Voice of the Customer Surveys—Benefits and How You Can Go About Them

As your company grows, you could have many unsatisfied customers who have no way of sharing their experiences. This could make you lose your customers. In this article, we will show all the things you need to know, the ways you can go about VOC (voice of the customer), and how it will also benefit you.

Before we dive in, let us ask the question…

Why Is VoC Important In Your Business?

Voc is the major key in getting more customers.

When you let them have their say, they can give you ideas on the things that you should change or improve. And when you improve those things, this, in turn, presents you with more satisfied customers who can also lead other people to your products.

What Is Voice Of The Customer?

VOC survey, or the voice of the customer survey, presents an opportunity for your customers to share their feedback or voice their opinion on products. For instance, they can tell you the things you need to improve in your products, the problems they had with them and so on.

By letting them have their say, you can now be open to more inspirations you normally wouldn’t be. And these may also be the key in achieving some goals such as the following…

1. Reducing Negative Reviews

With the way the internet is today, people have multiple ways of sharing their problems with your product or your service. This could give your brand a bad reputation, making fewer people buy your products.

By making feedback surveys possible, customers have a way of sharing their problems without the world knowing. https://www.smallbusiness.wa.gov.au/business-advice/avoiding-and-managing-disputes/dealing-with-negative-online-reviews

2. Maintaining Existing Customers

Some marketers may think that they can always sure to make their customers come back.

But not all the people who purchase your products are generally satisfied with them.

While people will definitely buy from you if you have a good marketing strategy, if they end up not satisfied with your product, they could end up buying from a different brand.

Listening to your customer is a very good way to know whether they are getting good service or whether they are satisfied.

3. Helping You Understand Your Customer More

Paying attention to your customer’s feedback helps you know the experience they had buying from you.

It also shows you the things that they like about your product, the things they’re not satisfied with, and what you need to fix. Overall, it presents you with an idea of what they are looking for in your products.

How to Go about VOC

You can go about voice of the customer by doing the following…

1. Making time to talk with them 

Even making time for your customers to have a conversation with you can make you discover a lot of things.

Whether it’s talking over the phone or organizing a meeting, just make time to hear what they have to say. Giving them attention like this makes them feel more satisfied with you.

2. Presenting onsite feedback surveys

Your customers shouldn’t have to look for ways to share their feedback with you. Onsite feedback surveys make it easy for unsatisfied customers to share their experiences.

Furthermore, others who are interested in helping your company can also share some important things with you. You can find out more about VOC here.

3. Adding feedback forms to your e-mails

As you send your e-mails, give your customers an opening to discuss their opinions. Messages sent from them to you can make them feel better about buying your products.

When they are sure that you listen to suggestions and some of their complaints, their trust in you grows.

4. Asking them questions

The kind of questions you should ask your customers should be things such as, “were you satisfied with our service” and other things related to that.

Asking them how it went will help you learn some things that you need to either change or improve. This will make them feel more satisfied with you and your products.


So those are some of the things you need to do to have more satisfied customers.

Remember, what they want is for you to listen to them and consider what they have said. Once they are sure that you actually fix the problems, they will want to purchase your products more. So it’s a win-win.

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