10 Best Kisscartoon Alternatives to Watch Cartoons Online Free

In this post, we have created a list of the best kisscartoon alternatives sites to watch cartoons online in 2023.

The love for Cartoons and anime is endless. Being a youngster, every one of us has spent plenty of time switching through various cartoon channels on the TV. Those were the golden days when the evening rush from school to home was real.

Moreover, cartoons have certainly played a great role in making our childhood awesome.

Almost every anime lover said the love for cartoons is still somewhere inside each one of us. Surprisingly, with the internet, watching cartoons are no longer limited to our TV screens.

This is where cartoon websites get in the game.

With sites like Kisscartoon, you can browse through an extensive range of cartoons using your internet browser. You can discover your favorite Free cartoons online and watch them anytime without much effort.

Whilst people are much familiar with Kiss cartoons (shut down back in 2017), it is worth noting that online cartoons aren’t just limited to Kisscartoon.

Indeed there are numerous other cartoon streaming websites on the internet today which offer cartoon streaming for free.

10 Best kisscartoon alternatives to Watch Cartoons Online


Animetoon is an awesome site like Kisscartoon for watching animes and cartoons online. You can find a plethora of anime collections of cartoons movies, cartoon series as well as a huge collection of your favorite childhood cartoons here. 

Although its interface might seem a bit old, the contents here are very easy to navigate and watch.

You can surf through various categories and subcategories of animes or simply insert your keyword in the search bar to find your favorite shows.

You can access AnimeToon on any of your devices and watch free cartoons online right away without any signup or login.

For Android users, they also provide their Android app to watch cartoons free online directly from their android device.


As the name suggests, CartoonExtra is fully packed with a ton of entertaining cartoons.

It is yet another well known Kisscartoon alternative where you can find some of the most exciting cartoons and comics available.

The site has a decent user-friendly interface along with a seamless experience. As a result, watching your favorite cartoons on CartoonExtra is hassle-free.

It has a huge collection of cartoons to browse through. You can watch as many episodes as you like completely for free using CartoonExtra.

Some of the popular cartoons here include SpongeBob SquarePants, The Amazing World of Gumball, Dora the Explorer, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, etc.


Crunchyroll - Everything Anime

Crunchyroll is an American based cartoon streaming website where you can watch free cartoons, Free Movies, animes, and mangas online.

They are highly feature-rich and not to mention, they have got an enormous amount of shows to stream online. 

Unlike most other free sites like Kisscartoon, here you can create a personal account and manage your favorite shows easily. Additionally, they have also got a premium category of exciting shows for its users. 

For hassle-free cross-platform usage, CrunchyRoll also maintains its presence on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

The premium plan is priced at $9.99/month and for new users, you can try their free trial of premium membership for 14 days for free.


One another popular KissCartoon alternative with a fair collection of your favorite cartoons and TV series.

With a modern and minimal user interface, watching cartoons on this site is way hassle-free compared to most KissCartoon Alternatives.

That said, CartoonsOn also places a good amount of banner ads on most pages, but they didn’t seem to be distracting at all.

For easier navigation through the website, CartoonsOn categorizes shows based on production studio, character names, and series.

You can watch the all-time favorite classics Tom & Jerry, Mickey Mouse, Ben 10, and even more on this single KissCartoon alternative.


As the name implies, AniWatch comes with a collection of high-quality Anime series to stream online.

Compared to other watchcartoononline sites on our list, AniWatch is more focused on quality than quantity.

You can experience the best quality user experience on its website. Aside from its awesome design, AniWatch is completely free from Ads as well. Consequently, you won’t be getting distracted due to popping Ads anymore.

Animes on the websites are classified under seasonal, currently airing, and random groups, making it comfortable to browse your favorite shows.


Mostly filled with Classic cartoons, B98.TV is a beautifully designed website to watch cartoons online. It has got a minimal yet impressive layout that facilitates seamless browsing and streaming.

The cartoon collection here includes some of the all-time favorite shows like Tom & Jerry, Scooby-Doo, Batman, The Brave and Bold, etc.

With the built-in video player, you can watch your favorite shows on full screen as well as a through a floating window using the picture-in-picture mode provided.

For avid classic cartoon lovers, B98.TV is a watch cartoon online free website worth bookmarking!


Similar to AniWatch, AnimeLab is another website that is well packed with a whole bundle of popular animes.

From Naruto Shippuden to Dragon Ball Z, AnimeLab has got all of the anime series you will ever need. 

In the same vein, the user interface of the website is top class. Once logged in, you are all set to explore a new world of anime.

With all of these being said, it is worth noting that the maximum video quality is restricted to 480p for basic users. But you can easily get rid of this by subscribing to AnimeLab’s premium membership which takes you to the complete experience.

Finally, its cross-platform support is exceptional too. You can find AnimeLab on prevalent platforms like Google Play, App Store, PlayStation, Xbox, and more!

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network is so popular that it does not need any introduction. Indeed, it has made our childhood days much better.

Fast forward, now you can watch your favorite cartoons through their website as well.

The website is blazingly fast to stream from a wide range of cartoons. The all-time favorite Ben 10, Teen Titans Go, Transformers Cyberverse, and many more shows are ready to stream under this single domain.

Apart from your favorite cartoons, you can also download some exciting apps and games based on these cartoons as well. Android users can directly download the Cartoon Network app from the Google Play Store.


Unlike most other sites like Kisscartoon on our list, WatchSeries is not only composed of animes and cartoons but also a wide range of shows and movies. Therefore, you can find shows spreading across various genres on WatchSeries.

Even if you are looking specifically for animes, you can directly switch over to the anime section from the sidebar of the website.

The contents on the WatchSeries are well classified on its sidebar so as to provide hassle-free navigation across different shows and movies.

You can even create your own watchlist by simply registering an account on WatchSeries.

Disney Junior

When it comes to our favorite childhood cartoons and animations, Disney always played a great role.

Much like what we expect from such a KissCartoon alternatives website, Disney Junior is well packed with some great stuff specifically for kids.

Cartoons, games, shows: it has got everything covered. Be it its content, design, or user experience, the site is exclusively made for kids to play around with.

While shows like Mickey mouse Mira and – are trending on the cartoon section, games like Bubble burst and Super arcade are much loved under the Gaming section. 

You can create your own profile, watch cartoons, play games, and much more on Disney Junior. Furthermore, much more content can be found under the DisneyNow domain as well.

Wrapping Up

These are some of our picks for the best cartoon streaming sites like Kisscartoon. As you may notice, we have not only included exclusive cartoon sites, but also sites which offer you a wide range of anime, movies, and Web series.

You can go through each of these websites to watch cartoons to uncover some of the best cartoons available on the internet right now.

Well if you are already streaming cartoons on these websites, do let us know your favorite KissCartoon alternatives in the comments.

Is KissCartoon still accessible?

KissCartoon was one of the most famous sites to watch Cartoons and animes for free. However, the site was shut down in 2017 due to copyright violations.

How can I watch cartoons and animes for free in 2023?

Although KissCartoon is not accessible there are various other websites like AnimeToon, WatchSeries, B98.TV through which you can watch cartoons for free.

Is it free to watch cartoons online?

Yes, you can watch cartoons for free on sites like CartoonExtra, AnimeToon, Cartoon Network, and more. Having that said, there are sites like Crunchyroll and AnimeLab where you can get paid subscriptions to watch ad-free cartoons and more.

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