Top Indian Female Bloggers to Follow in India 2021

When I first started my blogging journey in Nov 2014, I didn’t know any Indian Female bloggers. And until 2015 when I seriously took to blogging, I Joined Aha-Now and some other Blogging Communities and Social Media, I came across some of the top Indian female bloggers, and especially from the homeland, India itself as well some are from other Country. The first Indian women blogger I have met after joining Aha-Now, Harleena Singh (Owner of Aha-now).

One of most the important things is that the number of Successful Top Indian Female Bloggers is rising day by day. Here I am going to share a list of the top Indian female bloggers on my Facebook friend list

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Let’s come to do the point and dig out Best Indian Blogs from Top Female Bloggers in India

Successful and Professional Indian Female Bloggers in India

Harleena Singh

Harleena Singh

On top of the list, one of the most popular female bloggers in India is Harleena Singh. I believe Harleena Singh needs no introduction, but if you don’t know her, Then you should be aware of her, she is an incredible personality in the Indian blogosphere and is very respectful.

She is successfully running her blog Aha-now (is an inspiration and happiness blog, as well as a change and self-improvement blog ), which was awarded as best top 10 personal development of 2014.

Before starting her career in blogging, she was a teacher and an administrator in various schools. I don’t shy if I say I have learned a lot of things about blogging from this specific blog.

Nirmala Santhakumar

Nirmala Santhakumar

Nirmala is a dedicated blogger who would like to share her knowledge in a friendly writing tone. She is a real inspiration for the women who want to work from home as she is managing her online career and family in a well-manner.

Following a distinctive writing style and connecting with niche influencers are the biggest strengths of Nirmala.  She usually puts a lot of effort in crafting helpful blog posts for her loyal readers. Her activeness in social media would motivate the newbie bloggers to blog with passion.

You may reach her to get the job done related to WordPress; she would be there to help you. You can visit her blog at Mymagicfundas

Jyoti Chauhan

Jyoti Chauhan

Updateland is a beautiful conversation blog, which talks about Social Media, SEO, and every little thing about Internet Marketing.

Jyoti Chauhan, the face behind this blog. She started her career in the Internet marketing field in 2011 as an SEO Executive in a private firm. Now she an Odesker and blogger.

Manidipa Bhaumik

Manidipa Profile

Manidipa Bhaumik is an enthusiastic & dedicated blogger from India. She is a complete family person who enjoys the little things in life. After working as a human resource consultant & content marketer for several years, she finally discovered the best platform to share her knowledge & experience through her blog WPBlogging360

Manidipa loves to read about WordPress & various blogging tips to build a successful blog and shares useful WordPress tutorials to help beginners. In-depth topic analysis and writing comprehensive review articles are her strength. Besides WPB360, she also manages a multi-niche blog – with her husband, Santanu. Being in the learning & development team, it’s no surprise that she enjoys helping people to reach their greatest capabilities.

Her blog is a good source to know about the blogging journey of many top & influential bloggers. Every interview in WPBlogging360 is designed as an interesting discussion, where the expert bloggers share their stories and many useful blogging tips.

Shubha Tiwari

Shubha tiwari

Shubha Tiwari is a blogger at JustWomenWorld, who loves to explore new ideas and help women to define their personalities in a more powerful and beautiful way.

Mostly she writes articles related to women’s empowerment and the life of a woman. She believes that every woman is unique and is full of all capabilities to handle herself gracefully.

Archana Tiwari

archana tiwari

Myself Archana, founder of BloggingTry. I am a part-time blogger and creative-minded Housewife with having a full passion for doing something New, Different, and Creative.

Being a woman is not so easy; you have to sacrifice many things to keep everything organized.

I always respect the creator and a person who is willing to achieve their goal with their own effort. I feel everyone has a creator inside; you just need to explore and identify it in a better way. Don’t Stop Yourself by giving excuses, face the problem, and hit the target.

Raksha Kumawat

Raksha Kumawat is a passionate Indian blogger who aims to share informative and quality blog posts with her audience. Her blog Rest to Best is an inspiration and lifestyle blog.

Well, she’s studying and doing blogging as a side hustle and believes blogging to be a helpful career option for women to create their own identity.

Archana Kapoor

Archana Kapoor

Archana Kapoor is a dedicated blogger; she is successfully running a blog called with her husband Desh Kapoor.

Where they share thoughts and experiences on every aspect of life. She is also a travel blogger; her blog name is travel with Archie.

Namrata Kumari

Namrata Kumari

Namrata Kumari is a blogger by passion. Apart from working as a software developer, she spends her time studying human behavior and psychology. She is also a self-published author and has been published as a storyteller in Bee Books’ anthology named ‘Tales to Tell.’

After finding her way out of the work-life depression and balancing work and passion together, she decided to help others of her kind to balance their work and life. She believes that desires can be changed into reality only if we take action and put consistent efforts. And hence, she motivates others to take control and act upon their goals.

Her latest book, named ‘Change Your Beliefs To Change Your Reality’ is aimed at helping people to identify what is stopping them from bringing the most desired changes in life and also to eliminate delusional negative beliefs about themselves and the world. You can visit her blog at to learn more about her and read some useful articles on better living.

Savita Singh

Savita Singh blogger

Savita Singh is an award-winning Tech blogger and web professional from India, who designs and writes about new technology & sharing creative ideas and blogging tips at Computergeekblog. Apart from this, I run fashion and entertaining blog fashiondivasonline. Blogging is not just a source of making money; It’s my plan and business.

She wants to be one of the most successful female bloggers in India. She Believes in Hard & Smart work only, If you work hard, excellent things will happen.

Debshikha Banerjee

Debshikha Banerjee

Debshikha Banerjee is a blogger from Bengal. She is an ardent lover of the latest technology (particularly mobiles), due to which she loves writing(and ranting) about them.

She blogs at iGadgetWoman and is also into freelance writing. Debshikha is also a yoga/home remedy enthusiast who has to lead her to write for a health blog on yoga and home remedies.

Preet Sandhu

Preet Sandhu

Preet Sandhu is the next name on the list. Born in Chandigarh, India, She is a founder of the most popular blog before buy reviews.

Sandhu has more than two years of experience in content writing and is a growing content marketer in the industry.  She is also the founder of

Nisha Pandey

Nisha Pandey

Nisha Pandey another popular female blogger from India, also works as a freelance content developer, freelance consultant.

She runs a blog called SEOTechyWorld which covers topics like Social Media, tutorials, tech news and she is also the founder of

Sonal Talwar

Sonal Talwar

A writer and editor by profession, Sonal Talwar owns a health and fitness blog named healthfundaa. Her passion for health and fitness has made her one of the top health bloggers.

Sonal’s blog provides informative content on health, fitness, and food.

The blog provides perfect tips for those who want to stay fit without getting stress. It encourages people to eat real, healthy food and perk up their eating habits. Her articles are friendly in tone and easy to read. Her health tips will make you a fit and healthy person.

Sonam Asrani

Sonam Asrani

Founder of microzoneplus. Sonam is a tech enthusiast, blogger cum freelance writer from India.

She loves writing tech stuff and helping non-techies. Sonam joined blogging in the recent past and growing quickly. She loves reading books and tech blogs in her spare time.

She loves learning new things  Making Youtube and trying out her hands in affiliate marketing are her latest interests.

Moumita Ghosh

Moumita Ghosh is a blogger from Kolkata India. She is the founder of website and technology, a blog that deals with several topics like social media blogging and Product Reviews and also the ways of making money online.


Rest These Top Indian Female Bloggers in the blogosphere, have some more Top Indian Female Bloggers, but they are not on Facebook Friends list, but I am following them. Like Shiwangi Shrivastava, Shalu Sharma, Priyanka Bhowmick, Lasya k Elizabeth, Chitraparna Sinha, Shraddha Sharma.

Saurabh Tiwari

I am Saurabh, working as webmaster and content writer at Techibhai. I love to interact with minded blogger and write about SEO, Web design, Development trick and much more.

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