10+ Best Email Verification & Email List Cleaning Service Providers

Email marketing is still a killer marketing strategy to reach your targeted audience – but only when email land on your target audiences’ inbox.

Incorrect spelling, honeypots, and formatting are the major reasons your emails don’t deliver into the inbox of your potential audiences, especially when you’re sending mass emails.

However, it doesn’t help but cost you money, time, reputation, and most important sales.

The solution is pretty simple.

Email verification comes in handy to overcome this situation.

What is Email Verification?

Email validation is the process of analyzing the bulk list of email addresses, checking spam, and finding the loopholes before the email marketer sent that out. It makes the email list clean that increases the chances to deliver it directly into an inbox.

How does Email Verification Service Work?

Email validator tools use unique algorithms and validation methods to determine the quality of email addresses. A syntax check removes addresses with formatting errors, whereas, domain check verifies if the DNS entries are right.

Moreover, spam trap detection finds bad email addresses and honeypots. DNSBL scans the whole email list and IPs to see if they belong to spam networks.

The best part about using an email validation tool it eliminates role-based addresses (such as sales@ and info@) that might get you the risk of penalization. Most validator tools also offer SMTP service to check that makes sure if the email list you are using exist or not before it goes out to the real persons.

Email verification service providers offer two verification services:

  • Bulk email list uploading service – It allows companies to upload a file that contains email addresses which run through a verification process.
  • Real-time API – It is where you have to put a piece of code to the website or CRM that API code validates the email list one after another in real-time to check if they are right.

Why use it?

Email delivery rate determines if your email campaign is successful or not, especially when you are sending mass emails. Open rate, content engagement, and sales all depend on how successfully your emails delivered to your audiences’ inbox.

Email verification tool makes it happen that your email delivered to the right inbox and reduce the email bounce back. It also prevents your domain from being blacklist and saves your sender reputation.

Top 13 Email Verification Service Providers

#1 TrueMail

TrueMail is an effective, cheap, and easy-to-use email checker service. It will clean your mailing list and increase your deliverability rate up to 99%.

TrueMail offers:

  • Real-time email verification
  • Elimination of email duplication
  • Syntax check
  • Spam trap removal
  • Great API

The principles of TrueMail are:

  • High accuracy
  • Low pricing
  • Fast verify
  • Data privacy

TrueMail is the fastest way to decrease bounce back rate and send mails only to valid email addresses.

It will only take you a few minutes to check email validity and clean your email list!

Subscribe now and get 1,000 free email verifications.

#2. Snov.io

Snov.io is an excellent Google Chrome Extension that helps you find email addresses from professional social network profiles and any website. Snov.io also supports you in verifying the emails you’ve collected as it comes with a standalone email address verifier.

One can easily use the email finder tool to find email addresses on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or any website, and send emails from within the extension on the go to them. Isn’t that great?

#3 – Email Verifier by Hunter

Hunter Email Verifier is an intuitive email verification tool that helps you to verify the email addresses of your prospects. Email bounces can negatively affect your campaigns, and your sender reputation can plunder overnight without proper verification.

A tool offers exciting features, including bulk verification, where you can upload a long list of prospect’s addresses and get verification results in minutes.

Everyone can use Hunter Email Verifier and verify 50 email addresses every month for free, if you need more you can check their pricing plans here.

#4. TheChecker:-

TheChecker is the most cost-effective email verification and email list cleaning service in the market. It makes it easy and affordable for businesses to protect their email sending reputation and avoid inbox delivery issues that lead to a loss of sales opportunities.

What takes TheChecker apart from the competition?

✓ Accurate results (99%+),
✓ Affordable prices,
✓ Blazing-fast verification,
✓ Easy integration,
✓ Powerful API,
✓ #1 in customer satisfaction in G2 Crowd, Capterra and Trustpilot verified reviews,
✓ GDPR compliant,
✓ Awesome live customer support.

Get 100 FREE credits to test and see the difference with your own eyes.

#5. Zero Bounce –

It is an award-winning email verification service provider. It claims it has 98% accuracy that is probably the highest in the email validation industry.

Even though email validation is a complex process but using this tool you can easily find, and verify email address the best working email for your list.

To make a successful email campaign you need to reduce the bounce rate that often increases when people don’t run their email list through email validator. Zero Bounce reduces the bounce rate that increases the email delivery rate. While its spam trap and abuse email checker makes sure you have a spam-free and clean email list that make your email campaign a big success.

It is one of the best email validation tools that you can use if you are serious about email marketing.

#6. Email Checker –

Email checker is a leading email validation service providers that email marketers use to clean their bulk email list. It offers real-time verification and ESP integration with syntax, format, domain, mailbox checking at every single stage.

Its user-friendly dashboard makes it easy for users to utilize its every single feature. Email Checker provides 97% delivery rate that is quite close to Zero Bounce.

Email Checker has a support team of professionals who are ready to help you 24/7.

#7. Quick Email Verification –

Quick Email Verification is another popular email validation tool that email marketers love to use. Similar to Email Checker and Zero Bounce it also scans bulk email list and increases the email deliverability and open rate.

It also decreases the bounce-back rate that increases the ROI. Fortune 500 companies have shown their trust on Quick Email Verification because of its ultimate email validation service and 24/7 professional customer support.

#8. Bulk Email Verifier

As the name suggests it verifies bulk email lists. It is more than a website; in fact, it is a SAAS service provider that provides email verification service. To use it you have to sign up that hardly takes 60-seconds.

It offers real-time verification in (CVS and TXT formats) with complete validation, along with domain, syntax, and SMTP check.

#9. XVerify –

Xverify is a trusted email validation service provider that uses send shield technology. It is the most intelligent email cleaning service that decreases bounce back rate, stops spam, and protect your data from fraud.

It offers an integrated API that is a privacy shield certified and increase the deliverability rate.

#10. Never Bounce –

Never Bounce offers real-time email verification and email cleaning service. People can test it for free before they opt for paid plans. One can easily clean 10,000 emails within three minutes using Never Bounce.

Never Bounce has a dedicated support team who are ready to help over email, phone, and through live chat. It supports third-party email integration tools such as iContact and MailChimp.

#11. MailGet –

If you are looking for a cheap email verification service then MailGet should be in your list. It offers bulk email list cleaning service in a very competitive price that is a lot cheaper than other email validation tools in the market.

It checks email list against the domain validator and DEA checker as well as removes bad and spam emails that decrease the bounce-back rate.

#12. Email Verifier –

Email Verifier offers a free trial to its users. It has a user-friendly drag and drops control panel that offers 12-stage cleaning process such as email duplication elimination, spam trap check, syntax validation, email list purification, etc.

The site is secured with encryption that protects users data.

#13. Mailbox Validator –

Mailbox Validator is an easy-to-use bulk email list cleaning service. All you need to upload your file of email list and it will scan every single email of that file. It automatically removes the inactive or wrong email addresses from your email marketing list.

Anyone can use Mailbox Validator for free to first 100 email addresses with 96% deliverability rate.

#14. HuBuCo –

Here comes the beast that is known for its super speed and 99% email delivery rate. HubuCo offers a super-accurate email verification service at a very cheap price.

It is the only email validator that offers both batch and real-time API options. It provides hard bounce protection, spam trap check, function reports, and huge discounts on bulk email lists.

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