7 Best Pikashow Alternative App for Streaming Free Movies and TV Shows

In this article, we will explore the best Pikashow alternative apps that provide a seamless streaming experience with a wide range of movies and TV shows to choose from.

The PikaShow app has always been the primary choice of every individual when streaming movies online. Users can experience high-resolution web shows and series with better frame rates. All the contents here are appropriately organized. You can sort and search movies here in a personalized way. Moreover, you can also add your most liked series to your favorite list and watch them later.

Besides Hollywood, you can also watch shows in other languages like Hindi, French, German, Turkish, Spanish, Korean, etc. Well, other similar applications support the streaming of content in various languages. 7 PikaShow similar apps to watch free movies and shows are mentioned below.

Top 7 Pikashow Alternative App for Streaming Free Movies and TV Shows

Popcorn Time


Popcorn Time is a PikaShow like app to stream movies and Tv shows online. The vast library here provides shows of various genres and categories. As the application sources its content from third-party platforms, thus you get the latest shows on its release date. But ensure an active wifi connection to get the best downloading speed.

The user interface of popcorn time is straightforward. Easily navigate through the tons of content available to find your preferred show.

Moreover, you can search for specific titles, browse through categories and even view trailers before watching the full content. Interestingly, the platform supports multiple languages, catering to a vast audience range.

Tubi Tv

Tubi TV

Amongst the various apps like Pikashow, Tubi Tv holds a prominent spot. This streaming platform provides a massive range of content in a personalized manner. Explore the browse section to check the recent and most popular releases. Various genres of movies here include action, comedy, drama, horror, and Motivational. romance, documentary, etc.

Regarding the streaming qualities, you can choose between 480p, 576p, and 720p. Choose the quality depending on your preferences and internet connection. The in-built media player supports videos of various formats.

Thus stream your favorite movie without installing an external media player.


This Free Movies Download App regularly updates its database to provide fresh content to its users. The video quality includes various resolutions, i.e., 480p, 720p, and 1080p. Interestingly, the multi-device compatibility supports streaming in various devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops, and smart TVs.

The advanced algorithms provide personalized recommendations based on your interest and viewing history. You can also set reminders for upcoming releases to never miss any episode.

The best part about this FzMovies apk is you can download content to watch them later. Thus enjoy original movies and documentaries in areas with limited internet access. This feature is useful, especially during travels.


This application is the best PikaShow alternative at present. It is a watch free movie apps for Android to browse tons of content. Besides movies, you have hundreds of other channels to watch live matches, news, comedy shows, etc. It offers a high frame rate to manage videos in high-quality, i.e., 1080p, without any buffering.

Multiple languages are supported here, allowing users to access content in their preferred language. Moreover, you can enable subtitles to enjoy foreign shows in your preferred language. The developers regularly update their powerful servers to provide uninterrupted entertainment.


MovieHD is another best movie downloader app for Android that offers various movies and TV shows in different languages. Contents from various genres include action, comedy, drama, motivational, romance, thriller, and more. The intelligent algorithms provide powerful synchronization that scans and collects information from your watch history.

Navigation in this platform is straightforward, thanks to the simple user interface. The contents are categorized accordingly to provide easy access. All you need to do is hit the search button and look for your preferred content. You can also enter the movie title, author, year of release, or genre for a filtered search.


Momix is another best alternative to the PikaShow app. The platform consists of millions of entertaining shows that too in various languages. The live streaming features bring you the joy of live matches and informational content. Moreover, the powerful servers ensure that no buffering occurs on the user end.

The Chromecast features help you to screencast videos on android tv and Firesticks. Stream videos in high quality that can go up to 1080p.

The built-in feature provides many exciting options such as pause/resume, slow motion/fast forward, adjust brightness, etc. The exciting part here is the application does not irritate users with frequent in-app ads.

Typhoon TV

If you are looking for a PikaShow similar app with a massive database of movies, then Typhoon Tv is for you. The content here is provided country-wise according to the preferred languages.

The interface is straightforward and offers easy access to every user. The best thing about the built-in media player here is that it automatically chooses the best server for streaming videos.

Plenty of full-length action films, comedy, and documentary films in HD quality are available on its server. Moreover, you can adjust the video quality according to your internet connection.

Create a separate list of favorite content for quick and easy access. In the menu area, you will find the various categories into which the contents are divided. Choose your preferred type and start watching.


Thus above mentioned are the 7 best Pikashow alternative apps for streaming free movies and tv shows. Watch the latest Bollywood hits, Hollywood classics, and box office blockbusters with just a few clicks.

In the case of foreign languages, turn on the subtitle option for better understanding. With the screen casting option, view the shows on a large screen by connecting external devices. Please note that each application’s functionality might differ, so do explore them individually.

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Is it safe to use these apps?

Yes, these applications are safe. Well, as the apps mentioned above extract content from third-party platforms, make sure to use an anti-virus after installing.

Which app replaces PikaShow?

Each of the applications mentioned above is a perfect replacement for PikaShow. Try each one and choose according to your preferences.

What is the best alternative to the Thoptv app?

Despite the multiple options, you can try PikaShow or TubiTv as an alternative to the Thoptv app. They support numerous features for a smooth watching experience.

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