8 Best Free Facebook Video Downloader for Android and PC

Facebook Video Downloader

There is a number of Facebook video downloader apps for android/PC and web tools that allows us to download our favorite facebook Video without any complication. Today Facebook has become a part of our life. It gives us the opportunity to share our experiences, thought & information in the form of text, audio, images & short videos to the world. Every day we see hundreds

How Do You Know If You Need Computer Repair

_Need Computer Repair

Have you been noticing some things going wrong with your computer? As with all things, computers are also subjected to wear and tear. For this reason, it’ll be helpful for you to identify smaller problems to fix before things get out of hand. Here are some red flags you need to spot to know if you need computer repair services. 7 Signs You Need to

How to Download Tumblr Videos on Android and PC

download tumblr videos, tumblr video downloader

Tumblr is another free blogging platform out there. On Tumblr, you will find lots of unique posts, images, and videos. However, on the one side downloading images is not a tough job. But there are often times when we want to download a Tumblr video and doing so, it’s not really an easy job. So the question is how to download tumblr videos on Android

How to Download Twitter Videos and Gifs on Android and PC

Download Twitter Videos

Twitter is one of the best social media platforms out there with over 321 million users per month. And there are many people who often post a viral Meme or image, GIF format, funny and Business videos on Twitter,  as we can fully watch them in our fragmented time. But downloading those videos is not an easy task as it seems. Since there is no

How to Order Food in Train (Indian Railways)

How to Order Food in Train

if you are wondering how to Order Food in Train, then here are all the ways that you can follow to do so. Train journeys are quite interesting and there is no doubt about that. However, when it comes to traveling on a train for a long-distance one of the common issues that we find as a passenger is the non-availability of food. Of course,

How To Download Instagram Photos And Videos on Android and PC

Download Instagram Photos And Videos

To know how to do this, This Guide helps you to download Instagram photos and videos on your Android smartphones. Instagram is another best photo and video sharing app, which lets you share and explore photos and Short videos from Instagram users all around the world. According to a report by Statista, Now, Instagram has more than 1 billion monthly active users total up from