How Android O Makes Me Feel Good

It’s that time of the year. In other words, it is that time of the Android year when we get a new version of Android. Each Android version is named after a sweet.

Here is a list of Android versions since 2008 – No name (v1.1), Petit Four (v1.1), Cupcake(v1.5), Donut (v1.6), Eclair (v2.0-v2.1), Froyo (v2.2-v2.3), Gingerbread(v2.3-v2.3.7), Honeycomb (v3.0-v3.2.6), Ice Cream Sandwich (v4.0-v4.0.4), JellyBean (v4.1-v4.3.1), Kitkat (v4.4-v4.4.4), Lollipop (v5.0-v5.1.1), Marshmallow(v6.0-v6.0.1) and Nougat (v7.0-v7.1.2).

I got into using this Operating System around JellyBean. What about you?

The version of Android that will be launched tomorrow (~12.10 AM IST) is Android 8.0 O. The event will be live telecasted from New York City across the globe. The event timings will coincide with Solar Eclipse.

The name for O has not been known yet officially. It can be Oreo or Oatmeal Cookie. However, the famous leakster (Evan Blass) mentioned in a tweet that it will be called Oreo. Besides, Google had recently posted a file on Google Plus which was named GoogleOreo_Teaser_0817_noDroids(1).mp4.

Google has also said that the OS would be  ‘touching down’ on 21st August. What is exactly Google’s plan, only Google knows!

Since the last two major software updates, Android has been releasing Developer Previews. These previews are exactly the upcoming OS software. You have to signup for this and the beta version will be rolled out to you.

These versions are usually unstable with a lot of bugs. It’s for Android enthusiasts and developers. The reported errors are fixed and fresh updates are rolled out. Developer Preview users have claimed that the Nougat actual software was almost similar to the last developer Preview.

Having said that, the features of the new OS is no longer a suspense.

Features of Android O

  • Picture in Picture: In this feature, whenever you want to play a video in an app. You no longer have to switch over to YouTube or browser to see the video. The video will play in a pop-up video (like a secondary screen). Meanwhile, you can continue using the app.
    This feature will be a blessing especially for chatting apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Text Recognization: By text recognization I mean, your OS will be able to identify any number or address or email ID. This feature is present is your Nougats but specifically for a number. Google will spread the functionality of this feature even more.
  • Octopus Easter Egg: When I click on the version of my Android device in Settings, then I get N cause I have Nougat OS. The Easter egg has changed to an Oreo-looking octopus. It just floats on the screen without doing anything. Preview users claim that the actual update might make the octopus do something.
  • Pixel Users exclusive:Pixel users will enjoy powered by Android under the G logo when they start the device.
  • Notification: Oreo will change the way we receive notifications on Android. This feature has been in the air for some time. A dot will appear on the app which has a notification. It’s quite a neat way to let the user know of a notification. Interestingly, the dots will be a different colour on different apps.
  • Bugs fixation: The bugs present in the previous Nougat version has been removed. The performance of the device, in general, will be revamped like any other major software updates.
  • Battery Percentage: Battery percentage is not shown in the notification bar. If you pulled down the menu, then it can be seen in Nougat. The battery percentage is now visible in the notification bar! *finally*
  • Miscellaneous: There have been slight changes in the clock size in Lock Screen, battery percentage looks bolder and some minor details updates which are completely ignorable but makes viewing the phone easier.
  • Apps running in the background: A new notification will always be there when you pull down the notification bar showing the number of apps running in the background.

If you own a premium device or Motorola phone, you can be sure that the update will definitely reach you by the end of this year. If not, you have to wait till your handset maker rolls it out to you.

There is still a lot of news left. Each handset maker releases a list of phones which will get the update for sure. For more updates on Android O and devices, stay tuned to Techi Bhai.

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