Top 5 Live Video Streaming Apps 2018 For Android and iOS

Nowadays, Video Streaming Apps or Online web streaming has gained tremendous popularity over the internet.

Gone the days of sitting in front of the television and waiting hopelessly for your favorite show to be showcased. Now living in the 21st Century, the beautiful world is heading toward an online world with great speed.

Now we want everything at the moment of time, so go the days of sticking in front of the television for your favorite program to start.

Maybe due to its user-friendliness if am not wrong. With free video streaming app, you can watch videos from anywhere on the web.

So, let’s have a look at the top 5 video streaming app without further delay.

Top 5 Video Streaming Apps

Now, let’s take a moment and have a look at the top 5 video streaming apps without further delay. So here we go…BOOM!

Mobdro App

Mobdro App

Mobdro app is the best out of all other Video Streaming app among the users. Mobdro helps you to stream video films and your Favorite TV shows from all over the web. It can be used in PC also with the help of emulator like 3DS Emulator.

Amazon Prime Instant Video

Amazon Prime Instant Video

Out of all other video streaming software out there, Amazon Prime is no doubt one of the best at an affordable rate of 99$ per year, which is just too cheap looking for such an excellent service offered by Amazon.

With Amazon Prime Instant Video you can watch films and TV shows from any corner of the world at your ease. The only thing is that this is a bit hard to install and the UI is bit outdated.




Netflix is such an iconic streaming provider in our culture that “Netflix and relax” is a component that exists. Without any doubt, it can be well said that Netflix is the probably the best video streaming service and the only one with which all other streaming apps are compared too. Netflix is supported on almost most the device starting from Android 3.1.2 and so on.


Sling TV


Sling television is a formidable try to create a television network that exists wholly online. It’s a flow pretty a great deal every twine cutter applauds. It starts from 19.99$/month and continues up to infinity. If you are ready to spare some time behind this app, then this would no doubt be one of the best apps out for you among all others in the industry.

They also promise to give 7 days trail pack on demand which is pretty good for you to decide whether to use their service or not.


Crunchyroll – Everything Anime

Crunchyroll - Everything Anime

It is one of the most popular Anime streaming app out in the market. The service boasts 25,000 episodes and 15,000 hours of content material that you can watch. You can interact with a maximum of this content material free, but you’ll cope with commercials.

However, don’t fear you could dispose of all this nerve-racking app via just paying few greater penny. The handiest trouble is the carrier tends to lean in the direction of subtitles so dumb fans can also appear to different offerings together with Hulu or Netflix.



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