Ultimate Guide to the Best Education and Science Gifts

Do you have an educator or science-enthusiast in your life that you’re shopping for? Finding both practical and delightful science gifts can be hard, especially if you want to gift them with something unique and personal. However, our science gift guide is here to make the process easier than ever for the upcoming holidays.

Teacher gifts are all about mixing a little delightful whimsy with a lot of practicality. Keep reading to find out our top suggestions!

7 Best Science Gifts for Someone who loves science


It seems that many people want to become hobbyist astrologers, but our busy lives as well as the upfront investment turns many people away. This is why telescopes make such great teacher gifts–they’re desired but often not purchased. Gifts can also be a nudge to entertain hobbies that your loved one may have put off for years.

The best part about a telescope is that the cost may not be as much as you’re expecting. High Point Scientific offers telescopes for under $200 and some for as low as $50. This is a great entry price point for hobbyists. Once they become more invested in their hobby, they can spend more on higher-quality telescopes. 


If your loved one wears jewelry, then you can’t go wrong by adding to their collection. Jewelry is almost always a splurge. You can acknowledge their hard work and dedication to the job by gifting them with cute jewelry that also acknowledges their career.

Jewelry with words may be seen as tacky, so go with jewelry that they can wear to any occasion. Double helix DNA necklaces and earrings have intricate, beautiful designs that speak to their love of science. You can also find jewelry in the shape of microscopes, molecules, and even mitochondria.

Tabletop Gifts

Educators tend to have room on their desks and shelves for tabletop items that express their subject of interest. These are delightful, whimsical gifts that can pique their student’s curiosity and create a more interesting and varied classroom environment. Here are a few ideas:

  • Woodgrain Newton’s Cradle
  • Leonardo Da Vinci Paddle Boat
  • Solar system models
  • Magnetic floating globes
  • Galileo thermometer

These gifts can be placed among their bookshelves or on their classroom shelves. If they have younger students, they may be able to incite conversations or a greater appreciation for science.


If your loved one is a fan of fun and fanciful clothing, then you don’t want to miss out on browsing science-themed clothing options.

There are a number of cute and whimsical designs that you can find on shopping sites i.e Amazon or Etsy that speak to your loved one’s profession and love for science. Here are a number of standouts:

If you don’t know their exact size, opt for options such as socks and scarves to make it easier. Clothing can also be paired with other gifts as an inexpensive add-on.

For instance, we like the pairing of a periodic table shirt with a set of beaker glasses for a complete science-themed gift.  


Mugs and cups are a practical and attractive gift option for anyone in their life. However, educators can benefit from mugs to keep coffee warm and drinks cold throughout their workday. You can find mugs in almost any design from small, independently owned Etsy shops to large department stores.

However, we like beaker-shaped coffee mugs the most because of their ode to the sciences and their whimsical, fun design. Custom mugs and Beaker mugs are also affordable gifts and are made out of borosilicate glass. Some also include measurements or designs of molecules.

If you want an even more unique gift, search for Erlenmeyer mugs that look exactly like flasks of the same name.

Lunch Totes

Lunch totes are another great practical option. These are affordable gifts, but they can be found in a variety of designs, colors, and shapes to suit any science educator. Although you can find a variety of inexpensive lunch totes, we recommend opting for an insulated and compact one like the Wirecutter recommends

Periodic table lunch bags are also the best option for science educators who would be delighted by a fun design. The best part about lunch totes is that you can also fill them with food, candy, and other stocking stuffers as an extra surprise.


If your science educator is a foodie and loves spending time in the kitchen, we recommend finding science-themed items and accessories that they can include in their kitchen. This can be as simple as searching for science-themed hand towels or aprons.

However, you can also go all out and gift them a chemistry spice rack set or themed plates that they can use for entertaining. Here are a few other unique options that we’ve discovered:

  • Periodic table engraved cutting board
  • Science flask oil and vinegar dispensers
  • Digital kitchen scale
  • Beaker wine glass
  • Science cookie cutter set

These items can also be paired with their favorites snacks, drinks, or wine. Place all of the items in an attractive science tote bag for the full experience.

Delightful Science Gifts for Your Educator

When it comes to science gifts, you’ve probably found that you don’t have to look far to find an inexpensive and unique gift that your science educator will love. You’ll first want to consider your loved one’s or colleague’s hobbies outside of their career in order to find a gift that they can enjoy for years afterward.

For instance, if you know that your teacher loves spending time in the kitchen, then start looking for gifts in that direction. It never hurts asking for gifts suggestions as well!

Ready for more gift suggestions for the people in your life? Keep reading our blog for more tips and guides!

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