Best Android Security Apps to Secure Your Smartphone

Security is a primary concern these days. As the internetwork is growing at a rapid scale more and more threats are emerging. Like there are antivirus applications and programs for our laptops/computers there are security apps for Android as well. Using the best Android security apps for your smartphone, you will be able to protect your Android device from any possible threats by the hackers.

Android developers are also serious about the security of the Android mobile operating system and to mitigate the viruses and malware, many app development companies came up with antivirus apps for android.

Google Play is filled with such applications, and if you just type security apps, you will be amazed at the search results. You can also find out some Android apps here 9Apps App Store. These apps not only protect your Android device from hackers but also help in improving the performance of your device.

Best Android Security Apps to Secure Your Smartphone

Let’s begin with our journey of best security apps which you can use on your Android device to protect it from hackers and attackers.

Avast Antivirus & Security- Antivirus & App Lock

Avast Antivirus is one of the best android security apps which you can use on your Android smartphone. The application can be downloaded for free and comes with antivirus protection.

Avast antivirus will scan all the applications which are installed and are running in the background and will provide you with detailed information telling what all the apps are upto.

There are many amazing features in this application with one being call blocker which can be used to block calls from any number you don’t want to attend calls from.


Sophos Free Antivirus and Security

If you are looking for an application which will provide you with Advanced security, then you can use Sophos free anti-virus.

Real-time protection ensures that your Android device is secure even when you are accessing the internet on it. The app promises a 100 percent detection rate which means that your Android device is safe and sound from the attacks which are done by hackers on the online web space. The theft protection feature will help you in retrieving your smartphone if it is stolen or lost.


AVG AntiVirus FREE for Android Security 2018

We use a firewall on our computer’s/laptops so why not on Android smartphones? AVG AntiVirus is one of the best firewall applications which you can use on your Android device which will restrict applications from accessing the network.

To use this app you need root access, and we know we have to use Minimal ADB and Fastboot tools to gain root access. Once your Android smartphone is rooted and Droidwall is installed, you can block unwanted connections which are coming to your device and going out of it.



The next best security application for Android smartphones which you can use is AVL. This app promises the best malware protection which any application which can deliver.

Using the security app for Android is very easy as it comes with a simple user interface, so if you are using Android for the first time and haven’t used a lot of applications in the past, you have to use this app.

There are a lot of features which you are going to get in AVL such as identity protection, anti-theft tools and much more. The performance of this app is quite decent, and also this app makes sure that battery of the Android device is not utilized to its peak.


Avira Antivirus Security

Avira is known as one of the best antivirus programs for Windows computers but did you knew Avira is also available for Android smartphones?

The antivirus security programs provide the best protection from attacks, viruses, and malware. Avira antivirus promises a high detection rate and informs of any possible threats to your smartphone. Avira comes with a minimalist design which makes it easy for one to use it.

Identity Safeguard tool is a feature which you are going to get in Avira Antivirus Security which will tell you if your e-mail address is leaked or compromised. A pretty cool feature, right?


All the best Android security apps for Android which we have listed above are available for free and ensure that your device is safe from attacks and malware. You will find all these applications in the Google Play store, but for your ease, we have also shared the links to download them.

Which security application are you using to protect your Android smartphone from attacks? Tell us using the comments section below.

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