YouTubNow Review | Best Free YouTube Downloader 2023

YouTube has literally become the mother of all entertainment needs these days. It’s got the whole package available on it, be it movies, videos, memes, or good Mp3 songs. Everything you need and everything you want is available on the website easily.

So why would anyone go anywhere else?

You can rent the movies you wish to watch for minimal prices, there are simply so many renditions of songs available on the website that you’ll honestly be spoilt for choice. And then come to the videos, oh the videos.

YouTube has a little something to suit everyone’s needs. ASMR, White Noise, to everyone’s favorite Jake Paul (not really) there is just so much content available on YouTube that one reaches the point where like we said earlier, they do not need to step away from the website for anything at all.

Or is there?

See with all that good comes to a few bad things and one of the really bad issues with YouTube is the lack of download functionality.

Given that the Youtube mobile app doesn’t allow users to download and store videos on their devices in a rather lame way (not being able to access the video anywhere outside the app because of encoding issues) this feature doesn’t quite make the cut and when it comes to PCs you don’t even have something close to a download feature.


This is exactly where a web service like YouTubNow comes in super handy for users who wish to download Youtube videos.

YouTubNow literally doubles up as a super easy to use YouTube Downloader. And on top of all that you can also download songs/music videos in the mp3 format off YouTube so you can easily use these downloaded files with ease.

The key features of YouTubNow

It’s free, it’s fast and it’s unlimited

YouTubNow doesn’t come in with any shady tactics that are used to lure in users with so-called “free” usage and then hide the really good features behind a paywall. With a really fresh approach in today’s market, YouTubNow offers everything it has to everyone out there, for free.

There are no limits on the number of videos you can youtube video download 4k, no limit on the speed you get while downloading videos, and no limits on the conversions. Being free to use service, YouTubNow really stands out for the quality of service one gets from them.

A large number of Supported formats

YouTubNow allows users to download files in multiple formats and doesn’t simply stick to the usual mp4 and mp3 formats when it comes to downloads.

When it comes to videos you can also download the files in a 3gp format from any of the available resolutions available that are 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, or 1080p.

Get your fix of offline music right from YouTube

Everyone had a pirate phase. Where we would scour the internet for hours looking for safe links from where we could download our music.

Well, those days are long past us thanks to the online streaming services that are popping up these days with premium plans that allow users to download all their music and store it for offline listening. But the thing about these premium plans is that sometimes they cost a whole lot of money. But with YouTubNow you can do all that for free.

Download your favorite songs in the format of your choice from WebM, M4A, and MP3. The file you download is stored directly on your hard drive and you can use it in whichever way you wish to, so go ahead and let the downloads begin!

In conclusion

YouTubNow is a really great new addition to the online world in terms of web services. With its refreshing take on ignoring pricing completely, one goes in really expecting nothing. But we were genuinely surprised at the number of features that are available on this website.

Do give it try!

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How can I download long YouTube videos to my computer?

There are several ways to download long YouTube videos to your computer, There are many video downloader website websites that allow you to download YouTube videos by simply entering the video’s URL. Some popular options include Y2mate, KeepVid, Youtubnow, snaptube, and SaveFrom.

What YouTube downloader is best?

There are several YouTube downloaders available, and the best one for you depends on your specific needs and preferences. Some popular options include: 4K Video Downloader, Vidmate, Vidmeta, Videoder, TubeMate

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