Best Youtube Alternatives 2023 – Top 10 Video Sharing Sites

Undoubtedly the largest free online video-sharing website, Youtube has a plethora of content and features to offer. From video streaming to content publishing with active monetization, Youtube has it all. Well in this post, I will mention some best youtube alternatives.

So if you are interested to know more about those awesome video sharing websites, here’s our list of top Youtube alternatives to check out in 2023.

You can watch, upload, like, comment, download youtube videos, and even more for free using Youtube.

Although Youtube still leads the market, there has been an arrival of several other video players in the market during the last decade. Surprisingly, most of them have got a great set of features that Youtube lacks in some way.

For instance, some of you might be fed up with disgusting ads here and there, while there are plenty of ad-free platforms with subsequent amounts of content to watch.

Top 10 Youtube Alternatives in 2023

#1 – Daily Motion

Daily Motion is a popular video-sharing website where you can find a broad range of videos across various categories. It is indeed the second largest video streaming website after Youtube with over 300 Million users consuming videos every month.

It offers a similar interface to that of Youtube with a collection of videos handpicked according to your location.

For a better user experience, DailyMotion divides its homepage into a number of categories which include featured, entertainment, sports videos, etc. This makes the site navigation a lot hassle-free.

You can watch, like, share and follow your favourite videos on DailyMotion much like any other video sharing platform.

Further, if you are an avid video creator, you can upload your videos on this free video hosting platform for free.

But as it’s a still growing platform, DailyMotion has some restrictions too.

That is, creators are only allowed to upload videos with a maximum length of 20 minutes and a maximum size of 4 GB with 1080p resolution.

#2 – Vimeo


Want to watch some quality videos? Well, Vimeo is your one-stop destination.

Yet another Youtube alternative where you can find superior quality videos on the go. Unlike Youtube, I would say, Vimeo is much more focused on Quality content than Quantity. Videos here mostly fall under creative categories like art, music, documentaries, experiments, etc.

The platform is completely ad-free, as a result, you can watch videos, music videos without any interruptions.

You can easily log in to Vimeo using your Google, Apple, or Facebook account.

As expected, the user interface is totally cool and has got enough set of features to react and interact with videos and their creators. Additionally, you can even hire your favorite creators in a matter of seconds.

For content creators, Vimeo provides great support all around.

Creators can even upload 4K HDR videos flawlessly, thus providing the viewers a superior experience.

That said, they limit video uploads to a maximum of 500 MB per week. So if you are into creating supreme visuals, you might need to upgrade your hosting capacity by subscribing to their premium plans.

#3 – IGTV

You must be familiar with IGTV if you are a regular Instagram user.

IGTV is a video sharing platform by Instagram where you can find some awesome cool video stuff from your favorite Instagram creators.

Unlike most alternatives to Youtube out there, IGTV is primarily focused on vertical videos without any duration limits. The contents here are highly personalized as the app is directly associated with Instagram.

Similar to Instagram posts, you can like, share, comment, and save your favorite videos on this video sharing platform. The interface is as good as Instagram and its sister apps.

Be it content creation or consumption, all you gotta do is install the IGTV app from Google Play or App Store.

Another best part is that you can even enjoy IGTV uploads of your favorite creators from the Instagram app as well.

#4 Veoh

Veoh is another entertainment platform similar to Youtube, greatly suitable for TV shows and movie lovers. Unlike Vimeo, Veoh does not have any video duration limits. As an instance, you can find a plethora of exciting Tv shows on this platform.

While the homepage and total user interface might look a bit outdated, Veoh still manages to host a wide variety of high-quality videos.

In comparison to its competitors, Veoh includes some social media kinds of features too. Using Veoh, you can join chat groups, forum discussions, and more. For creators with long-duration content, Veoh is a must check-in video sharing platform undoubtedly.

Furthermore, apart from the video content, Veoh also hosts a cool range of music across various genres for the music lover in you

#5 – MetaCafe

Looking for some weird yet cool content? MetaCafe for the win!

MetaCafe is another video sharing platform with a ton of short videos falling under different categories. You can find almost any sort of video content on this simple platform.

While most of the MetaCafe videos seem fun and concentrated, you can also find a variety of useful videos like quick reviews, tutorials, etc. Videos are basically categorized under trending, latest and popular titles, making it easier for users to surf.

An interesting part here to notice is that MetaCafe was founded in 2003, which is 5 years before the launch of Youtube.

#6 – Twitch

Twitch from Amazon is a well-known video streaming platform for all the gamers out there.

This Youtube alternative is a great platform for gamers to live stream their gameplays as well as to share recorded videos. Unlike Youtube, you won’t be seeing as many categories of videos on Twitch.

As I said, the vast majority of the content here comes under the Gaming niche. So if you are an avid gamer, Twitch is the Youtube alternative to choose.

That said, music, artwork, and other entertaining videos can also be found on twitch, but not great in numbers as you see on other platforms.

There are a couple of reasons why I love twitch as a Youtube alternative.

The platform is has a very appealing user interface and more surprisingly it is completely free of ads. As a result, you can enjoy videos and streams without any interruptions.

From a creator perspective, no ads don’t mean you can’t earn any money out of this platform. Instead of ads, Twitch supports giving direct donations to your favorite gamers and other creators on the go.

#7 – DTube

DTube is different from Youtube mainly because of the tech it is built upon as well as the method of monetization.

This platform is the only site similar to Youtube in our list which is based on Blockchain technology. As a result, DTube is a decentralized video sharing platform, meaning there is no single authority holding all the rights.

The user interface might seem similar to that of Youtube, but the method of monetization is a little bit crazy. Instead of ad revenue, creators get paid DTube coins or in other words cryptocurrency.

The best part here is that not only creators but also those commenting and sharing videos are also eligible for earning a small revenue right away

#8 – PeerTube

This is the one alternative to Youtube which is based on a peer to peer technology as well as open-source.

PeerTube is a great video upload site with a cool user interface on top. Just like the name suggests, the platform is fully made on a peer to peer tech, meaning the videos uploaded aren’t hosted in a single giant data center.

For quick navigation, the Peertube platform offers a sidebar on the homepage itself which categorizes newly uploaded, trending, local videos, etc.

You can log in to Peertube either using your EMail or Twitter id. Once logged in, you are all set to start publishing your content on Peertube. 

#9 – TED

While the variety of content is nowhere near that of Youtube, TED is definitely a valuable video platform that is worth considering. The platform is mainly maintained to share all the TED talks happening all around the globe.

On the home screen, TED welcomes you with a wide variety of topics to pick and start from. This includes Science, Technology, Entertainment, Development, Nature, and so on. Scrolling down, you can see the latest trending videos and current affairs categorized perfectly, giving a fair interface for TED users.

As it has got so much worthy content, don’t miss to check it out.

#10 – 9Gag

Not just a video sharing platform, 9Gag is much more!

This social media platform is well packed with a ton of videos, images, gifs, memes, etc. Compared to other similar sites to Youtube, 9Gag mostly focuses on funny and entertaining content rather than serious coverages.

So if you are all set for an entertaining evening, 9Gag is the platform you should visit right away. While users can post videos, entertaining content directly on 9Gag, a fair amount of its staff are from other social media platforms like Facebook and Youtube.

Final Words

Of course, Youtube has a ton and a variety of videos to watch all day. And now you have come to know about even more platforms, resulting in even more interesting videos on your feed every day.

So make sure to try out each of these Youtube alternatives in your free time.

While you might have already visited some of them, many of them must be still new to you. Finally, make sure to let us know your experience with each of these video websites like youtube in the comments below.

Who is Youtube’s biggest competitor?

Although there are numerous video platforms lying around, none of them can be considered a clear competitor of Youtube. Some of the other popular video sharing platforms include DailyMotion, Twitch, Vimeo etc.

Is Dailymotion better than Youtube?

Dailymotion is a great video sharing platform similar to Youtube. In comparison with Youtube, creators on Dailymotion are restricted to sharing only videos with a maximum duration of 20 minutes at 1080p resolution.

Which is the best video sharing platform for gamers?

Twitch is considered to be one of the finest streaming platforms for gamers. It has a robust community of gamers as well as great support for live streaming.

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