6 Ways to Protect Your WordPress Site

Getting ready to press that “Publish” button for your website? Yes, it’s very exciting. But, wait! There are some important things you need to do so that your site is more protected.

It probably is going to shock you a bit and even disappoint you to learn that there are people out there who hack into websites, whether to get money or simply to be cruel and prove they can do it. Protecting your site is just like locking your doors and windows, it’s something that you need to do. It has become common sense and good judgment.

Here we recommend some simple and inexpensive ways that you can easily protect any WordPress site. These will work for company and business sites in any industry. Best of all, you can have them up & running in less than an hour. Some of them just take the press of a button or two!

While it may be frustrating that a site owner has to think this way, you are much wiser to be proactive. Today there are more tools for your WordPress site to help you protect it than ever before. The need for security and protection has become serious. But the resources also have increased as well. So take action and focus on increasing security at your site.


This is a WordPress Plug-in which helps to protect your website and/or blog from inappropriate or “spam-like” comments. Keep in mind that there are people who would like to express odd opinions for all sorts of reasons.

Some would like to add links to their businesses, within your company’s blog posts in the hopes that their business will attract some of the traffic. By adding this Plug-in you can easily monitor any comments and remove the ones you do not want to be posted.



Wordfence is a Security WordPress Plug-in. There is a free version and also a Premium one. It will protect your site from people trying to sign in. You’ll also be protected from other Internet vulnerabilities.



This is the #1 SEO WordPress Plug-in. This is an excellent way to protect your company’s site because if you do not take care of SEO, then your site may simply not get found.

You want customers and visitors to easily locate your site when they are searching for your products or services using browsers such as Google or Bing. Yoast is very simple to use and guides you in how to make each website page or blog post more SEO friendly.


Disable right click HTML

If you are in an aesthetic business, such as real estate, a flower shop, a makeup artist or a fashion designer then you may be especially interested in this. There is some simple HTML code that you can add to your website which means that no one can right click on your images to save them.

This will prevent people from copying your images and using them in inappropriate ways. But do keep in mind the other side of the coin – it also means that these same people will not be able to share your images easily via social media.

Lots of companies would much rather have their images shared on social media than to install the right click disable the feature. But this can sometimes depend on what type of photos you have at your site and company preferences. It is a very simple way to protect your WordPress site.

Copyright (c) with date started and current date

Now this will work with any website, not simply a WordPress site. But we highly recommend that you add a copyright symbol of (c) and the date you started your website or blog and then the present year too. While every site is copyright, this reminds people that your site is protected by copyright and that you (the site owner) realize that it is.

Terms & Conditions at your site

This is also something you can add to any site, not simply a WordPress site. But it is highly recommended that you add it to your site. Terms & Conditions let people know how visitors or members (if it is a membership site) are expected to use the website.

As any business owner can see, some of these protect you from hacking, Internet “trolls” and then others keep you safe from potential legal trouble that might come your way. When you create a website, it becomes a virtual “storefront” of your physical business. So it is critical that you run your website in the same professional manner and protecting it just as you would your physical business.

Seeing these protective options might make some who are new to having a site a bit uncomfortable. But keep this in mind: probably you have a lawyer for business matters. Most business owners only need this lawyer occasionally. That person is an advisor, someone to turn to in a time of need. Well, these Internet resources that you put in place serve a similar purpose. You add them to your site – so that when you need them, they are right there!

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