Top 10 Chess Games for Android in 2023 [Free Download]

If you want to become a Chess Player, In this Post, we’ll take a look at some of the best Android Chess games. These Online chess games for android helps you to improve and test your chess skills.

Chess, also known as ‘chaturanga’ in ancient times is a 2-player strategic board game!

Originated around the 6th century, Chess is now the most popular board game in the world! From children to senior citizens, there are more than 600 million chess players worldwide!

Normally, chess is played b/w 2 people on an 8*8 checkered board with alternating colors but…

If you do not have a chessboard to start playing chess, do not worry!

We have tested & collected 10 Top Chess Games for Android in 2023.

Chess is one of the most popular games Like i.e Car Racing Games and Shooting Games around the globe and there are several platforms that are available for the game, but a perfect Chess app is the one that has the following features-

  • Safe and Secure
  • Smooth interface
  • MultiPlayer Option [With Computer, registered players

Here is the complete list – 

  • Battle Of Chess
  • LiChess
  • Play Magnus
  • Analyze This
  • Chess Tactics Pro
  • Real Chess
  • Chess Free
  • Online Chess
  • Chess Master 3

Download these Chess Games for Android & Start Playing 

#1 – Battle Of Chess

Battle of Chess
  • Platform – Android & Web
  • Size – 18MB
  • Price Free
  • Server – Online & Offline
  • Player – MultiPlayer & Computer

Battle of Chess is a chess learning app to play chess, learn chess & earn from chess!

You can play chess online or against a computer on their website… Their app is also available for 2-player offline chess games (100% free)

They are revolutionizing the chess world by building a personality-based chess training engine!! It will train chess players using AI & ML, according to their personality & strengths!!

To become a part of this revolution, you can join them on their website or download their chess app: 

Website –

#2- Free Chess

Chess Free
  • Platform – Android
  • Size – 18 MB
  • Price – Free (Contains Ads)
  • Server – Online
  • Player – Computer And Multiplayer

Developed by AI Factory Limited is a completely free chess gaming app. 

It was popular for offline chess games b/w 2 players but now you can play with anyone anywhere, anytime with AI or with online players as well.

Download it from Google Play, Another best Chess game app is great for both developing Chess Strategy and improving your chess skills.

#3 – Chess – Play & Learn

Chess Play & Learn
  • Platform – IOS, Android, Windows
  • Size – 29MB
  • Price – Free (In-app purchases & ads)
  • Server – Online
  • Player – Computer and Multiplayer is a popular chess app with millions of people around the world joined!

You can play different variants of chess online for free & also enjoy basic analysis, tactics & lessons too… helps to improve your chess with over 50,000+ chess puzzles, interactive lessons, and a powerful computer opponent.

#4- lichess • Free Online Chess

lichess Free Online Chess
  • Platform – IOS, Android
  • Size – 8.7MB
  • Price – Free
  • Server – Online
  • Player – Computer and Multiplayer

LiChess is an open-source chess software (100% free forever)

It is built for the lovers of chess. All the features are available for free for all.

You can play all different types of chess variants like – CrazyHouse, Chess 960, 3-check & many more… only on LiChess! 

LiChess also offers unlimited game analysis, opening explorer, board editor, chess clock & is available in 80 languages!!

#5- Play Magnus – Play Chess for Free

Play Magnus - Play Chess for Free
  • Platform – IOS, Android
  • Size – 38MB
  • Price – Free (Contains ads)
  • Server – Online
  • Player – Computer

Play Magnus is named after the Chess World Champion Magnus Carlsen!!

Play Magnus is featured with various difficulty levels for the chess players of various skills. It offers you the opportunity to play chess against the official Magnus Carlsen “tuned” chess engine & see where you stand against him!! 

This Best chess app Android multiplayer is free for all and played by more than 1M players.

Want to test your chess skills against the world champion, then: 

#6- Chess – Analyze This

Chess Analyze This (Free)
  • Platform – Android
  • Size – 10MB
  • Price –  Free (Contains ads)
  • Server – Offline
  • Player – Computer 

Analyze This is a gaming portal that really wants to improve their chess skills!

It offers to analyze your chess games with the latest Chess AI engines like – Stockfish, Leela Chess, online chess app servers & more…

You can start by just uploading your game in the form of PGN (portable game notation)

You can easily analyze your game from multiple chess engines featured in this app. And power up your chess skills.

#7- Chess Tactics Pro

Chess Tactics Pro (Puzzles)
  • Platform – Android
  • Size – 4.6MB
  • Price – Free
  • Server – Online
  • Player – Computer and Multiplayer

 Chess tactics pro is an online chess tactics app. 

In this app, lots of puzzles of different levels are waiting for you to solve. It can help you to increase your chess skills as well as your memory power.

Download Chess Tactics Pro now and get ready for the latest puzzles collection.

#8- Real Chess

Real Chess
  • Platform – Android, Windows 10 Mobile
  • Size – 42 MB
  • Price – Free (Contains Ads)
  • Server – Online
  • Player – Computer and Multiplayer

Real Chess is a 3D chess game with gorgeous graphics!

It brings classic chess game into a whole another dimension with its amazing & advanced 3D graphics.

You can play real chess with computer AI or anonymous online payers from all around the world.

#9- Chess Online 

Chess Online
  • Platform – Android
  • Size – 22MB
  • Price – Free
  • Server – Online
  • Player – Computer and Multiplayer

This best free Chess game on Android is an online gaming portal, where you can play chess among 1.6 Million players from all around the world as well as with a strong computer for free.

Download now and play chess with noobs and pros of chess.

#10- Chess Master 3D

Chess Master 3D
  • Platform – Android
  • Size – 22MB
  • Price – Free (Contains Ads)
  • Server – Online
  • Player – Computer And Multiplayer

This Chess App is a high-quality 3D chess game with amazing graphics. Play with multiplayer or with the powerful computer engine it offers…

You can also switch b/w 2D & 3D dimensions according to your comfort & gameplay!

Download now and be the master of chess.


So, here are the top 10 chess gaming apps available on the internet. Hope you liked it!

Which Best chess game for Android 2023 did you like most?

Let us know in the comments…

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