9 Best iOS Apps For Writing And Editing

Many people use iPads and iPhones not only for games but also for work. Theoretically, they can replace a computer or a laptop on the go: they are compact and lightweight but have a large screen. In this article, we make a selection of the best text editors for iOS.

The mentioned below programs are recommended by professional essay writers from a reliable custom writing company is the most convenient to write and edit texts, according to our subjective opinion.

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Top 9 iOS Apps For Writing And Editing (iPhone and iPad)

#1. Pages

A part of the office suite from Apple originally appeared in OS X. Unfortunately, it is inferior in capabilities to Microsoft Office.

In Pages, it is convenient to issue some beautiful reports with photos, graphs, lists, etc.

But for everyday use of a blogger or a writer, some users claim, it is not suitable.


  • Anyone who has an iPad Air or a newer app gets it for free.
  • There are many templates.
  • Since it is part of an office suite, it supports tables, diagrams, etc.
  • Native iCloud support. The iCloud.com website has a web version of the program.


  • The program sometimes does not work as fast as we would like. There are so-called “friezes
  • Apple updates the program rarely.

#2. College Essay Writing Help

College Essay Writing Help

College Essay Writing Help will come in incredibly handy to students who normally have lots of homework to do. It will easily plan the assignment accomplishment for you.

The awesome feature of the app is that meanwhile using it, you can count on 24/7 assistance from the customers’ support.

It won’t be a problem anymore to schedule your time properly and keep all the deadlines.

#3. Ulysses


According to numerous reviews, Ulysses is the best text editor for writers and bloggers. The disadvantages still appear in different versions and are promptly eliminated.

The Ulysses app impresses with a variety of possibilities — it’s a dark theme, advanced statistics, paragraph counting, preview in different modes, etc.

In the program, all texts are organized on the principle of mail. Visually, the program is attractive. After you finish working with text, you can save it as a web page, a beautiful PDF document, an epub book, etc.

There is the possibility of posting to a blog on WordPress.

The application supports full synchronization with iCloud and works with Dropbox.

It is supported by Markdown.

#4. Byword


Another minimalistic text editor that is similar to iA Writer (same price category and functionality). The program, as befits a modern text editor, supports Markdown.

The price for Byword is higher than that of iA Writer.

#5. iA Writer

iA Writer

iA Writer is one of the first apps in the App Store, which was created as an alternative low-cost text editor for everyone. When writing texts, you can use Markdown.

“Markdown is a lightweight markup language designed to write the most readable and easy to edit text, but suitable for conversion into languages ​​for advanced publications (HTML, Rich Text, etc.).”

#6. Google Docs

Google Docs

At first glance, it may seem that there is nothing interesting in Google Docs. But it is not. First, it is a free editor. Secondly, its interface is much nicer than Microsoft Word.

This, of course, is subjective, but working with Google Docs is really more convenient, largely because of the layout of the elements and the design.

The main feature of the Google Docs App, which distinguishes it from competitors, is a large library of add-ons.

With its help, you can greatly expand the capabilities of the editor.

#7. Bear


Bear is a beautiful application that is suitable not only for writing notes but also for working with text.

In its concept, it is somewhat similar to iA Writer, only with a lot of customization.

In the settings of the Bear app, you can change the font, spacing, and text size. Bear also can boast the presence of eight themes.

Developers distribute the application for free.

#8. Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word

Yes, the well-known Word. If you are tightly hooked on Microsoft products, you work with doc files, you do not want unnecessary troubles with converting to other formats and with compatibility, it is better not to look for good from the good.

The program is perfectly implemented for iOS, and useful updates happen much more often than with Pages. With all our love for Apple products, we have to admit that Microsoft Office remains the diehard app even on mobile devices.

The biggest disadvantage is the subscription distribution model. Each year you will need to pay a fee for using the Office package. The cost is rather big, for example, Microsoft Office Home and Student will cost you $149.95 per year.

In the appendage, you will also get Excel, PowerPoint, One Note, and other programs.

#9. Scrivener


Scrivener is a professional solution for writers, screenwriters, journalists, etc. The program is compatible not only with iOS and Mac OS, but also with Windows, and even Linux.

The cost of the application is $48.99. Although, if you need an application for working with text, then between the Microsoft Word subscription and the one-time price for Scrivener, you would prefer the latter. The program looks very sophisticated.

Scrivener includes not only a word processor, but also a note board, a scheduler, a composite screen mode, and more.


We hope, our selection will be helpful to you and you will be able to find the very app you need and want for your work or study.

If you have other options to share with, you are free to do so in the comments’ section below.

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