WhatsApp Alternative Apps Which Are Better Than WhatsApp

When it comes to text messaging there is doubt on the popularity of WhatsApp messenger. It is designed very simply from its user-interface to its functions. The impressive end-to-end encryption and lots other features have won the hearts of all the users. Whatsapp the instant text messenger has been retaining its position on the top from the day it was released, as you can even use this app on your Java Phone by downloading Whatsapp Java app. But have you ever thought of giving a try on some other text messaging Apps.

If we talk about the messenger application then there is lots of it out there in the internet. Since people love to experience something different in their social network lifestyle, here we have come up with a list of WhatsApp Alternative Apps. It almost shares the similar features like that of WhatsApp but with little different features and functions. Without wasting any more time let us have a quick look on the alternatives apps of WhatsApp which are better than WhatsApp.

List of 5 WhatsApp Alternative Apps 2017:

1: Facebook Messenger:

Speaking of the WhatsApp alternative apps Facebook Messenger stands on the top of the list. It gives you the access to text with your Facebook friend and stay in touch with them. Similar to whatsApp the user of Facebook Messenger can send its location to others Facebook contact list. Start a group conversation in a group chat or send messages individually to the Facebook recipients. Using the in-built camera of the message you can take selfie and share it in private messages. It is totally rich and filled with exciting features like voice call, video call, voice message and lots more.

2: Viber Messenger:

Looking for a free messages service provider then must pick Viber Messenger for Android. Send texts to the people who are close to you and simply enjoy the group chats. Make your text message conversation more fun by using 1000s of Stickers. Not to forget you can actually make free voice and video calls through the Viber Messenger. The game features make it most unique as you can challenge your friends in the game to have complete fun. Apart from that viber messenger user can actually follow the public chats. To keep you text messages private one can hide all the necessary chats in the messenger.

3: Kik:

Kik is the easiest way to connect with your friends by keeping on chatting with no set of limitations. Select anyone from the contact list and start having unlimited conversation with them at any moment. There is no need to have or provide number to contact each other in Kik Messenger. Share any of your favorite photos or videos with any of the group members or individually. You will get to meet different friends on the messaging application, know them to find out similar interest. One of the most interesting things about the app is the video chat features and friends faster with scan of a kik Code.

4: Telegram:

Telegram is a fast and reliable messaging application tool available for Android device. Sync across in the entire available device and get an access to the text messages all at once. Send as much as of text messages to your friends from another device like laptop and tablet. Telegram ensures you safe and secures messaging services with its encryption of 256 bit symmetric AES encryption. Share important file documents with your friends and family either in a group or privately. It also offers the users video editing tools with sticker and lots more.

5: Tango:

Tango is one of the best WhatsApp alternative apps that come with several features. The user can send voice messages to any one or make a video call in high quality. Not only that you can enjoy the video games and have all of fun of social life. Text messaging is totally free along with it you can attach files like documents. Share your most memorable moments in the form of images and video with your close ones. Start meeting with people who shares the common interest and make them friends in real life.


We all know that WhatsApp is very unique instant text messenger app available to use. But since you are looking for the alternatives apps of whatsApp messenger, we have provided details information on one of the best WhatsApp alternative apps that are the perfect replacement for it. Choose any of the messenger application from the list that is explained above, and get any of the messengers on your Android phone today itself. All of these alternative apps bring to you interesting features and provides you great social life experience.


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