Best Google Earth Alternatives You Can Try

The advancement in technology has not just created a virtual world but also has made many cool and nearly impossible (as being thought earlier) gadgets and applications. When it comes to taking a virtual tour around the globe sitting in the luxury of your couch the incredible app/website ‘Google Earth’ comes in the mind of every individual. Even though if you are looking for an alternative for the same, here are the few Google Earth Alternatives.

It superimposes images taken from satellite imagery, aerial photography and GIS (geographic information system). Its various features include street view, historical imagery etc.

Best Google Earth Alternatives You Can Try

  1. NASA World Wind

NASA World Wind is the best alternative of Google earth so far. It;s an leading space research agency, so there is nothing to doubt that it will not be good.

It is popular also because it JAVA based Software Development Kit, mainly targeting Android developers who can use its images for application development.

It also provides many controls like zoom, tilt and many plugins and add-ons which can be used for numerous features.

Supported Platforms – Windows, Mac OS X, Linux


Developed by Indian Space Research Organization ‘Bhuvan’ is first of its kind of software application built in India. Considering the recent achievements of ISRO there is no doubt about the quality of work they do and this application does nothing but adding another feather in their cap.

This software application provides users with a 2D/3D representation of the earth’s surface. This browser is specifically modified to view India. One of the main reasons for its popularity is that it can run on any browser and operating system and doesn’t require any plug-ins.

Supported Platforms – Any OS 


Marble has multiple viewing modes through which you can view it in 2D/3D and also different topographical features, street view, and even temperature. It might not be fanciest but marble can take you to any place on earth you want to check out.

It Marble tool have a feature’s like online and offline searches and also real-time traffic data.

Supported Platforms – Windows, Mac OS, Linux

  1. Earth Browser

It’s the simplest platform in its category but it is a quite good virtual globe, providing a range of features. The application lets you check real-time weather check and also seven days forecasts for thousands of locations across the globe.

Earth Browser can also display live earthquakes, hurricanes etc. which makes its popular not only for educational purposes but also for weather watching.

Supported Platforms – Windows, Mac OS

  1. Flash Earth

It is the 2D satellite imagery-based web application which allows a user to tour across any location of earth. It uses different sources like NASA, Bing Maps, and ArcGIS to collect satellite images.

You can search for any place on earth just by entering location which can be shared via direct links also. 

Supported Platforms – The Web

  1. ArcGIS

This application is specially targeted at professional GIS users. This application can also be used for educational purposes as it provides 3D imagery.

But unlike Google Earth, it doesn’t have any historical imagery feature. One interesting feature is its ability to show completely different datasets.

Supported Platforms – Windows, Mac OS

Conclusion: –

So this was the comprehensive list of some of the best Google Earth alternatives. Go and try them according to your need. Let us know if you know about any other alternative in the comment section below.

Author Bio: – Paul Stalker is the CEO & Founder of No Human Verification. He is a tech geek & SEO expert from past 5 years.

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