9 Video Editing Hacks For Chromebook In 2024

Chromebooks are lightweight laptops designed for people who spend most of their time online. The laptops run on Chrome OS, which sits on a Linux platform. Chromebooks were launched to replace traditional laptops because of their manifold advantages, some of which are given below.

  1. Speed: Chromebooks can power up and be ready to use in just eight seconds, thanks to the powerful and light Chrome OS.
  2. Security: With inbuilt malware and virus protection that constantly updates to the latest version, you never have to worry about your files getting corrupted.
  3. Cloud Storage: Since this is a Google product, every Chromebook user gets 100 GB of Google Drive storage for free for the first two years.

Another attractive attribute is the collection of video editors Chromebook has. This article talks about some of the cool video editing hacks that you can try out with your Chromebook. 

9 Video Editing Hacks for Chromebook 

There are several applications made solely for Chromebooks, including video editors.

The video editing techniques mentioned here can be achieved using some Chromebook-specific apps like that of InVideo’s or other generic software too. 

1. Choose a Catchy Template

Templates are the foundations of your videos on which you add other layers and elements to get the final video.

Most video editors have hundreds of pre-loaded templates that you can choose from (and even edit later). Choose a template based on the content and theme or design your own customizable template for all your videos. 

Templates are useful in general because they save you a lot of time and effort, as the basic structure of the video is already done for you. 

2. Add Stickers and Captions 

Video editing apps come with a huge collection of stickers that you can add to your video to make it more funky and appealing.

Captions let the viewers know what they are seeing.

They could include information like location, date, event, and so on. Apart from these, you can employ filters to your video content as well, especially if you plan to share them on Instagram or other social media. 

3. Everything is ‘Drag-and-Drop’ 

Thanks to the touchscreen interface, most video editing apps have a very intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

This makes it easy to add or delete elements like stickers, fine-tune settings, etc. However, since a Chromebook is a laptop too, video editors work equally well with mouse and keyboard as they do with touch.  

4. Change the Video Playback Speed

Slow-motion and time-lapse are two techniques where you change the playback speed of the video to give it an enhanced effect.

If you want to emphasize a certain segment or if you want to capture some phenomenon at close range, slow-motion comes in handy. If you want to edit a long video – shot over several hours – into a short clip, time-lapse is a suitable technique. 

Along similar lines, sometimes, you might want to rewind a certain segment just to show it in slow-motion again. The reverse playback option allows you to do this, giving yet another cool effect to your videos. 

5. Add Audio and Music 

The addition of appropriate sound effects and/or music tracks is another great way to enhance the video content. Many video editors come with standard sound effects while some others use the music stored on your phone to add an audio track. 

If the video editor allows you to edit the soundtrack too, you can make use of it to trim the audio to match a particular frame or clip, and if not, you can use a separate audio editor, many of which are freely available online.

It is important to add a relevant soundtrack and to sync the audio and video so that the combined effect is good.

Haphazard syncing can ruin the entire video. 

6. Make Videos for YouTube

People worldwide spend more time watching videos on YouTube than Facebook and Netflix combined, so if you are looking for fame through videos, YouTube is what you should target. Some Chromebook-specific apps let you make and edit videos specifically for YouTube. Features like YouTube intro templates, deck-based video templates, etc. enable you to make YouTube videos for personal content, sales, and business promotions. 

Depending on the free or premium version of the YouTube editor you have, the features available to you will vary. Most high-end applications have the ability to do 4K editing, added backgrounds, etc. 

7. Check out Vlog Makers

You may have your own website dedicated to vlogs, or if you are planning to start one, having a Chromebook is a big benefit. Chromebook apps to make vlogs have features like intro makers similar to YouTube video editors, pre-loaded sound effects, and transitions. 

Vlog makers also come with other options to boost video sharing on social media and to keep track of views and followers. 

8. Apply Transitions 

Transitions are the effects you add between frames when you want a smooth segue between one and the next. While many editors have standard transition effects, some Chromebook editor apps have additional options like 3D transitions.

You can combine sound effects with transitions, too – for example, if you want the next frame to come in the form of doors opening, you can add that sound clip. 

9. Control the Length of the Video 

The length of the video is one of the most crucial parameters when it comes to choosing the right app. Depending on the purpose and platform, your video length will change (for example, an Instagram story cannot be longer than 15 seconds), but not all apps – at least in their free version – allow you to edit videos of greater length. 

Plan the video and choose the app accordingly, or split the video into several clips of smaller lengths and upload or share them as separate videos.

The free Chromebook storage can be exploited to get more storage for longer videos if necessary. 

Have You Tried These Yet?

With a laptop as powerful as a Chromebook, you would have explored a lot of unique options and features in it.

Now, you can use these video editing hacks in your Chromebook to make and share amazing videos on any platform. It is easy and fun to play around with these tools, so try them out today!

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