10 Best AI Tools For E-commerce In 2024

The best AI tool can be the most precious gift for your e-commerce journey. It can improve your productivity and save time and money. The AI sales tools have taken a step ahead to produce excellent marketing, content creation, and customer support for your business. Here, let’s talk about the 10 fantastic AI tools for E-commerce business.

Are you entering the E-commerce market? Or planning to start an e-commerce store soon? Worry not! Implementing the right AI tool in your business can help you stay productive. Today, AI tools have immense power to reduce costs, save time, increase productivity, and provide better customer support and content creation. 

So, let’s get to know some of the strong benefits of AI software and the best AI marketing tools for your business.

Top 5 Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence in E-commerce Business

The benefits of AI in e-commerce are unending. Let’s look at the 5 most essential benefits of AI in this industry.

  1. Personalized shopping experience

E-commerce store owners incorporate these CRM AI tools to see customers’ preferences in real time. Using a good AI tool will help to monitor a shopper’s experience, and journey to personalize their shopping experience. Incorporating such a tool into your site will lower your workload and encourage your customers to buy from you, resulting in more sales and an increase in revenue.

  1. Customer Service Augmentation

Using AI-powered chatbots, you can swiftly address inquiries, process orders, and even provide real-time assistance. This ensures consistent and efficient service, enhancing customer satisfaction. Natural language processing enables these bots to understand and respond to customer queries accurately. This fusion of technology and customer service reduces response times and frees up time to handle more complex tasks.

  1. Streamlined Management

This is easy and one of the essential benefits of AI tools. AI solutions can automate things like order fulfillment with third-party providers, and provide rapid insights into inventory and order statuses. The suitable tools can even automatically update the sync inventory information.

  1. Enhanced Search and Navigation

Enhanced search and navigation are reshaping how customers explore E-commerce platforms. AI-driven search engines employ natural language understanding and semantic context to deliver more accurate and relevant results. This AI-driven enhancement saves time and frustration and drives conversions by connecting customers with their desired products more seamlessly and engagingly.

  1. Risk and fraud Management

AI tools can help checkmate fraudsters and use machine learning technologies to authenticate online payments to ensure there are no potential fraudulent acts. They provide the safest payment options to make online payments secure and safe. Additionally, they are easy to use.

10 Most Essential AI Tools for E-commerce Business

Now, let’s discuss the 10 best AI tools for e-commerce businesses that can help you increase your productivity. 

Octane AI

Octane is one of the best AI tools for marketing and is perfectly designed for e-commerce platforms.

The platform offers a variety of tools to experiment with, such as the Quiz AI solution, to help customers learn about your organization, and find the best product for their specific needs.

Its insights analyst tool rapidly analyzes the product reviews it receives. 

Octane AI Pricing:

Currently, the basic Octane AI system is free, but there are two plans to choose from. For companies earning less than $1 million in revenue per year, the price is $50 per month, and for premium is $200 per month with access to more advanced features.

Oxolo –  AI Video Generation tool


Oxolo is an AI video creator, designed to help you produce videos for e-commerce stores and websites. With Oxolo’s video editor, you can customize the AI-generated video by adding your branding assets, such as logos, color schemes, images, or videos, or by changing the default AI avatar, music, or language. Oxolo is cost-effective for creating engaging product videos for e-commerce businesses.

Oxolo is building an in-depth tech platform for productive AI-based media. With its technology, anyone can create automated videos, such as product videos, advertisements, and social media content.

Oxolo Pricing:

 Oxolo can create a full video production in minutes. It is free to use the basic version, and the paid version is $24.99 per month to 149$ per month.


Another one of the best AI marketing tools for the e-commerce landscape is ViSenze. It can make life easier for shoppers and help businesses make smart recommendations to customers based on their interactions.

There’s a smart search function, that helps customers find products, and even allows them to search for items by image. ViSenze enables smart tagging solutions to scale with the correct tags.


ViSenze doesn’t have a transparent pricing page.  Therefore, you may need to contact the company’s account managers to discuss your specific needs.


LiveChat is a customer service platform that provides messaging services. It has built-in automation, and a suitable inbox to manage all customer conversations.

With LiveChat, you can reach out to your customers from Facebook Messenger to WhatsApp. Its AI-driven chatbots are easy to customize and help to segment your leads into different groups.


LiveChat has a 14-day free trial period, and then you can choose any of the plans. The starter plan starts at $20 to $41 per month per agent with 60-day chat histories, ticketing, basic widget customization, and data security.

The business plan has $59 per month per agent for all the team features, data security features, work schedules, and staffing predictions.


Descript is one of the most powerful AI tools for small businesses to improve sales and increase conversion.

It is used to create compelling video content and helps to repurpose content into short clips. This remarkable AI tool can also transcript audio edits for podcasts and can be published in a Descript embeddable player.


Using the free plan, you can overdub 1000-word vocabulary, for up to 10 mins. The creator plan is $12 per month and can overdub 1000-word vocabulary and up to 4K video export resolution.


This excellent tool for marketing and content creation helps create phenomenal product descriptions and produces content in seconds.

It integrates with other e-commerce tools and platforms to write email subject lines, ad copy, and captions for social media. Also, it helps you with the product catalog in the system to train the algorithm about your business.


Copysmith offers 3 pricing packages:

Starter: $19 per month for 1 user, 20,000 words, plagiarism checking, simple analytics, and content sharing.

Pro: $49 per month for unlimited copy generation, analytics and integrations, and more.

Enterprise: A bulk content generation option, full API access, and custom templates.


ChatGPT is one of the most popular and useful tools in the E-commerce industry. It can integrate with APIs to provide your customers with personalized AI-driven customer service. It can also respond to queries in nearly 95 languages. 


ChatGPT is available for free to use, but there are some limitations on the free plan. If you want to access new features, faster response speeds, and additional benefits you can use the ‘Plus’ plan at $20 per month.


Keewee is the most promising AI copy generator for individuals and businesses. It is time-saving, easy to use, and can create high-quality material in minutes.

It can analyze data using machine learning algorithms and automate tedious work to yield better results.

However, by interacting with applications, it can retrieve data and streamline operations.

Keewee Pricing:

Keewee AI Tool offers a good value proposition for businesses looking to improve their marketing, sales, customer service, or finance and accounting processes. It is free and has a paid version too.


The next AI tool for e-commerce is Prisync. Here you can add a bank if you want to boost your sales and profits.

You can easily monitor your competitors’ prices in real-time, and track data right from your admin dashboard. Prisync can help you organize your product pricing to maximize your profits and save time. 


In its Professional Plan, you get 100 products, and 3 price updates daily, helping with stock monitoring, and in the Premium Plan you get up to 1000 products.


Frase is a popular AI software for your content creation with high accuracy. Moreover, it can create content for your social media, write for search engine optimization, and more.

Frase can also create high-converting blog intros, headings, and FAQs for your brands. This is one of the best apps for content creators.


Frase Solo Plan is $14.99/month to $12.66 if paid annually, can generate 4000 AI words per month, and can write and optimize 4 articles per month.

The paid plan is $49.99/month or $38.25 if paid annually, can generate 4000 AI words per month, and can write and optimize 30 articles per month.


Thankfully, the Artificial Intelligence Apps as well as tools are easy to use and can enhance productivity. Using these tools can speed up the work and help drive good revenue for every e-commerce business owner. Now, get the best AI tools for e-commerce business that can help you 10x your productivity.

So, are you ready to integrate these tools into your e-commerce dreams? 

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