Then, lead capturing from landing pages can be created and launched in minutes.  Also, it integrates the live chat option, CTA, and form seamlessly. It comprises Service Hub, Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, a decisive free customer relationship management and proffers the functionalities they require to succeed. 


It is a robust management software fully featured and ensures generating business for you. Some of them are Funnel tracking and notifying the marketing campaign ability for revenue generation.

Considerably, the best thing about this software is it authorizes the users to find the problems in sales cycles so that changes can be made; this all is feasible because of the “Pipeline Conversion Report” feature.

It gives a personalized Lead Smart list to the users that let them use it to have a glance at the probable prospects of their organization.

The other best thing about online appointment booking software is that it authorizes email, log calls as well, however, assuring no loss of leads while examining the list of prospects.


This software is pipeline management and web-based sales customer relationship management software.

It allows the organizations to design sales actions and observe the deals. The system is created with an activity-oriented selling process, that streamlines the actions concerned with transforming the possible deal into a prosperous sale. 

It is cloud-based; hence accessing the system is possible anytime and from anywhere using any handheld device. Pipedrive consists of attractive features of Sales reporting and analytics, Data import-export, Activities Management, E-mail integration, pipeline management, etc.

Also, the solution is combined with different popular CRMs platforms to exchange the communication history, contact information, and additional details required. In addition to all this, it includes Zapier, Trello, MailChimp, and Google Maps.


Zoho is also one of the cloud-based software that supports businesses of each size. It has marketing tools with customer service, reports, invoice creation, analytics features, etc.

The solution enables the sales team to communicate with several channels, like, as social media, website chat, smartphone, email, etc.

Here, there is no requirement to fill in the details in every system for a personalized touch. Because it is cloud-based hence, the information is centralized in a database.

Indeed, it enhances team productivity with designs that have particular solutions for each business task. Because of the customizable and automated dashboard, customers’ satisfaction is assured.

Deltek Vision

It is a cloud-based online appointment software for established companies available cloud deployment or on-premise.

Deltek Vision software includes business development, expense/time management, project accounting, and resource management in a centralized place. It is a solution that provides important business information in real-time by means of customizable reports, notifications, and role-based graphical dashboards.

Deltek Vision software allows organizations to get control of the financial aspects, like, revenue and budgeting recognition, AR, and AP, with multi-company and multi-currency support.

Deltek Vision assists organizations to select skilled users for projects and enables businesses for analyzing pipelines, track the possibilities, and get control over the customer touch.

Moreover, Deltek Vision provides a 360 view of the project and client from the beginning to the delivery and collection phase.


Every business size can leverage this all-in-one CRM and marketing automation system. It assists customers from different industries, like, marketing, finance, eCommerce, education, real estate, software, health and wellness, hospitality, etc.

This assists the users in operation automation such as sales CRM, marketing, lead generation, reporting, etc. In addition, LeadSquared provides landing pages, lead scoring, segmentation, sales and marketing insights, and role-oriented user access.

It can be integrated with the applications like GoToWebinar, Olark Connector, Zopim, Ozonetel, Super-Receptionist, etc.

Many can leverage the solution with the subscription pricing model. Using it is easy- all you require is a dependable iOS or Android application and web browsers.


The article has discussed the most influential Lead management software that could be used easily by any organization. Choosing the one as per your specifications, budget, or business size is your call. However, one thing is confirmed- getting control of leads and converting them into loyal customers. Check all and try them out! Know which one is working right as per your needs!

Are you using any other software? What changes have you judged after integrating so? Share your thoughts with us!

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