Virtual Private Network [VPN] Beginners Guide!

A Virtual Private Network is also a network of computers connected point-to-point over a public network with the help of encrypted data protocols over a tunnel of information.

VPNs are becoming increasingly popular for internet users who want to maintain their privacy.

The website ‍“” published a report on VPN usage statistics earlier this year. They stated that the growth of VPN usage is due to advancements in technology, high-profile data breaches, and rapidly increasing surveillance capabilities by private and public entities.

That’s too technical. Isn’t it? Let me rephrase it for you.

You might have already known that a network is an interconnection of computers that exchange data from one to another. Multiple networks of computers combine to form the internet.

As the architecture of the internet is ad-hoc and non-linear structured, the security over exchanging of information is always a challenge that is ever-evolving.

This sounds risky for super private and confidential data exchanges, right?

Of course, it is risky to put an oil lamp in the air and pray for it not to get blown off by the wind.

There must be a solution to tackle this situation.

And that solution is VPN.

Is VPN the only solution?

No. VPN is one of the best solutions available yet most purposeful when the data exchange is involved between(among) branches of the same organization.

Can a VPN be used for personal purposes?

Yes. The VPN can also be used for personal purposes. The reasons underlying the necessity are as follows:

  • To mask the original IP on the internet for safety. Masking the original IP hides the user’s identity on the internet and avoids targeted attacks from the hacker.
  • To avoid censorship imposed by the local law or government. Sometimes these blocked websites are necessary for educational and research purposes for experts to build feasible solutions.
  • To keep away from browser tracking.
  • To hide the physical location of the device in order to protect it from tracking.
  • Encrypts data channeling through the virtual private network.

Now that we have come to know that the VPN is used for private communications over public or shared networks. Let’s also see why not use a VPN.

If you are the one who loves customized ads on web pages and social media, VPN is not for you. The beauty of digital advertising is customized ads. Sometimes, we are shown what we are looking for on ad units on web pages and social media. This will be missed if the VPN is implemented.

Also, if the data transfers and communications are not so personal and need no extra care to protect them from hackers and eavesdropping, better skip VPN implementation.

VPN, as it channels information through a safe tunnel i.e., a secured encrypted server, will sometimes slow down the internet speed. If you have slower internet, using VPN might slow it down no matter how fast the VPN service provider promises and it’s obvious.

What to see when buying a VPN?

Unique feature

Virtual Private Network service providers implement different encryption mechanisms in their servers to ensure the safety and security of the information being transferred or exchanged.

The same applies to speed and anonymity also.


Connectivity is another feature that you need to look for in a VPN service provider. The number of devices to connect depends on the plan chosen and the service provider picked.


The interface is key for any software, be it a VPN too. Everyone is not an expert in handling computers and networks. If they were so, we would not have elegant user interfaces.

Check which VPN software demo is good enough for you.

Reliable customer service

Reliable customer service is important when you have decided to buy a VPN service. Any obstruction of technical issues that happened with VPN might scare the user and so the need for reliable customer service with a faster response is necessary.

Locations covered

One of the reasons for an organization or an individual to use a VPN is to access restricted content or websites. If you want to access a particular country, the VPN should redirect you to that location to access the location from another door. If it cannot do it for specific locations, there is no point in choosing that particular VPN service.

Where to buy the best VPN?

 We have come to the last part. Where to buy the best VPN?

What really makes the best VPN?

If it still puzzles you, go through the article once again from the top. If you still don’t get it, comment on your query below. I’ll try to answer it as early as possible.

Where can we buy the best VPN? Before we go to that section, we must know what are the top VPN service providers available and comparatively which VPN has benefits over the other.

How are you going to compare all the available VPNs in the industry? Is it really worth your time for just one VPN connection? Absolutely not!

Don’t get disappointed.

Even I was upset to know that it takes a lot of time when I came to know about VPNs. For instance, you might need to find a reliable VPN for gaming or select an option that allows streaming high-quality videos.

Then I found a website called that compares top VPNs as a blessing and helps in making a decision. They buy all the VPNs, test and rate them in order for us to choose. Among the hundreds of VPNs, they will filter the best VPNs based on all the features.

Top50VPN is a good place to buy a top-rated VPN.

They will also give links to the official websites of all the VPNs right on their website so that one can buy from the official service provider safely and securely.

After all, searching and exploring ended at one place for me and I hope you will also find it a one-stop for all VPN solutions and inquiries. Moreover, if you know of any other such website, I’ll be thankful to you if you could let me know about it.

While you do that, make sure you have both pros and cons mentioned along with detailed reviews about the different VPNs.

Top50VPN is not paid for any reviews written or removed.

That’s why I trusted their reviews before making a decision.

Hope the article helps you with the complete information about VPNs before choosing one.

Don’t forget to share your experience with the chosen VPN in the comments below.

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